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Letters from Lucy

22 Nov

Hi Everyone! Lucy here!

Dad says today is a day called Thanksgiving. He told me that my friends would like to know what I am thankful for. Here’s a list:

  • Deer antlers
  • Squeaky toys
  • Strangers on the street who say, “Hello”
  • SWEET POTATOES (Dad says Thanksgiving should be my favorite day because of this)
  • Going to work with Dad (mostly because I get bones stuffed with peanut butter there)
  • Bones stuffed with peanut butter
  • Watching reality TV with Dad
  • Belly rubs & back massages

So now that you know what to get me for the holidays what I am grateful for, what are you grateful for?


Wordless Wednesday

21 Nov


Penelope: The Thankful Pittie

25 Nov

Since it’s Thanksgiving week, we want to continue on the theme of giving thanks and being grateful. We mentioned Penelope, the blue nose pittie that attended the NYC Pit Bull Meetup, but we didn’t share why she is such a lucky girl. Almost a year ago, she was just a nameless abandoned dog. One of thousands in NYC each year. But this lucky girl was tied to the Williamsburg Bridge during a snow storm, and was picked up by a good Samaritan. This nameless dog quickly became an Internet news star. The finder used his site to share her story.  She must have come by our email boxes hundreds of times – everyone was forwarding her story. Even our blogger Josh inquired about adopting this girl! She found a home within days! How often does that happen for a pittie-like dog? Little did we know, this lucky pittie was adopted by a great couple and a pair of pugs – that we’re acquaintances with from the Ft. Tryon dog park.  Now this pretty girl splits her time between NYC and DC and is not looking back.

Penelope plays so much its hard to get a picture

Finally slows down to get a pic

We are so thrilled this story had a happy ending – and that we get to witness it! But, it makes us wonder…why did thousands of people want this dog and not the hundreds of pittie-like dogs in the tri-state area shelters right now? When looking at dogs like Herbie or Phyllis at Animal Haven, we ask ourselves:  if they were considered bait dogs or tied to a bridge in a storm, would they have a line of potential adopters on Centre Street? Are dogs with less dramatic stories not as desirable? Isn’t being at a shelter (no-kill or not) dramatic enough? This is another whole blog post on its own for the future…but it certainly is food for thought.

Some more pics of Penelope to start your weekend. ..

Penelope and Pudgy the terrier

Thankful Letter from Lucy

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I can’t wait to eat some turkey! Turkey! Daddy never gives me people food, but I think if I snuggle up to him enough, and show him how thankful I am that he’s mine, he just might give me some noms. I’ll let you know what happens.

Two weeks ago, Dad and I set a goal for ourselves: get My Boy Bill adopted by Thanksgiving. Well, we didn’t do it. Sad face. My Boy Bill is still living with us (and if I am being honest, I’m pretty thankful for that)!

Bill and I have become pretty good buddies. We like to lay cuddled up together with Dad, and share our toys. We even share our deer antlers – I get it for a little while, then I give it to Bill, and then he gives it back!

But what we’re really grateful for is your support in helping Animal Haven rebuild their Recovery Road Fund. They spent a lot of money making My Boy Bill feel better, and now with the help of our generous donors, they can help another animal (hopefully another deserving pittie!) feel better, too. But you can still donate! And enter our raffle! We’d be eternally thankful if you did!

Now go eat some turkey and give some to your pittie friends! (Side note from Josh & Jennifer: Lucy & Bill love getting special treats, but please be smart about what you feed your pets. Check out this great info from the ASPCA and have a wonderful holiday!)

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