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Puppy Love!

9 Apr

So Bully Project has now had two puppies in our care since beginning to rescue. The first one was nearly a year ago: remember Eli? The über-adorable black & white pittie with the diamond marking on the top of his head?



Eli was pushy little boy who was removed from his litter too soon, so all those basic manners that puppies learn from being with their siblings: he had none of them. He was appropriate around other dogs all the time and because of this, was too challenging a case for any of our then-foster homes to handle. Thankfully, we were able to transfer him to Animal Farm Foundation where he got all of the training that he needed to become a great family pet. He now lives in New York City again with a friend of ours.

Then more recently, we took in Fiona, the beautiful silver & white pittie with charm out the wazoo. Her calm demeanor and playful attitude, and her penchant for picking up on training very quickly, made her an ace in our book. But we knew she still needed some work, too: all puppies do! So off she went into foster care with our friend, and professional trainer, Dot. She grew in leaps and bounds, physically and mentally, and every time we saw her after time apart, we were amazed  by her progress. Sort of the opposite of Eli!

But one thing these two had in common, of course, was: everyone wanted them. For both dogs, we got inquiries for adoption every single day that we had them listed online. From everywhere. From people in all kinds of families, with dogs, cats, children, senior citizens, living in cities, suburbs, rural areas. Well, with Fiona, we got over 20 applications for adoption, and we knew one thing: we had to find the perfect fit for her so that she could continue to grow up into the well-behaved dog we knew she would be. She had to have a new home who could afford (not just financially-speaking) to give her the kind of attention and training that every young dog needs. Well, we’ve found that home! Fiona is officially adopted!

Fiona Adopted

Her new mom Lisa has loads of experience with training dogs of all ages and before the adoption was even official, had registered Fiona, now named Jaya, for local puppy playgroups and training classes. She immediately seemed to understand that despite Fiona’s exemplary behavior on their first meet & greet that she wouldn’t stay that way without effort, time and energy on her part, and we were overjoyed.

Jaya with her new family

Jaya with her new family

And even better, Lisa has another canine companion in the home from whom Fiona could continue to learn. She would learn the ropes of what was appropriate in interacting with other dogs, and she would have a live-in snuggle buddy, too!

Jaya & Diesel

Jaya & Diesel

So best wishes Jaya! Congratulations on your beautiful new home and have the most wonderful life!

And Then There Were Two…

27 Jul

Earlier this week, we announced the little Eli is no longer available for adoption through Bully Project, and that he was now an Animal Farm Foundation dog, by the name of Rhinestone Cowboy.

Well, we have some more big news: Liberty is adopted! Our initially shy little girl from Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control is now the best kind of dog out there: a beloved family pet!

About two weeks ago, we got an email inquiry from Philip who had seen Liberty on Adopt NY – a great new website database of animals available through New York City rescues and shelters. He and his family were very interested in meeting Liberty, but they had a vacation coming up – would they be able to meet her if she was still available when they returned?

“Uh, duh!” was essentially what we wrote back. And that’s exactly what happened. Once they returned, we received a follow up email from Philip and we arranged a meeting, where we learned a lot about Liberty’s wonderful new family. Philip and his wife, and their two kids, had previously owned two pitties – the last one passed away at only four years old from a sudden onset of cancer. It was heartbreaking for the family, but life without a dog simply wasn’t an option.

Liberty and her new Dad, Philip

So when they saw Liberty, the urge to meet her was simply too great. And once they met her, the urge to adopt her was even greater. The first comment they made was that she looked very similar to their last dog, and as we were departing from that initial meet & greet, we noticed their daughter seemed emotional. When asking if she was alright, the answer we got was that she wanted to take Liberty home that day.

Well, two days later, she was allowed to do just that!

Liberty with her new sister and brother

Congratulations Liberty! We’re so thrilled to have been a part of your journey to your forever home. We love you little one! Now on to getting our other two girls homes…

Our Adoptables

Right Place. Right Time.

24 Jul

Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies?  And if you’re a rescue, pups are easy, right?


The internet is a big tease! When Josh happened upon a Facebook post for a puppy being rehomed in New Jersey, he took the bait. After seeing this pic, how couldn’t he?

