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3 Years!

20 Jun

Today marks 3 years since I adopted Lucy.

Lucy on the day she became Josh's One

Lucy on the day she became Josh’s One

I always tell people that adopting a dog is the second best decision I have ever made. They ask: “What’s the first?” And I explain that it is getting my own apartment so that I could adopt a dog! Lucy has made my day-to-day life better in so many ways, but most importantly, that through the redundancy and stress of it all, I can come home to her everyday and just have fun tossing a ball around. Life becomes simple because all it is really is “a boy and his dog.”

Lucy Kisses

Lucy Kisses

Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy!

Happy Gotcha Day, Ellie!

18 Jun

It was one year ago, today, that Bully Project‘s first adoptable was officially adopted. We called her Paige, but her mom calls her Ellie. The day she was adopted will always be one of the days that make us the most proud, but it’s also the day we made a wonderful new friend in Ellie’s mom, Rebecca.

Rebecca & Ellie

Rebecca & Ellie

So Happy Gotcha Day, ladies! You two make the most perfect pair!

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