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Come Meet Us!

1 Mar

We’re having a small event tomorrow in Inwood to help promote Bully Project, fostering, adoption and responsible training. You’ll be able to meet us, along with adoptables Archer and Andrew and maybe some other special guests! Dot from Dot’s Dog Training & Pet Services will be on hand to answer your most pressing training questions, and we’ll be right in front of Furry Fiends – one of the best pet shops in the area!

Furry Fiends Event

So come out and say, “Hey!”


Fetching Friday!

1 Feb

We thought it would be fun to start the weekend with Bully Project‘s own Baci, learning fetch in her new home. Thanks to her trainer, Kate from School for the Dogs.

Why not find some creative treats or rewards and teach your dog a trick or two this weekend!

Treats, Treats and More Treats…

31 Jan
Often, dry biscuits or even the yummiest of treats won’t cut it with some dogs. Recently, a fellow rescuer giggled as she told me, “don’t judge, I use McNuggets when working on reactivity.” My response? “I’ve used McDonald’s burgers when I was at the shelter!” Yep, treats come in all shapes and sizes. And often, human food is MUCH cheaper than “dog treats.” Don’t get me wrong, I often buy Buddy Biscuits, Merrick Lamb Lung and Real Meatz treats at my favorite pet store, but you can also find me at my supermarket’s deli counter buying their “antipasta,” which is really handy cubes of the ends of meats and cheeses. One of my go-to, doggy crack “treats” are Shadybrook Turkey meatballs. I learned this when I took Bird on her first outdoor agility lesson. It worked wonders to get her to over the A-Frame outside. It’s a stand-by at Bully Project classes, along with the cubes of meats and cheese:
Recently, one of our foster-to adopt families showed us how they use Cheerios – a great treat for a dog willing to work for anything and needs to keep an eye on his waist!
Meanwhile sometimes getting creative can get very messy: a good friend’s dog, Alice, recently learned that if she jumped the fence at the dog run, she could indeed continue chasing the park trucks. Although she was so elegant jumping the 4-foot fence, it was super scary! Luckily Alice likes to man the “table” and be with her peeps so keeping her on leash while her younger brother plays is fine with her. But, if the truck comes by, she loses her cool so we enlisted Squeeze Cheese (AKA Easy Cheese). Works wonders unless, my thief of a terrier, Goose, thinks that spray cheese in a pocket is a self serve yogurt machine. Take a look at what happens:

What’s your special treat?


Announcement: Bully Project’s October Classes!

25 Sep

We’re so excited to finally be getting back into doing our free training classes for pit bull-type dogs now that we have an indoor space!

Earlier this month, our program was featured in the NY Daily News, and we got a huge response! We got over 20 emails asking for information about our upcoming classes, and at that point, we didn’t have any information to share. We were still on the hunt for an indoor space. So we started a waiting list, essentially. We wanted to be able to provide help to those people who expressed interest in it, but we couldn’t offer them anything definite at that time.

So what does this mean? Well, Bully Project‘s October manners classes are already full. Because of space limitations, we can only accept six students into this series of classes. But that does not mean you can’t sign up to be on our waiting list. We will continue to use this list for the foreseeable future and will extend invitations to students as each series of classes is scheduled.

Click here to register for the waiting list.

The sooner you sign up on our waiting list, the sooner we will be able to accommodate you in one of our classes. So do it today.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.

Moving Downtown!

11 Sep

After a long search for a suitable indoor space  for the free training classes offered by Bully Project in Inwood (the neighborhood we have been concentrating on for the last year) that resulted in lots of no thank yous, we are excited to announce we found a brand-new facility in Harlem that is happy to have us!

Doggedly Devoted

Starting in October, Bully Project will be offering classes at Doggedly Devoted on 116th Street near Fifth avenue. Megan, the owner, has opened a very professional yet intimate doggy daycare center. Megan,  a huge believer in science-based and force-free training, is an advocate for adoption. While we visited recently, we had the chance to meet her foster pup (who will probably be a failed foster!), Moon Unit.

Moon Unit

We are excited to have indoor space – no more illegal, off-leash dogs, no more elevated train noises, no more intoxicated homeless folks approaching our teams, and no more half-eaten chicken wings!

The pluses are amazing: a clean, temperature controlled room with great acoustics. No more canceling for rain! We are hoping our teams will get even more out of the classes with less distractions. And, an enclosed space will allow Bully Project to offer more specialized classes and workshops like frisbee and K9 Nosework!

Doggedly Devoted

But, of course, there are always trade-offs. We will really have to limit our class to 6 dogs. We will have to take RSVPs, no drop-ins. And, we have a rental fee to come up with. We are so grateful to our friends and fellow bloggers at Our Waldo Bungie for helping us with our first round!

