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Puppy Love!

9 Apr

So Bully Project has now had two puppies in our care since beginning to rescue. The first one was nearly a year ago: remember Eli? The über-adorable black & white pittie with the diamond marking on the top of his head?



Eli was pushy little boy who was removed from his litter too soon, so all those basic manners that puppies learn from being with their siblings: he had none of them. He was appropriate around other dogs all the time and because of this, was too challenging a case for any of our then-foster homes to handle. Thankfully, we were able to transfer him to Animal Farm Foundation where he got all of the training that he needed to become a great family pet. He now lives in New York City again with a friend of ours.

Then more recently, we took in Fiona, the beautiful silver & white pittie with charm out the wazoo. Her calm demeanor and playful attitude, and her penchant for picking up on training very quickly, made her an ace in our book. But we knew she still needed some work, too: all puppies do! So off she went into foster care with our friend, and professional trainer, Dot. She grew in leaps and bounds, physically and mentally, and every time we saw her after time apart, we were amazed  by her progress. Sort of the opposite of Eli!

But one thing these two had in common, of course, was: everyone wanted them. For both dogs, we got inquiries for adoption every single day that we had them listed online. From everywhere. From people in all kinds of families, with dogs, cats, children, senior citizens, living in cities, suburbs, rural areas. Well, with Fiona, we got over 20 applications for adoption, and we knew one thing: we had to find the perfect fit for her so that she could continue to grow up into the well-behaved dog we knew she would be. She had to have a new home who could afford (not just financially-speaking) to give her the kind of attention and training that every young dog needs. Well, we’ve found that home! Fiona is officially adopted!

Fiona Adopted

Her new mom Lisa has loads of experience with training dogs of all ages and before the adoption was even official, had registered Fiona, now named Jaya, for local puppy playgroups and training classes. She immediately seemed to understand that despite Fiona’s exemplary behavior on their first meet & greet that she wouldn’t stay that way without effort, time and energy on her part, and we were overjoyed.

Jaya with her new family

Jaya with her new family

And even better, Lisa has another canine companion in the home from whom Fiona could continue to learn. She would learn the ropes of what was appropriate in interacting with other dogs, and she would have a live-in snuggle buddy, too!

Jaya & Diesel

Jaya & Diesel

So best wishes Jaya! Congratulations on your beautiful new home and have the most wonderful life!

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Toasty

8 Oct


Last week, we got an email from a close friend of ours. She had met a dog, named Nena, at an Animal Care & Control adoption event outside of her apartment building. She became so enamored with her, but she knew she couldn’t take her. So that’s where Bully Project came in.

While at ACC, Toasty had developed kennel cough, along with cutting one of her feet somehow. So we had to send her to a vet with an isolation room so that she could recover without infecting any other dogs. She is currently living at the vet’s office and getting non-stop care, attention and love. In fact, the vet staff can’t stop raving about her to us.

Out on a walk

Our friend who brought Toasty to our attention lives and works nearby, so she gets to visit Toasty on a regular basis and take her out for strolls in the West Village where she’s met all kinds of people. She would very much like to play with the dogs she sees, but because of her kennel cough, we haven’t been able to do any dog introductions yet. But soon!

As you can see, Toasty is a pretty petite little pittie girl. She’s just over one year old, and weighs around 40 bs. Her ears are always cutely perked up, and she loves to be with people. She also LOVES to play with toys!

She is already spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Once the vet tells us she’s clear of kennel cough, she will be ready to go. Oh, and we’re also pretty sure she’s great with kids:

Email us at BullyProjectNYC@gmail.com if you or anyone you know might be interested in meeting our cute, little Toasty.

Hunny Loves the iPad

14 Sep

Hunny loves the iPad.  Well, really its Petfinder app.  Without this app, Hunny wouldn’t be snuggling with her new family today!  That’s right, Hunny has been adopted!

Happy beginning!

While everyone has been asking why hasn’t Hunny been adopted yet?  We never worried and knew her forever family would find her.  And, they did. When V and P lost their beloved Maxine this summer they assumed they would wait until after the winter to open their home to a new four legged friend.  But the universe had other plans.

V downloaded the Petfinder app and immediately discovered  Ms. Hunny and inquired right away.  Their email gave lots of details that made us think that   Hunny would feel right at home- family of cats, retired moms and lots of trips to visit family and friends- including a dad in a nursing home.  Hunny is after all a social butterfly.

We’re happy to say the meet and greet went well – just like we all had hoped!  Hunny flirted, took treats, showed off how she can play with her four legged friends. And, most importantly, when an unknown dog came around, Hunny checked in with these “new handlers” saying, see that?  I looked at you and not the dog!  Cheese, please!


We think V and P knew Hunny was theirs right from the start especially since they had a named picked out before they even met her — introducing Kiki of Brooklyn:

Hunny’s First Afternoon in Brooklyn

Don’t be surprised if Kiki has her own Facebook soon.  Have a feeling there will be lots of photos of her dressed up since she inherited quite the wardrobe!

Bully Project would like to thank everyone who helped Hunny on her journey:

The ACC (especially staffer Jessica and volunteer Carol) who knew she was special and made sure she made it to Broadway Barks.

Trish Loehr who knew we would fall for Hunny and pointed her out to us.

