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What’s In My BarkBox?

18 Sep

September’s BarkBox is here!

And doesn’t it look pretty? All those colors, and toys, and treats. Lucy is one happy girl again this month! And remember, if you want in on BarkBox, click here and you’ll get $5 off when you sign up. First gift out of the box is a brilliant concept that I have never heard of: the Crinkit Toy by Zigoo Pets. Take any run-of-the-mill plastic water bottle, slip it inside this sleeve, and presto! You’ve got an environmentally friendly, and pet safe toy. When the bottle is destroyed, replace it with another one!


Crinkit Toy

Next up, we got a sample wipe of LA Fresh’s W.A.G (Wash-And-Go) pet wipes. I already use a product like this from another company, and think they’re great, solely based on their functionality. I can’t always put Lucy in the bath tub as often as I would like, so frequently, I’ll whip out the pet wipes and give her a fun, cleansing doggie massage. There also great for rainy or snowy days to clean off those messy paws. I’m not sure whether these wipes from LA Fresh are hypo-allergenic or not, though – so if your dog has allergies (like Lucy does), use these with care.


W.A.G. Pet Wipes

Wag.com included a coupon worth $10 towards my first order with them! Good thing I haven’t ordered from them in the past, because I definitely will now!


wag.com coupon

As much as Lucy loves the next item, she can’t have it. Those darn allergies again. Bully sticks have caused her some serious stomach upset, so this braided one from Barkworthies will have to go into the Bully Project inventory so that one of our future adoptable dogs might get to enjoy it.


Braided Bully Stick

We then got some great treats that are literally made from one single ingredient, and are completely safe for Lucy to eat. Whole Life Pets‘ freeze-dried sweet potato treats are just that: sweet potato and nothing else. Lucy has already enjoyed several, and I will definitely be placing an order for more.


Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Treats

We also got a small sample package of Whole Life Pets’ freeze dried chicken treats, and guess what? ALLERGY ALERT! These will be consumed by a dog, just not Lucy!


Freeze Dried Chicken Treats

And finally, we got a ZukesZ-Bone in Clean Apple Crisp flavor. I have been trying a few different breath freshening snacks for Lucy lately (with no allergic reactions so far – hooray!), so this will now be the next test. We love most of Zukes’ other products, particularly the Z-Filet Grilled Venison formula, so we’re looking forward to giving this one a shot too. We all know I love my Lucy kisses, but I love them even more when there’s fresh breath involved!



So that’s another BarkBox sorted through and (mostly) enjoyed. And again, if you want in on the fun, sign up here.

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