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What’s In My BarkBox?

23 May

May’s BarkBox is “a celebration of all the things we love about being outside.” With lots of thing to chew on, each product represents a different activity we can do to enjoy the springtime. Firstly, BarkBox has a new look! Check it out:

BarkBox's New Look

BarkBox’s New Look

Instead of the shreds of blue paper that used to come inside our BarkBox, we now have the classy, branded paper wrapping our goodies! So fancy! Take a closer look:

BarkBox's New Paper Wrapping

BarkBox’s New Paper Wrapping

It’s lovely, I just wish it didn’t have some of the words that typically have a negative connotation, like growl, yap and guard. Along with the new packaging also comes a new little tip card, with a cute little cartoon:

BarkBox Tip Card

BarkBox Tip Card

On the back, it reads, “Our dogs love their goodies, but their favorite thing in the world is to spend time with their humans. A great spring activity is to simply take out the leash and go exploring to a new park or neighborhood.” We completely agree! Get out there with your pup and explore! Now to the good stuff…

May 2013 BarkBox

May 2013 BarkBox

First up, from Planet Dog, we got an Orbee-Tuff ball! These durable toys are great for fetch, as well as just keeping your dog entertained on its own for a while. Best of all, they’re minty-fresh so they help cover up the sometimes unpleasant odors that come from your pup’s mouth!

Orbee-Tuff Ball

Orbee-Tuff Ball

Next up, we got a pig femur bone from Barkworthies! The best kind of distraction for a pup when you need to get some work done around the house, this will keep your dog busy for quite a long time!

Barkworthies Pig Femur Bone

Barkworthies Pig Femur Bone

To represent the joy of a spring/summer time BBQ, we got Loving Pets’ Grill-icious Beef Treats! Made with sweet potato, these are super healthy and all natural. They’ll make a great special snack when Lucy is behaving especially well.

Loving Pets' Grill-Icious Beef Treats

Loving Pets’ Grill-Icious Beef Treats

And finally, from one of our favorite local dog treat companies, we got Bocce’s Bakery’s Green Juice treats! These are the perfect treat for Lucy, who has allergies to certain proteins. Made exclusively from spinach, kale, apple, spirulina, flax seeds and mint, these snacks are right up our alley!

Bocce's Bakery's Green Juice Treats

Bocce’s Bakery’s Green Juice Treats

And don’t forget, if you want to join the fun, sign up using our discount code! You’ll get $10 off your first subscription and BarkBox will donate $10 to Bully Project. In fact, if we get over 100 referrals before June 10, we’ll get $20 for each referral! Here’s the code:


What’s In My BarkBox?

18 Apr
April 2013 BarkBox

April 2013 BarkBox

This is our biggest BarkBox yet, literally! When the package arrived, we were shocked at the size and weight of it. I was certain there was an Acadia Antler inside, but that was not the case. We weren’t disappointed though, because what we did find inside made us very happy!

Multipet Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

Multipet Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

Well, the packaging on this toy says it all, doesn’t it? “Pets just wanna have fun!” And that’s exactly what Lucy is doing with this Multipet Nuts for Knots Rope Toy.

Lucy with Multipet's Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

Lucy with Multipet’s Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

When Lucy first came into my life, we got some rope toys at our local shop, thinking they would be great for tug, and general tossing around, which they certainly were. But Lucy shredded them within a day, and I felt that they were just a waste of money. Well, this giant version, combined with a more mature, less destructive Lucy, is a great match!

Etta Says Duck Jerky Treats

Etta Says Duck Jerky Treats

Etta Says Crunchy Duck Chew

Etta Says Cunchy Duck Chew

Every BarkBox, as we’ve learned, comes with some sort of “noms,” inside. This month, we got great duck treats from Etta Says, including their jerky and crunchy chew. These duck treats are the perfect thing for my little Lucy: they wont incite an allergic reaction, and they’re high value and yummy enough to make her work for them!