Sometimes things fall into place, and after many conversations (and in these instances, they are all the same, aren’t they?), it was decided the puppy’s family was overwhelmed and had no idea how much work a now ten week old puppy was! So, our friend and Bully Project volunteer, Dan offered agreed to foster this pup since he lived in the same neighborhood. Bingo! Easy peasy! Not so easy. We already had three adult dogs in our care, despite the fact that Bully Project started out with a “one dog at a time,” rule.

Dan named this adorable pup Eli and he picked him up. And he was an awesome foster parent. Check out Eli practicing sit and high-five on his first night at Dan’s.

When Dan had to go on a work trip, our lead trainer, Ann, took the young lad. It was the perfect situation since behaviors we were suspecting due to Eli being removed from his litter at only six weeks old rang true. He was a very pushy puppy. Even Dan’s super social playing machine, Revis, had no interest in the young tyke. Ann’s dogs felt the same way. We agreed this pup needed a committed owner who would agree to join playgroups and puppy classes (maybe multiple ones).

And then, divine intervention! Ann was making a trip to one of our favorite places. She was bringing Eli along for the ride. Who knew? Maybe they would take him into their program! It would be a win-win for everyone. Puppies there get lots of socialization with dogs of all temperaments and personalities. And, rumor has it, most staff foster dogs at night.

I can’t believe I was wishing a shelter would take a pup from our rescue, but I was. Animal Farm Foundation is the absolute perfect place for this pup. Staff, enrichment and lots of expertise. Could we have fostered, adopted out, and followed up on Eli? Absolutely!  But taking Eli (now Rhinestone Cowboy) out of our new foursome allowed us to concentrate on fostering, marketing and adopting out Liberty, Hunny and Daisy Mae. I think you’ll agree we made the right decision later this week!

Eli and Daisy Mae

So long Eli! We know you’re going to have an amazing time at Animal Farm Foundation and they’re going to help get you into one of the best homes a pittie could ever ask for!

Adoptable Pitties of the Week: Daisy Mae & Eli

16 Jul

Bully Project has two new adoptable pitties!

Meet Daisy Mae! Her namesake is the beautiful Daisy Mae Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard, but this girl is anything but a hazard.

We rescued Daisy Mae from a municipal shelter in southern Westchester county where she had been dumped after being bred. She lived there for a month and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite there. She was friendly with everyone who wanted to pay her some attention, and everyone else too.

Daisy Mae

If you’re looking for a first dog for your family, Daisy Mae might just be the dog for you. Despite her size, weighing in at just about 60 lbs, she’s a total sweetheart. She’s calm and relaxed at home, crate trained, house broken, and totally quiet. We haven’t heard her bark once. On leash, she’s a total delight, walking calmly at my side, happily greeting anyone who offers.

Daisy Mae

We estimate that Daisy Mae is approximately 2-3 years old, and she is already fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. She’s got a clean bill of health, and her wiggly butt wiggles just enough to show it.

Daisy Mae

And isn’t her smile simply irresistible? If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting this total sweetheart, please send us an email. This girl is way overdue for a family of her very own who will love her forever – could that family be yours?

But are you looking for a puppy? Well, do we have a puppy for you! Meet Eli!


Eli is an 11-week old pittie puppy whose original owners weren’t able to give proper attention to. At only 8 lbs, he’s pretty small at the moment, but that’s not to say that when he’s full grown, he wont be a big strong boy. This sweet boy has got the good looks to steal the hearts of everyone you know and then some. And as you can see in this video, he’s already working hard on being a well behaved young pup:

We won’t fool you, though: puppies are a lot of work! Eli will need help learning house training, crate training, being calm at home when the family is just relaxing, and more. He’s at a point in his life where his mind is a sponge – and he picks up quickly – but he can’t do it alone.


LOOK AT THAT FACE! And he’s got a cute little dark brown dot right on the top of his head – it’s just the sweetest little marking. He’s going to make a great pet for a dedicated family who can help point him down the right path during his puppy and adolescent years.


Now don’t everyone e-mail us all at once for this puppy!

Video Post!

13 Jul

Guess what?!

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