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What Fred Taught Me…Part 3

18 Jan

Most importantly, Fred taught me to accept and be happy with a happy ending… even if I’m not in it.

Fred Adopted
After realizing Fred was not my next four-legged friend, we quickly had a meet and greet with two interested parties! One of the potential adopters stood out right away. She let the other woman interact with Fred as much as she wanted. D, like me, was interested in the dog, his behavior, how he handles situations, etc. She didn’t need a love at first sight moment. She quietly watched him play with a friend, observed his ability to settle…as to just be Fred! I felt if I couldn’t have Fred, D certainly should. Next step was a meeting with her guy and her female pit bull, Etta, an alum of  Animal Farm Foundation.

Meeting one was not love at first sight (remember Bird didn’t fall in love right away).  Etta was a girl and trying to push Fred’s buttons. I think Bird and Etta couldn’t believe Fred was so calm and easy going! Etta had lived with a male pittie before, so we knew she could do this.

Second meeting was a huge success. Miss Etta realized he was the real deal. Fred showed no menace and within hours she was sharing her home, bones, and a yard with the meathead!

He made himself right at home. Leaving Fred with his new forever family was indeed a very happy moment. Introducing Brody (fka Fred):

photo 1


A special, “Thank you!” goes out to Deja Foundation for covering Fred’s medical care for us and to Hounds on the Hudson for caring for him for a week.

What Fred Taught Me…Part 2

17 Jan


Fred was trying to fit in with everyone – the terriers, the skinny old minpin, the hairless one-eyed kitty and all the folks at the park! He was really a saint!

photo 1 photo 2

But after 10 wonderful (and tiring) days of trying to integrate Fred into my family, it was my little terrier, Goose, who made the decision for us. See, although Fred was polite and was a great walking and dog run buddy,  Goose camped out in the foyer for 10 days straight unless Fred was behind a closed door. And, since Fred wasn’t thrilled with being crated, integration was challenging. Bird, on the other hand, was sleeping ON him within days. Yes, Bird had a boyfriend.
photo 3
Fred was my perfect pittie! I had such plans for us…he was going to be a therapy dog. Fred was going to change minds being part of my family. But, I had to think of my entire four-legged family. The day I realized Fred was not going to be mine was devastating but I did learn some lessons:

1. Bird can live with a large big male and LIKE it!

2.  Goose really needs to be part of the decision making process.

3. Crate-able will be an important factor in the next dog I foster-to-adopt.

4. I will most likely foster -to-adopt a “helper” dog. Fred had the best dog greeting skills.

5. I will try this again.

Of course Fred had a great ending, but that’s for the next post!


What Fred Taught Me…Part 1

15 Jan
Who wouldn't fall in love with this guy?

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this guy?

Right before the holidays, I was a bundle of nerves. I was about to foster (and possibly adopt) Bully Project‘s Fred. It was love at first sight. I spent a lot of time with him, watching him in lots of situations. Since I have smaller dogs, and an older dog and a cat, I needed to know a lot about any new canine that becomes part of my family – even just temporarily. Plus the terriers, are well, terrors terriers!

Fred proved to be the perfect candidate. Because of timing and location logistics, I only had one opportunity to introduce one of my dogs to him before he went to his first short term foster. I chose Bird, the medium scruffy terrier, thinking she had the most to say about things like this. She didn’t want to walk down the aisle with him but also didn’t think he was a serial killer. Good enough for Bird. Good enough for me.

So, on a lovely Sunday afternoon, Fred came to live with us. Within days hours, I learned this:

1.  Pitbulls (especially Fred) are the biggest snugglers!

2. Fred was loved. He might have been abandoned in a house but at some point, someone showed him love, taught him manners and cared for him. Even if he had the most cropped ears! (A comment I heard so many times!)

3. Fred loved meeting the local butcher for his Knucklebones!

4. Fred was very patient with his new household.  Never pushy, always waiting his turn.


5. Fred could make anyone smile on a walk! And, made friends of all ages.


6. Pitbulls can be great dogs at the dog park. Just like with any dog, an owner should be responsible.


7. People might give you the stink eye when you walk into a dog park with a pittie.

8. Once you go pittie, you never go back!


More to come…

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Fred

17 Dec


Three words: Add water dog! That’s Bully Project‘s Fred in a nutshell. This boy is 2 years old, just under 50lbs, walks nicely on leash, has manners and is housebroken. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.


Fred has lived with dogs in his foster home and has proven himself to be respectful (even when the other pooches don’t want to play). He shows no guarding issues with people or dogs. He sits politely waiting for his turn for treats. Although he shared his foster home with a cat, we think a dog-savvy cat would be best for Fred!

Fred is a natural at meeting people and would make a great therapy dog. While in his foster home, he made lots of friends – both the human and canine kind.

While Fred was at the city shelter, his dog skills allowed him to become a “helper” dog: he was used by staff to assess other dogs’ canine skills during behavioral evaluations. So, Fred is a pro at meeting dogs on the street! Great plus for city living!


Although Fred loves sprinting around off leash at the dog park, he is also comfortable curling up for lots of naps!

One thing Fred isn’t fond of is the crate! The good news is, he isn’t destructive when left alone – especially with yummy food stuffables and dispensing toys! He loves rubber Kongs, the Kong Wobbler, marrow bones and more!


Fred would do well with children since he is gentle and respectful. He is an all-around family dog! If you think you would like to meet Fred, please contact Bully Project at

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