Barkworthies' Stuffed Shin Bone

Barkworthies’ Stuffed Shin Bone

In the “noms” category, we also got a stuffed shin bone from Barkworthies! What’s it stuffed with, you ask? Ground up bully sticks! A favorite treat of many a dog, this bone chew will keep any dog busy for quite a while! And once the stuffing is gone, the bone can be restuffed with anything you like.

ABO Gear's GroomMitts

ABO Gear’s GroomMitts

In the grooming realm, we got ABO Gear’s GroomMitts! So, if I haven’t shared this tidbit about Lucy before, here it is now: she hates baths. She turns into a cowering, screaming, frightened maniac. Sometimes she screams so loudly it sounds like my apartment has been inhabited by a banshee. As a result of this, we avoid baths like the plague. Of course, she needs them every once in a while, and we deal with it. But these GroomMitts are a great solution to keeping her cleanish and smelling nice in between our not-so-frequent baths.

Licks for Dogs Joint & Heart Formula

Licks for Dogs Joint & Heart Formula

Licks for Dogs are vitamin supplements that integrate seamlessly with your dog’s food or water. We got two packets of their joint & heart formula, which are great for larger breed dogs like Lucy. The combination of omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and vitamin E are great to help support healthy development so that they can stave off arthritis for just a little bit longer, as it’s so common for the big pups. At $36 for a 30 day supply (1 packet every two days for dogs between 25 and 50 lbs), it’s pretty pricey, so I don’t think we’ll be able to continue with it at the moment, but it’s certainly something to think about is Lucy continues to age.


And don’t forget, if you like this concept and want to sign up for BarkBox, be sure to use our special discount code above. Not only will you get $10 off your first subscription, but Bully Project will also get $10!

What’s In My BarkBox?

22 Mar
March 2013 BarkBox

March 2013 BarkBox

This month’s BarkBox was pretty great overall, with one little clunker thrown in there. But overall, again, we’re very happy with the goodies we received! First discovery is something we’ve gotten in the past from BarkBox, but were thrilled to get again! Lollycadoodle makes great wool felt toys for pets, and for some reason, of the plushy-type of toys, these have always been Lucy’s favorite.

Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Clearly, Lucy enjoyed it very, very much. So much so that she completely disregarded her antler!

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Lucy playing with Lollycadoodle Wool Felt Mouse

Next up, we got another toy from Harry Barker: a 7″ solid green hemp bone, that I’m sure Lucy will get a thrill out of, once she’s done mangling her mouse.

Harry Barker 7" Hemp Bone

Harry Barker 7″ Hemp Bone

Next up is the clunker of the box: a dog waste bag holder from Angie’s List. Sorry to be a downer on this one, but this is purely promotional material. We all know Angie’s List, and we all know it’s not a pet specific company. I feel like this item was put in here to help widen their net of users, since they don’t advertise that they provide resources and reviews for dog owners. Well, I’ve already got a dog waste bag holder, and I’ve already got all the pet service providers that I need and trust, so sorry BarkBox and Angie’s List, this one was a miss.

Angie's List Dog Waste Bag Holder

Angie’s List Dog Waste Bag Holder

Pet360 included a $10 off coupon for an order of $49 or more + free shipping. Pretty great – saves me some money and a trip to the pet store to buy dog food. Thanks Pet360!

Pet360 $10 Off Coupon

Pet360 $10 Off Coupon

And lastly, we got a couple bags of treats! Feelgood Treat Company included their chicken flavored Trail Blazin’ Bitz, which, as you all know, we can’t give to Lucy because of her allergies. But these are going to be a surefire hit with Bully Project‘s John!

