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Cone Conundrum Part 2

16 Oct

Last week, I posted about a friend who was having trouble with their dog who’d just been spayed. Well, folks, you may have guessed this, but: “my friend” was me and “their dog” was Ethel. Whatever I would do, she just wouldn’t cooperate and wear her cone calmly.

So I reached out for your help. I had to fib a little because Ethel wasn’t yet officially adoptable, so I couldn’t write about her yet. But I was just at a loss. How could I leave her home, while I was at work, and know that she was ok?

We got some great feedback and everyone was really helpful. But our good friend Megan wins the prize! (To refresh your memory, Megan is one of Bully Project’s greatest success stories!) She wrote:

“Does the dog worry at her stitches without the cone on? I never had a cone for Dayzee when she was spayed and I didn’t see her mess with her stitches once. Maybe the cone is not even necessary.”

This simple statement reaffirms the idea that every dog is an individual, and that includes whether or not they need to wear a cone post-surgery. So thank you Megan, for yet again opening our eyes and helping us help Ethel. It actually worked out in Ethel’s favor anyway, as she got to tag along to Josh’s office for the week and sneak into a little Wordless Wednesday action!


Cone Conundrum

9 Oct

What do you do if your just-recently-operated-on dog absolutely refuses to wear a cone or other such device?

A friend of ours has very recently stumbled across this problem, and well, I’ve never had to tackle something like this, so I really just don’t know what to advise. Their dog was just spayed, and despite her grogginess, will do whatever it takes to remove her Elizabethan Collar, aka “cone of shame.” She went so far as to completely destroy it, leaving it in several different pieces.

I suggested they try Kong’s Cloud Collar. No go – the dog had it ripped off in a matter of seconds, and it was simply not reusable. The vet even gave them a flimsy, but sufficient, fabric cone to try. After some compliance, the dog ripped that to shreds, too.

So readers: any advice? What tips, tricks and products have you used on your cone-resistant dogs?

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