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Letters from Lucy

19 Apr

Hi Everyone! Lucy Here!

Today is my dad’s birthday! I made him a cake, but then I ate it. So then I thought I could give him a nice, big bully stick, but he’d know that I’d regifted it to him, and that would be tacky! So, what did I end up getting my dad for his birthday?

Well, I got him the hottest new spa treatment: a Canine Saliva Facial! It’s supposed to be great for your pores, whatever those are! I think he liked it a lot. Dad did say that his wish for his birthday is that my foster brother John gets adopted – so everyone cross your fingers for that!

What do all you other doggies get your people for their birthdays?!

Wordless Wednesday

13 Feb


Happy Birthday Lucy!

20 Dec

Today is the “birthday” of the one and only Lucy Blye! We say “birthday” because, of course, Lucy is a rescue and we never really know their real birthdays, now do we? But December 20, 2009 is her estimated birthday, so that’s when we celebrate – and today, Lucy is 2 years old!

I (Josh) never really know how best to celebrate a dog’s birthday, so I want to turn this post over to you guys. How do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays? Treats? Trips? Playdates? Parties? People food?

Tell us in the comments!

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