Feelgood Treat Company's Chicken Flavored Trail Blazin' Bitz

Feelgood Treat Company’s Chicken Flavored Trail Blazin’ Bitz

We also got Little Eatz Perfect Peanut Butter cookies: “The treat you BOTH can eat!” Ok, so I sort of geeked out over this one, as it’s super clever. But, I really don’t like sharing the food I eat with Lucy, mostly because I don’t want to teach her that she is allowed to beg at the table while I’m eating. So even though this idea is super cool, these are going to be Lucy-specific treats anyway.

Little Eatz Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies

Little Eatz Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies

And don’t forget, if you like this concept and want to sign up for BarkBox, be sure to use our special discount code below. Not only will you get $10 off your first subscription, but Bully Project will also get $10!


What’s In My BarkBox?

26 Feb

It’s felt like so long since our last BarkBox, we were starting to get worried that they’d forgotten about us we’d forgotten to renew our subscription! We would have been so devastated to go a month without a box full of doggy-related surprises arriving at our door! When it finally arrived, we stopped being so dramatic and got right down to the nitty-gritty. Here’s the goods:

February's BarkBox

February’s BarkBox

Clearly, BarkBox knows what our dogs really love – FOOD. First we got N-Bones’ Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks. These not only clean your dog’s teeth, but also provide them with nutrients their bodies need to stay healthy. Most other dental chews are just that – teeth cleaning tools that mask bad breath. We New Yorkers love multi-tasking, so these are great to have!

N-Bones' Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks

N-Bones’ Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks

Next up, a fun toy from Aussie Naturals called the Wagga Wool Knotty Bear Large! Once Lucy got her mouth on this guy, she wouldn’t put it down. Know when your dog really loves something and then start bouncing up down and lightly “popping” their body? Yeah – that’s what happened when Lucy got this new toy.

Wagga Wool Large Knotty Bear

Wagga Wool Large Knotty Bear

Now back to the food! We got two flavors (the Carob & Mint and Dogranola) of treats from Wet Noses! These are the perfect size to fit into the next toy that came in our BarkBox…

Wet Noses Dog Treats

Wet Noses Dog Treats

Jolly Pets’ Monster Ball! A new interactive food toy, and a great tool for entertaining and exhausting your pup, this toy got a bit more “curb appeal” than your standard, old-reliable Kong.

Jolly Pets' Monster Ball

Jolly Pets’ Monster Ball

And finally, a $10 off coupon to Wag.com! Which we will obviously be using for FOOD!

Wag.com Coupon

Wag.com Coupon

Thanks BarkBox for a delivery that is sure to please my dog! If you want to join BarkBox, be sure to use our referral code to get $5 off your subscription. AND, for using our referral code before the end of February, Bully Project will receive $20!


What’s In My Barkbox?

25 Jan

January’s BarkBox was full of old reliables: things that we know make our pups very happy. So, we were very happy to get more of them!

January's BarkBox

January’s BarkBox

From Jax and Bones, we got this awesome Elton the Octopus toy! Lucy has always loved rope toys, but she tends to destroy them pretty quickly. When she saw this guy, she got very excited!

Jax and Bones' Elton the Octopus

Jax and Bones’ Elton the Octopus

Lucy Eating Elton

Lucy Eating Elton

"Mmmm, Calamari!"

“Mmmm, Calamari!”

Lucy Eating Elton

Lucy Eating Elton

One of the two (count ’em, two!) bags of treats we got were Nootie‘s Yumzies Peanut Butter flavored treats. Peanut butter is always a winner in my household, and these treats are the perfect size for training larger breed dogs like my pitties. They’ll do just about anything I ask of them if I’ve got one of these in my hand.

Nootie's Yumzies Peanut Butter flavored treats

Nootie’s Yumzies Peanut Butter flavored treats

From Barkworthies, we got a spiral bully stick, which Bully Project adoptable, Andrew, very much enjoyed! These types of treats upset Lucy’s tummy, but Andrew handled it just fine, and spent quite a while chowing down on this one. Treats and toys that keep the dogs busy are great things in my household!

