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Letters from Lucy

2 Apr

Hi everyone! Lucy here!

I know it’s been a long time since my last letter. Dad kept saying something about this shiny silver thing he uses to write the bloggy and that he didn’t want me to scratch it up with my paw-nails too soon. But I’m back! And I’ve got a confession to make: I don’t like snuggling. Well, at least, I didn’t like snuggling.

You see, whenever Dad and I are sitting on my the couch together, or laying in my our bed, I like to be as close to him as I can get. I prefer if some part of my body is touching his, just so that I know he’s there and he’s okay. But the second he puts his hand or arm on me: no no no! Something about that makes me uncomfortable and I have to get up and walk away. Sort of like in this picture from Dad’s friend’s bloggy Love and a Six-Foot Leash:

See, if Dad puts his hand or arm on me like this dude has his arm on Little Zee, I just get up and walk away. Of course, once I’ve relaxed again, I will go back over to Dad and curl up next to him. But no snuggles! Until the other night: we were getting ready to fall asleep, and I was curled up against Dad’s tummy, and even though he knows I don’t like it, he put his arm on me, and I stayed! For the first time ever, Dad and I really snuggled, and it was sort of nice. (He didn’t get a picture of it though because he didn’t want to ruin the moment.)

Are there any other doggies out there who don’t like snuggling too much like me?

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