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Wordless Wednesday

30 Jan

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What Every Pet Owner Needs!

8 Nov

Every pet owner should be lucky enough to have a friend that lives near the emergency vet. When I was director at an animal shelter here in NYC, my friend Jenn lived right around the corner from Blue Pearl Vet, our shelter’s go-to specialty and ER vet. Any time of night, I’d call Jenn, and she’d come right over! Sometimes with Andy, her therapy dog.  Often, I would come back into the lobby, and Andy was sitting on a the lap of a waiting owner. The waiting room is never easy!

It’s always great to have a second set of ears when going to any vet appointment, but that’s not always possible with emergencies! So many people I know would ring Jenn when they were there. Who wants to wait alone? Sadly, my friend Jenn moved and she is no longer my go-to person!

Thankfully, Josh is my new ER friend! He lives a bit farther than Jenn did but he is always there for me (and my pets)! When my Sphynx, Salamander, had his eye removed at the hospital, Josh offered a late night visit that included pics! How reassuring to know my little one-eyed alien was getting some extra love and attention! Definitely made me sleep a little better that night.

This weekend, Josh immediately stepped up to the plate when my friend and I arrived with her dog needing emergency services. I was there for my friend, yet I also needed that “person” because I was just as distraught. Not only was Josh a familiar face when we arrived, he made sure we got caffeinated!

And, I cannot forget my dear, dear friend Barb, who will always accompany me to the vet with my animals. I’m a big sissy when it comes to my pets. I cry at the mention of a problem. (When it’s an adoptable, I go into practical and calm mode).  Barbara, a retired nurse, is always reassuring and calm. It’s hard being a single parent to pets in times like this and it’s nice to know you (and your) pets have an extended family.

Do you have a vet-friend? What makes them good at being your go-to person?

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