Barkworthies' Spiral Bully Stick

Barkworthies’ Spiral Bully Stick

Andrew enjoying his Bully Stick

Andrew enjoying his Bully Stick

And finally, our second bag of treats are Superior Farms‘ All Natural Lamb Toasters. More great treats for training, but also just a simple treat I can give randomly and not have to worry about nasty allergic reactions, bad nutritional value, and other stuff. Just simple, 100% lamb – good stuff.

Superior Farms' Lamb Toasters

Superior Farms’ Lamb Toasters

Thanks BarkBox for another great month of stuff! If you want to get in on the fun, you can register on BarkBox’s website. Be sure to use the code below for $10 off your subscription and to have another $10 donated to Bully Project!


What’s In My BarkBox?

10 Jan

We’re way late with this review of December’s BarkBox – but the holidays got in the way! Nonetheless, we got our December BarkBox and when we opened it, we were somewhat disappointed: only four items?! Boo! But quite the four items they are!

December BarkBox

December BarkBox

We got a great bag of treats from one of our favorite local NYC bakeries, Bocce’s Bakery! These are their “Holiday Feast” treats which are made with all natural chicken, pumpkin, cranberries and cinnamon – all the flavors we’re used to seeing during our holiday meals! Treats from Bocce’s Bakery always go over well with the pups, so we’re excited to break into these!

Bocce's Bakery Holiday Feast Treats

Bocce’s Bakery Holiday Feast Treats

This month’s toy, Simply Fido‘s organic holiday moose, was a huge hit with Miss Lucy. Any toy with a squeaker inside is definitely a winner in this household, but what I think is especially cool about this toy is that it’s limbs are one long tube going through a hole in the body of the toy. This means fewer seams, and fewer body parts for Lucy to immediately rip off! It’s also allows for great games of tug which you normally can’t do with toys that look like this!

Simply Fido's Holiday Moose

Simply Fido’s Holiday Moose

Lucy loves her Holiday Moose

Lucy loves her Holiday Moose

We got a small size bottle of Fresh Dog‘s Oatmeal Shampoo which…we can’t use. At least not on Lucy with her allergies. But it will certainly go in the Bully Project storage closet to be given to one of our foster homes so that our adoptable pups can smell delicious at their meet & greets with potential families.

Fresh Dog's Oatmeal Shampoo

Fresh Dog’s Oatmeal Shampoo

Finally, we got Puppy Cake‘s new red velvet cake mix! Red velvet is one of my very favorite cakes, so I’m guessing this will be one of Lucy’s faves too. We’re going to save this treat for a rainy day or a special occasion – it is a cake after all!

Puppy Cake's Red Velvet Cake Mix

Puppy Cake’s Red Velvet Cake Mix

Don’t forget that you, too, can sign up for BarkBox and get $10 off, and $10 will also be donated to Bully Project. Just use discount code BULLYBBX1 when signing up!


What’s In My BarkBox?

23 Nov

Here’s another thing my Lucy is grateful for: our monthly BarkBox! And we’ve got a new special deal from BarkBox for all of our readers, so make sure you read all the way through to the end of this post!

November’s BarkBox

We got a great new interactive toy called the Bionic Bone. It’s tough but chewy, can float, be frozen, hold treats, and is dishwasher safe. Basically, there’s nothing this toy can’t do – so we’re going to put it to the test! They say it’s “perfect for aggressive chewers,” and that’s certainly Lucy – we’ll let you know how it goes!

Bionic Bone

We got another toy that, as we learned yesterday in Lucy’s letter, is one of her favorite things: a moose antler from Acadia Antlers. This one is a little different though: it’s got a rope going through the middle for additional entertainment! Awesome!

Acadia Antlers Moose RAC

This month’s BarkBox also seems to have a Thanksgiving theme going on, with a couple of treats made with seasonal flavors and ingredients. The first treats we got are Fruitables‘ Pumpkin & Mango Flavored Treats. Lucy will certainly love these, and they’re the perfect size for training sessions.

