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Almost Wordless Wednesday

24 Oct
Lola Bird in the ASPCA 2013 Calendar

Past That Touch of Pit foster Lola Bird in the ASPCA 2013 Calendar

Letters from Lucy

3 Nov

So apparently Dad says I have to talk about Lola Bird again. Whatever.

This is the story of how I met Lola Bird – mine and Dad’s favorite foster! Really late one night (I was already asleep!), Dad walked in with another pittie – she was tan and very skinny! But she seemed nice enough, so I thought I’d give her a chance.

Lola came from a place called Animal Care & Control – I’ve never been there, but Dad says I’m lucky for that. When Lola came in, she had this grey stuff all over her, it looked like tar, but we found out that it was acrylic paint! The nice groomer around the corner couldn’t even make it come off despite the work she put in! Her teeth were decayed and some were even cracked and missing. And her ears were short and uneven looking – not long and floppy, like mine. You can sort of see the paint in this picture Dad took:

Despite all of that, she seemed very happy to be home with us – and we all had a really good time getting to know each other. I’m really grateful that she came around because now Dad lets me on the couch. You see – when I was a really little girl, I had a little accident on the couch. Dad had some guy come over with a huge, noisy machine, and after that, Dad never let me back on it. But it was the only place Lola Bird would lie down and relax. And now I get to go on the couch, too! No accidents this time, though!

Dad’s really big on all of us being what he calls, “Breed Ambassadors,” and he said I could learn a lot from Lola Bird, even though I knew so much already. But Lola Bird, since she is much older than me, is a lot wiser, too. She made everyone around her feel loved – including me.

I think that’s enough about her for now, though. In my next letter, I’ll tell you all about how we “survived” Hurricane Irene!

Lucy’s First Letter!

23 Oct

Hi Everyone! Lucy here. I just wanted to introduce myself, since most of you don’t really know me very well yet. My dad adopted me last year from Animal Haven. I don’t think I was there for a very long time – but I am so lucky dad came around when he did. Here’s a picture of me on the day I made dad mine:

Don’t I make the best puppy dog face EVER? How could he have said no to THAT?! Could you? Didn’t think so…

Anyway, this really nice lady (dad said her name is Debora) found me on the street one day and she picked me up in her car and brought me to Animal Haven. I hung around there, did some really cool training on some really cool things – dad’s friend Jennifer calls it agility. All I know is that I had a blast doing it, and hope I get to do it some more.

Then dad came and took me home, and starting calling me Lucy (I’m named after some lady called Lucille Ball, but also after a couple of characters in musicals). Life’s just been amazing since then! We go on car rides all the time (Oh! I LOVE CARS. I try to get into any one that is open when we’re out on the street), we go to training classes where I earned my CGC certification, and I have made lots and lots of cool doggie and people friends at both of dad’s jobs.

Now dad’s been bringing home these other dogs. They’re pitties, just like me. I love having playmates at home, but they all end up leaving us after a little while. Dad says we can’t keep them, but I sometimes wish we could. But as the other ones come and go, I’m going to tell you what’s REALLY going on around here. All the good dirt. Keep reading and you’ll see my Letters from Lucy every now and then – and even more pictures on our Facebook and Twitter. First up is going be our favorite foster so far: the resilient Miss Lola Bird.

Stay tuned…

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