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What’s In My BarkBox?

22 Mar
March 2013 BarkBox

March 2013 BarkBox

This month’s BarkBox was pretty great overall, with one little clunker thrown in there. But overall, again, we’re very happy with the goodies we received! First discovery is something we’ve gotten in the past from BarkBox, but were thrilled to get again! Lollycadoodle makes great wool felt toys for pets, and for some reason, of the plushy-type of toys, these have always been Lucy’s favorite.

Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Clearly, Lucy enjoyed it very, very much. So much so that she completely disregarded her antler!

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Next up, we got another toy from Harry Barker: a 7″ solid green hemp bone, that I’m sure Lucy will get a thrill out of, once she’s done mangling her mouse.

Harry Barker 7" Hemp Bone

Harry Barker 7″ Hemp Bone

Next up is the clunker of the box: a dog waste bag holder from Angie’s List. Sorry to be a downer on this one, but this is purely promotional material. We all know Angie’s List, and we all know it’s not a pet specific company. I feel like this item was put in here to help widen their net of users, since they don’t advertise that they provide resources and reviews for dog owners. Well, I’ve already got a dog waste bag holder, and I’ve already got all the pet service providers that I need and trust, so sorry BarkBox and Angie’s List, this one was a miss.

Angie's List Dog Waste Bag Holder

Angie’s List Dog Waste Bag Holder

Pet360 included a $10 off coupon for an order of $49 or more + free shipping. Pretty great – saves me some money and a trip to the pet store to buy dog food. Thanks Pet360!

Pet360 $10 Off Coupon

Pet360 $10 Off Coupon

And lastly, we got a couple bags of treats! Feelgood Treat Company included their chicken flavored Trail Blazin’ Bitz, which, as you all know, we can’t give to Lucy because of her allergies. But these are going to be a surefire hit with Bully Project‘s John!

Feelgood Treat Company's Chicken Flavored Trail Blazin' Bitz

Feelgood Treat Company’s Chicken Flavored Trail Blazin’ Bitz

We also got Little Eatz Perfect Peanut Butter cookies: “The treat you BOTH can eat!” Ok, so I sort of geeked out over this one, as it’s super clever. But, I really don’t like sharing the food I eat with Lucy, mostly because I don’t want to teach her that she is allowed to beg at the table while I’m eating. So even though this idea is super cool, these are going to be Lucy-specific treats anyway.

Little Eatz Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies

Little Eatz Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies

And don’t forget, if you like this concept and want to sign up for BarkBox, be sure to use our special discount code below. Not only will you get $10 off your first subscription, but Bully Project will also get $10!


Treats, Treats and More Treats…

31 Jan
Often, dry biscuits or even the yummiest of treats won’t cut it with some dogs. Recently, a fellow rescuer giggled as she told me, “don’t judge, I use McNuggets when working on reactivity.” My response? “I’ve used McDonald’s burgers when I was at the shelter!” Yep, treats come in all shapes and sizes. And often, human food is MUCH cheaper than “dog treats.” Don’t get me wrong, I often buy Buddy Biscuits, Merrick Lamb Lung and Real Meatz treats at my favorite pet store, but you can also find me at my supermarket’s deli counter buying their “antipasta,” which is really handy cubes of the ends of meats and cheeses. One of my go-to, doggy crack “treats” are Shadybrook Turkey meatballs. I learned this when I took Bird on her first outdoor agility lesson. It worked wonders to get her to over the A-Frame outside. It’s a stand-by at Bully Project classes, along with the cubes of meats and cheese:
Recently, one of our foster-to adopt families showed us how they use Cheerios – a great treat for a dog willing to work for anything and needs to keep an eye on his waist!
Meanwhile sometimes getting creative can get very messy: a good friend’s dog, Alice, recently learned that if she jumped the fence at the dog run, she could indeed continue chasing the park trucks. Although she was so elegant jumping the 4-foot fence, it was super scary! Luckily Alice likes to man the “table” and be with her peeps so keeping her on leash while her younger brother plays is fine with her. But, if the truck comes by, she loses her cool so we enlisted Squeeze Cheese (AKA Easy Cheese). Works wonders unless, my thief of a terrier, Goose, thinks that spray cheese in a pocket is a self serve yogurt machine. Take a look at what happens:

What’s your special treat?