Bully Project Needs A Home

30 Aug

Lots of pitties and nowhere to go!

Bully Project has become a victim of our own success! Classes have been fully booked and often a second class is needed. After a year of offering free, outdoor classes in the same neighborhood, we are realizing an indoor space is needed. Not only will it benefit the teams in our four-week manners classes, it will allow Bully Project to offer specialized classes such as Nosework and Frisbee.

Should be easy, right? A free dog training program that benefits both dog owners and the community (training helps to keep dogs out of shelters, less dog bites, etc) should be a win/win for everyone. Churches and community groups should be lining up to partner with us, right? Nope!

Our team has decided this is an important need and will fundraise for a space rental. So, now, I feel like Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive in Pretty Woman. We have cash and no where to spend it. Apparently space in my neighborhood is at a premium! Most church basements are booked, or the churches and synagogues are going through renovations. But the really disappointing reason is they don’t want to partner up with dogs in general. (After they say “PITBULLS?“)

Please send Bully Project some good wishes…We have ONE Catholic girls high school entertaining the idea of renting the school gym to us on Sunday mornings – at a premium price, of course! If that doesn’t pan out, our last hope MIGHT be a Catholic school who plays home to two parrots, lizards and dozens and dozens of fish. The principal, who I think really wanted to be a zookeeper when he grew up, said he would approach the diocese.

We welcome any ideas from readers who have faced these types of challenges. Any other ideas of space or organizations that might be willing to play host to a group of well-behaved pitties once a week? And if you’d like to contribute to Bully Project to help us cover the cost of our space rental (wherever that may be!), you can make a donation online here.

Right Place. Right Time.

24 Jul

Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies?  And if you’re a rescue, pups are easy, right?


The internet is a big tease! When Josh happened upon a Facebook post for a puppy being rehomed in New Jersey, he took the bait. After seeing this pic, how couldn’t he?

Sometimes things fall into place, and after many conversations (and in these instances, they are all the same, aren’t they?), it was decided the puppy’s family was overwhelmed and had no idea how much work a now ten week old puppy was! So, our friend and Bully Project volunteer, Dan offered agreed to foster this pup since he lived in the same neighborhood. Bingo! Easy peasy! Not so easy. We already had three adult dogs in our care, despite the fact that Bully Project started out with a “one dog at a time,” rule.

Dan named this adorable pup Eli and he picked him up. And he was an awesome foster parent. Check out Eli practicing sit and high-five on his first night at Dan’s.

When Dan had to go on a work trip, our lead trainer, Ann, took the young lad. It was the perfect situation since behaviors we were suspecting due to Eli being removed from his litter at only six weeks old rang true. He was a very pushy puppy. Even Dan’s super social playing machine, Revis, had no interest in the young tyke. Ann’s dogs felt the same way. We agreed this pup needed a committed owner who would agree to join playgroups and puppy classes (maybe multiple ones).

And then, divine intervention! Ann was making a trip to one of our favorite places. She was bringing Eli along for the ride. Who knew? Maybe they would take him into their program! It would be a win-win for everyone. Puppies there get lots of socialization with dogs of all temperaments and personalities. And, rumor has it, most staff foster dogs at night.

I can’t believe I was wishing a shelter would take a pup from our rescue, but I was. Animal Farm Foundation is the absolute perfect place for this pup. Staff, enrichment and lots of expertise. Could we have fostered, adopted out, and followed up on Eli? Absolutely!  But taking Eli (now Rhinestone Cowboy) out of our new foursome allowed us to concentrate on fostering, marketing and adopting out Liberty, Hunny and Daisy Mae. I think you’ll agree we made the right decision later this week!

Eli and Daisy Mae

So long Eli! We know you’re going to have an amazing time at Animal Farm Foundation and they’re going to help get you into one of the best homes a pittie could ever ask for!

Video Post!

13 Jul

Guess what?!

New Dogs, New Location

12 Jul

Our August Bully Project classes have kicked into full gear! We’ve been able to secure a new location in Inwood called Dyckman Rest, which is much more secluded, has more shade, and fewer distractions for the dogs. Of course, the dogs still have each other to act as distractions, but there’s no dog run, no off-leash dogs, no badgers and lots less sun! Meet some of our new students:

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Sniff, Sniff…

3 Jul

What a busy weekend we had at That Touch of Pit and Bully Project! We rescued two dogs from municipal shelters, participated in Adopt NY (a blog post to come later this week) and our first Bully Project Nosework mini session with our pitties. Our teams are dedicated – it starts at 8:45 am on a  Saturday – and were ready with lots of yummy treats and great spirit!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Furry Fiends for offering up their space. And special thanks to Jessica Schulte for squeezing Bully Project into her busy training schedule!

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