Trixie and Peanut for sharing our plea for an emergency foster.

Rennie who saw that contagious smile on T+P’s facebook feed and signed up for a one week foster… That of course ended up being longer and only ended due to a planned vacation.

Deja Foundation who was kind enough to handle Hunny’s medical costs.

And Cindy who had cared for this lady for most of her time with us.  And, the extended Bully Project family in Inwood who made Hunny feel right at home (especially Danita who played back–up foster mom at times!)

Looking forward to sharing more of Kiki of Brooklyn soon!

More Bully Project!

6 Apr

Our 10am class with Bully Project went so well, we were all amped up to keep going with our 11am class. We had another group of great dogs to help and teach. The structure of our class was exactly the same as the 10am class, starting with “focus,” and moving on to commands like, “sit,” “stay,” and “down.”

Bully Project Class

Here are a few of our students from the 11am class:


Latona is happy-go-lucky little girl, but very smart with great focus. Her parents brought her to class and took advantage of having a partner to work with Latona.

Latona and her parents

We also had this big lug:


Buddy is very strong, but his only goal is leaning up against someone and saying, “Hello.” He’s a super friendly boy, with a lot of energy, and his parents were very excited about learning how to teach him some basic obedience. We got them set up with an Easy Walk Reflective Harness and Leash set! Flashy, right?

We had some puppies joining us at this class, too, like Shea:


Shea is only 5 months old and took to learning like a fish takes to water. I mean, this girl is smart, and only wants love. Her parents recently adopted her and added her to their pack which already includes a husky and some cats!


Isis is our youngest student in the classes this session at only 3 months old! At the end of class, we gave everyone a free frisbee, which Isis could possibly use as a sled if there were snow on the ground.

Isis discovering a frisbee

We have a feeling she’s going to be a rockstar, just like Kiara, who was our Wordless Wednesday this week. Kiara came to classes last year as a 3 month old puppy, and now she’s heading towards her Canine Good Citizen certification!

Next, we had Keita, who has recently been adopted as well. Keita was a bit shy at first, understandably – lots of new people, dogs, and surroundings. But once the cheese came out, she warmed up pretty quickly. Keita’s whole family (Mom, Dad and sister) came to class so that everyone could be on the same page when working with her at home – how smart!


We have class again this Sunday – so there will more pictures, posts and videos to come! We’re so excited Bully Project is back in full swing!

Spring Bully Project Begins

5 Apr

Sundays are always best when Bully Project is involved! We were so excited to see a packed lawn of pitties and their owners.

And the Bully Project team – Kelly, Ann, Katherine, Julie – was ready! We had two separate classes  this round because we had such a great response! In addition to the hands on volunteers, Bully Project couldn’t do it without the help of Animal Farm Foundation (treat pouches and more!), Deja Foundation (leashes and collars) and our graphic design helper, Michelle A.!  And thanks to all who donated to our cause, which enabled us to purchase some non-aversive training tools like Easy-Walk harnesses and Gentle Leaders. (Jennifer has been calling Josh the Easy-Walk pusher – everyone who didn’t have one, got one!)

Some students were familiar faces like Gertie and her folks who tried out our tricks class in the Fall. When we first met her, she was a super excited, newly-adopted dog. Her parents came super prepared – yummy treats, treat pouch, gentle leader and clicker!

Gertie working with her dad

Some folks came from other boroughs, like Debo – who is just 6 months old – and his friend Manolo, who came from the Bronx! Both dogs quickly liked “working” as both families listened to Ann King, our trainer. The class started out with “focus.” Sounds simple right? Dog looks at you, give a treat. Well, it’s not quite so simple when you are outside, in a new space, with 10 other dogs, and you are right next to the enclosed dog run! But our teams did fabulously! Sometimes, when working with some harder behaviors, we brought out the big guns – no not electronic-collars, but yummy turkey and cheddar cheese!

Debo and his family.

Manolo and her mom

We were excited to have another friend join us: Dosa, a sweet pup who is a “charter member” of Big Apple Pittie Pack!   She is such a happy girl! And, we loved seeing how excited her parents got when she started doing “down” on the grass!

Dosa and her family

Our oldest dog at class – yes, old dogs can learn new tricks! – Mac, is not only a sweetheart, but a true survivor.  He is very lucky that he found his mom, Ina, a vet, when he needed rescuing! Hopefully, we can dedicate a whole post to him and his amazing story! (And, we were lucky, because she offered to answer anyone’s health questions after class!)

Mac and his dedicated mom

We were also happy to Bleu, who is the exact type of dog that will benefit from a class like this. Her owner is dedicated and smart. Bleu is a very excitable adolescent who can’t visit the dog park and needs additional outlets for exercise and stimulation. This team worked from a distance to keep Bleu under threshold. Training class is great opportunity for this team to practice with a group (dog teams and Bully Project team) that understands and can help!

One of the great things about Bully Project class is that everyone can work on a different need and we will help! Some teams just need to fine-tune behaviors with distractions, others are working from scratch and some practice being calm in a class situation. One thing all the teams share: they are dedicated!


There is so much to say about this great  group of dogs and people! We hope to share more stories as the class continues. In the meantime, here are some more pics:

Manolo and Gertie




And that was just the 10am class! More on the 11am class tomorrow!

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