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We’re Safe!

30 Oct

We got lots of messages over the past day or so from friends and fellow bloggers telling us to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy. We are all safe and sound, and have been cooped up in our homes for the past 24 hours. We’re some of the lucky ones who still have power and running water, and there’s not much destruction in our immediate vicinities, but the majority of the city wasn’t quite as fortunate. Here’s some of what’s happened:

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  • On top of that, the NYU Langone Medical Center is still being evacuated, nearly 11 hours after their evacuation began when they lost power and back up generators failed.
  • Lots of flooding on the southern tip of Manhattan and the East Side.
  • Trees down in many city parks.
  • Hundreds of thousands without power and water.

So thank you all for thinking of us, and wishing us well. We made it through unscathed and now we all should think about all those who weren’t as fortunate.


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