Fruitables’ Pumpkin & Mango Flavored Treats

We also got a single serving of Mr. Barksmiths Pumpkin Patch smoothie, which seems to be a special flavor that I can’t even find on the company’s website – so that’s fun! But we have also had the Apple and Banana flavor in a past BarkBox, and Lucy loved that one, too!

Mr. Barksmiths’ Pumpkin Patch Smoothie

And we also got into the “gift-y” mood with the BarkBox this month and received three great discount vouchers. One from Chewy.com for $10 off any purchase, another from Rover.com for another $10 off dog sitting, and one from a new online television channel called DOGTV for one free month!

Chewy.com $10 Gift Card

Rover.com $10 coupon

DOGTV Free Month Subscription

And now, for our very special offer, direct from BarkBox themselves! With the following code, you will not only get $10 off your subscription with BarkBox, but they will also donate another $10 to Bully Project! Pretty awesome, right? So sign-up today!

What’s In My BarkBox?

26 Oct

It’s finally time to play this month’s “What’s In My BarkBox?” What with all the excitement of Ethel getting adopted and then Toasty getting adopted, everything else sort of got put on hold. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t happy with this month’s BarkBox. Au contraire! We were THRILLED! After seeing what we got this month, you may just want to join up yourselves, and you can do so here and get $5 off your first subscription.

First up, we got some great treats from Feelgood Treat Company. These Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz are great for almost all dogs as they’re all organic and natural, and are also wheat, gluten and preservative-free! Since Lucy is allergic to all things poultry, these are staying in my office for all the four legged critters that come in to visit.

Turkey Trail Blazin' Bitz

Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz

Next up, we got a beautiful, handmade toy from Lollycadoodle. I think these toys are so fun and dynamic and pretty darn cute. And Lucy seems to love it, too, as she hasn’t been able to stop twirling it around! And on top of that, it’s great for terrifying those ophidiophobic friends and colleagues!

Wool Snake

Wool Snake

Our next goodie is a necessity for dog owners everywhere, but especially here in NYC. Poopy packs from Metro Paws! But fancy poopy packs that match Lucy’s Sirius Republic orange argyle collar and leash!

Poopy Packs

Poopy Packs

To help care for Lucy’s pearly-whites, we got a product we’ve never seen before: Tropiclean‘s Clean Teeth Gel. We haven’t gotten the opportunity to use this yet, but we’re wondering if any of you have used something like this? Do you find it helpful? Lucy’s generally pretty tolerant of teeth brushing, but if this is even easier, we’ll certainly work it in!

Clean Teeth Gel

Clean Teeth Gel

Next to last, we got a discount card for canine prescription medications from Honest Discounts. I’m not quite sure how much use we’ll get out of this since our prescriptions come directly from our vet, but it’s good to have around just in case!

And last, but most definitely not least, we got something we’ve been yearning for for quite a long time! Moody Pet‘s Humunga Stache!

Humunga Stache

Humunga Stache

And I think this picture pretty much speaks for itself:


How can you resist? Sign up for BarkBox and join in on the fun!

What’s In My BarkBox?

21 Aug

It’s BarkBox time! Woohoo! And this one’s a good one! (Don’t forget, if you like Barkbox and want to sign up for yourself, use this link and get $5 off your first subscription!)


We always have some Nature’s Miracle Odor Remover around the house (for those foster dogs who haven’t quite figured out the house training yet), but in this BarkBox, we got their (seemingly new) Freshening Spray.

Freshening Spray

If you’re anywhere as busy as I am on a day-to-day basis, this stuff is going to be very useful! Already opened and sprayed, Lucy smells delightful (not that she smells bad regularly), but it is a nice scent to have her wear as opposed to the “I-haven’t-had-a-bath-in-two-months” smell.

Then, we took out this awesome looking toy from Hyper Pet called the Flying Pig Slingshot Toy!

