JohnJohn is the very embodiment of the term “gentle giant.” Rescued from Brooklyn Animal Care & Control, at 58 pounds, John cuts an imposing figure to someone unfamiliar with him. But beyond that burly exterior is a mushball through and through. When it comes time for petting and hugs, “I’m busy, John,” just doesn’t compute. He will put his beautiful strong snout under your hand and nestle into your arm. His soft blue eyes will close halfway with sheer delight at being loved, and he will give a long contented sigh, as he slips into a deep sleep with his head on your lap.

At 7 years of age, John’s new family won’t have to deal with any puppy problems – he is fully housetrained and doesn’t make a sound, except when settling into his crate. That only lasts for a few minutes – even less with the help of one of his beloved treats! This big boy is appropriate for apartment living, because he is happy to settle into a soft place and rest, as he keeps a close and loving eye on the activity around him. He is friendly with all kinds of people.

John loves to go outside! He is a great walker, but will need a little help with mastering his leash manners. He shows absolutely no signs of leash aggression, but his excitement for exploring and discovering his world causes him to pull a bit. John is completely deaf, probably from birth, but he is very treat-motivated, so he is very easy to train.


John is already neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you are looking for an older gentleman who just wants to snuggle and relax with you this winter, please email us at and apply to adopt John!

3 Responses to “John”

  1. Theresa at 9:43 PM #

    Adorable! Shared:)

  2. Theaza Buck at 11:01 AM #

    I loved him from the moment I read about & laid eyes on him….I am keeping a very close watch on how things unfold for him.


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