What’s In My BarkBox?

18 Sep

September’s BarkBox is here!

And doesn’t it look pretty? All those colors, and toys, and treats. Lucy is one happy girl again this month! And remember, if you want in on BarkBox, click here and you’ll get $5 off when you sign up. First gift out of the box is a brilliant concept that I have never heard of: the Crinkit Toy by Zigoo Pets. Take any run-of-the-mill plastic water bottle, slip it inside this sleeve, and presto! You’ve got an environmentally friendly, and pet safe toy. When the bottle is destroyed, replace it with another one!


Crinkit Toy

Next up, we got a sample wipe of LA Fresh’s W.A.G (Wash-And-Go) pet wipes. I already use a product like this from another company, and think they’re great, solely based on their functionality. I can’t always put Lucy in the bath tub as often as I would like, so frequently, I’ll whip out the pet wipes and give her a fun, cleansing doggie massage. There also great for rainy or snowy days to clean off those messy paws. I’m not sure whether these wipes from LA Fresh are hypo-allergenic or not, though – so if your dog has allergies (like Lucy does), use these with care.


W.A.G. Pet Wipes

Wag.com included a coupon worth $10 towards my first order with them! Good thing I haven’t ordered from them in the past, because I definitely will now!


wag.com coupon

As much as Lucy loves the next item, she can’t have it. Those darn allergies again. Bully sticks have caused her some serious stomach upset, so this braided one from Barkworthies will have to go into the Bully Project inventory so that one of our future adoptable dogs might get to enjoy it.


Braided Bully Stick

We then got some great treats that are literally made from one single ingredient, and are completely safe for Lucy to eat. Whole Life Pets‘ freeze-dried sweet potato treats are just that: sweet potato and nothing else. Lucy has already enjoyed several, and I will definitely be placing an order for more.


Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Treats

We also got a small sample package of Whole Life Pets’ freeze dried chicken treats, and guess what? ALLERGY ALERT! These will be consumed by a dog, just not Lucy!


Freeze Dried Chicken Treats

And finally, we got a ZukesZ-Bone in Clean Apple Crisp flavor. I have been trying a few different breath freshening snacks for Lucy lately (with no allergic reactions so far – hooray!), so this will now be the next test. We love most of Zukes’ other products, particularly the Z-Filet Grilled Venison formula, so we’re looking forward to giving this one a shot too. We all know I love my Lucy kisses, but I love them even more when there’s fresh breath involved!



So that’s another BarkBox sorted through and (mostly) enjoyed. And again, if you want in on the fun, sign up here.

What’s In My BarkBox?

21 Aug

It’s BarkBox time! Woohoo! And this one’s a good one! (Don’t forget, if you like Barkbox and want to sign up for yourself, use this link and get $5 off your first subscription!)


We always have some Nature’s Miracle Odor Remover around the house (for those foster dogs who haven’t quite figured out the house training yet), but in this BarkBox, we got their (seemingly new) Freshening Spray.

Freshening Spray

If you’re anywhere as busy as I am on a day-to-day basis, this stuff is going to be very useful! Already opened and sprayed, Lucy smells delightful (not that she smells bad regularly), but it is a nice scent to have her wear as opposed to the “I-haven’t-had-a-bath-in-two-months” smell.

Then, we took out this awesome looking toy from Hyper Pet called the Flying Pig Slingshot Toy!

Flying Pig Slingshot Toy

According to the instructions, you launch the toy by putting one thumb into the snout and pull back on the body. It then shoots off into the distance and your dog chases after it. For dogs that love to fetch, this sounds like the perfect toy!