Flying Pig Slingshot Toy

According to the instructions, you launch the toy by putting one thumb into the snout and pull back on the body. It then shoots off into the distance and your dog chases after it. For dogs that love to fetch, this sounds like the perfect toy!

Then, oh boy, we got one of Lucy’s favorite things! A moose antler from Acadia Antlers!

Moose Taster Slice

I think there’s enough said on this one – Lucy can’t wait to get her paws on this!

Next, we got a sample sized pack of Milk-Bone’s Trail Mix treats.

Trail Mix

I use Milk-Bone treats all the time with my dogs – I’ve found it’s the perfect treat to use for crate training. It’s big enough that I can hold it through the side or top of the crate, and the dog can still get it from inside, they love the taste, and it doesn’t have anything harmful in it that will upset their stomachs. So, we’ll try out these treats and see how it goes!

And lastly, a special kind of treat: The Elvis from Bocce’s Bakery here in New York City!

The Elvis

Obviously flavored and named after The King’s favorite sandwich (with a little added protein for the doggies), this are going to be a huge hit with puppy as well as owner! They’re all natural, organic treats made with human-grade ingredients. Check out the ingredient list on these tasty morsels: “Organic Oat Flour, Banana, Peanut Butter, Nitrate-Free Turkey Bacon… that’s it!”

So that’s what’s in our BarkBox this month! Don’t forget to sign up here.

What’s In My BarkBox?

20 Jul

It’s that time of the month, friends! Let’s play…What’s in my BarkBox?!

What’s In My BarkBox!

The first thing in our BarkBox this month is sort of perplexing to us – Pet Qwerks’ IncrediBubbles.


Long lasting bubbles for your dog. The positives: they’re safe, they’re engaging for the dog, comes in its own handy container. The not-so-positives-but-not-negatives-either: will we really use them? Sadly for us city folk, there aren’t many places for us to play solo, off leash with our dogs. This toy would be a disaster in a dog run, that’s for sure. But if we can find some private space, I see a lot of potential enjoyment!

Next up are YumZies treats by Nootie!


We’ve mentioned in the past that Lucy is a very sensitive girl. Lots of treats make her tummy feel icky, and many others make her break out in giant hives. These treats would probably do the latter, since Lucy is allergic to chicken. So, no YumZies for Lucy. But you can be sure that we’re taking these treats to this weekend’s Bully Project training class. They’re the perfect size for reward based training, and I’m sure most doggies would find them delicious!

Next, we have the Large Dogmeat T-Bone Steak Squeaky Toy from Petprojekt.

T-Bone Steak Squeaky Toy

I haven’t even given this toy to the dogs yet and I can already tell it’s going to be a huge hit! I was unwrapping it, and while doing so, it squeaked. Pretty loudly, I might add. And both dogs (Lucy & current foster Daisy Mae) shot right to attention. I’ll definitely be keeping this out of their reach until only one dog is residing in the Blye household.

Next, a necessity every dog owner in the city needs: Poopy Packs by Metro Paws.

Poopy Packs

And not just any poopy packs – fashionable, argyle poopy packs! These ones even sort of match Lucy’s beautiful Sirius Republic collar!

Then we got Precision Pet’s Spinz Bone!

Spinz Bone

We are HUGE fans of interactive treats and toys for dogs. It keeps them busy, safe, and helps them use up some of their excess energy. Some of the toy/treats combos we’ve found in the past haven’t been great – either the material of the toy is low quality or the treat isn’t very high value. But this peanut butter toy is 100% edible and tastes like peanut butter – so we’re giving this one two thumbs up! However, I think they should rethink their packaging: “Dogs love the action!” Sounds dirty to me.

And finally, we got a $10 off coupon with free shipping from PetFlow.com!

PetFlow Coupon

Thanks PetFlow! You should see our order very soon!

And thanks BarkBox for the fun goodies! If you want to join BarkBox, click here to get $5 off your first subscription!

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