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A Puppy Needs a Name

24 Feb

Who doesn’t love a puppy? Especially a clumsy, big-footed one? While at the dog park today, we met an old “dog friend” who has opened her home to a brand new pup – a 5 month-old Cane Corso/American Bulldog mix who is so delicious you want to eat her up! Although she is on the shy-side, she quickly warmed up to all the new faces. She loves dogs (she has an awesome, handsome big brother) and tried to make friends with the scruffy terriers.

This little girl needs a name!

When I asked her mom, “What’s her name?” she said she hasn’t figured it out yet…and then said, “Hey! Maybe your blogosphere friends might have some ideas…”

So, below is a slide show to get to know “nameless.”  Suggest away!

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