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Sniff, Sniff…

3 Jul

What a busy weekend we had at That Touch of Pit and Bully Project! We rescued two dogs from municipal shelters, participated in Adopt NY (a blog post to come later this week) and our first Bully Project Nosework mini session with our pitties. Our teams are dedicated – it starts at 8:45 am on a  Saturday – and were ready with lots of yummy treats and great spirit!

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Thanks to Furry Fiends for offering up their space. And special thanks to Jessica Schulte for squeezing Bully Project into her busy training schedule!

Tales From A Terrier (The Scruffy Kind)

19 Jun

A couple of weeks ago I got to pretend to be a big old pittie. That’s right! Mom took me as a demo dog pittie for the first session of Bully Project‘s Nosework class. Mom told me I was going to practice smelling. I told her I already know how smell and find stuff — fresh turkey in the fridge, treat crumbs in a stranger’s bag at the dog run. I find LOTS of stuff with my nose!

She has been telling lots of folks that Nosework is great “sport” for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and shape. Apparently, you don’t have to worry about blowing an ACL or spending lots of money on equipment. Mom says you can practice at home. I told Mom I was up for anything that involved some treats.

Bully Project is lucky enough to know a great neighbor and friend who teaches dogs to “find” things with their noses. Her name is Jessica Schulte and she is a Certified Nose Work Instructor and trainer. And, our local pet store, Furry Fiends, has offered the space they have. It’s not huge but mom says it will do! She has been kind enough to offer a mini-session with some of the regular class goers at Bully Project. Sounds cool. I was excited. I was a demo dog and and my mom and I showed the participants (who didn’t bring their own dogs so they can watch) how to start. Jessica showed me a treat and put in a box. Easy, right? Nope! She played Three Card Monty with me…I had to work to find the treat. But I did. And, after I tried it, Lucy tried it, too. So much fun.

Smell, then eat! Easy! Mom tells me there is more to the plan like finding something called birch or anise. And, the pitties taking the class – Cofi, Hailie, Lucy and Sonja will get to try it. I am sure that Lucy will keep us all posted. Until then, I will keep breaking into the fridge for cold cuts and fresh mozzarella until Mom wises up and gets another lock!

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