Then, oh boy, we got one of Lucy’s favorite things! A moose antler from Acadia Antlers!

Moose Taster Slice

I think there’s enough said on this one – Lucy can’t wait to get her paws on this!

Next, we got a sample sized pack of Milk-Bone’s Trail Mix treats.

Trail Mix

I use Milk-Bone treats all the time with my dogs – I’ve found it’s the perfect treat to use for crate training. It’s big enough that I can hold it through the side or top of the crate, and the dog can still get it from inside, they love the taste, and it doesn’t have anything harmful in it that will upset their stomachs. So, we’ll try out these treats and see how it goes!

And lastly, a special kind of treat: The Elvis from Bocce’s Bakery here in New York City!

The Elvis

Obviously flavored and named after The King’s favorite sandwich (with a little added protein for the doggies), this are going to be a huge hit with puppy as well as owner! They’re all natural, organic treats made with human-grade ingredients. Check out the ingredient list on these tasty morsels: “Organic Oat Flour, Banana, Peanut Butter, Nitrate-Free Turkey Bacon… that’s it!”

So that’s what’s in our BarkBox this month! Don’t forget to sign up here.

What’s In My BarkBox?

21 Jun

It’s that time again folks – we get the chance to learn about awesome new products for our pups! So, let’s play…What’s In My BarkBox?!


So one thing I didn’t notice about my BarkBox last month, but did this time around, are the super cute little comic drawings on both the outside and inside of the box. Is this new – does anyone know? The outer comic was something even I could relate to. Have you ever gotten up to go somewhere and when you’ve gotten there, you’ve completely forgotten why you went in the first place?

“I HATE when I forget why I’m barking.”

Isn’t that frustrating? The other cute comic is something I think any dog could relate to:

In fact, I think that is what Lucy was dreaming about last night. On to our goodies! This month’s theme for our BarkBox is summer-time products. First up in that vein is Farfetched‘s Soggy Paws Dog Towel.

Soggy Paws Dog Towel

When I first saw this product, I kind of giggles a little bit because it’s basically the same exact thing we all see Rachael Ray handle hot pots and pans with. It’s a towel sheet with a pocket at either end for your hands, so you can have more control over drying off your dog after a swim in the pool or lake, or just after bath time. Very clever – this will certainly be put to good use this summer as I try to teach Lucy how to swim.

Next up, some delicious doggy treats from Tumbleweed & Eddie’s:

Double Nut Super Boost Treats

These treats are completely, 100% all-natural! This is huge for dog owners whose pup has several food intolerances, like mine. It’s so great to look at a list of ingredients and know what every single one of them actually is, and that they’re all a-okay for your dog. These cookies have oat flour, ground peanuts, coconut oil, quinoa and flax. Heck – even I could eat them! And with Tumbleweed & Eddie’s, you never pay for shipping.

Third, we’ve got a toy that is similar to one that all of us doggie parents scramble for – Safemade‘s Gimme Gummy.

Gimme Gummy

It’s a hollow, rubbery toy that you can stuff with treats or food, just like the old reliable Kong. The coolest thing about this gummy bear, though, is that along with being freezer safe, it is also oven and dishwasher safe! Does anyone know if Kongs can do that?

I think this may be Lucy’s favorite BarkBox ever because, guess what, there’s another treat inside. This one comes from Mr. Barksmiths:

Cool Treat

And it’s all-natural, too! Yes! This prepackaged cup is ready to go right into the freezer and then into your dog’s belly. Delicious and cooling, great for hot days like today, when New York City is supposed to reach 97 degrees!

And lastly, MORE TREATS! These from our favorite dog treat company, Stella and Chewys!

Freeze Dried Food & Coupon

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – you get the food and then you can go buy more food for less than retail! Thanks BarkBox, for our starting our summer off right!

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