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Wordless Wednesday

13 Feb


Another Adoption!

14 Aug

That’s right everyone – Daisy Mae is…

Just over a week ago, we hosted an adoption and information event at Furry Fiends, a pet store in the Inwood area of Manhattan (pics here). It was a very warm day, and the dogs were definitely feeling the heat, so we were considering closing up shop a bit early. We were able to share lots of great information, so we considered the event a success. But as we were beginning to pack things up, two young guys passed by, saw Daisy Mae, and stopped. So, we grabbed the chance and started chatting, and they absolutely adored her, but they didn’t take the bait. After a few minutes, they left, and we were sad.

But while that was happening, one of our families from Bully Project‘s training classes showed up to meet Hunny – so we stuck around a little while longer, and guess what? The guys came back! With more questions!

Jon & Daisy Mae

And what did we do? We answered ALL OF THEM. We filled them in on everything we could about Daisy Mae, Bully Project, dog ownership in general. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of Daisy Mae for more than a second, they were so smitten. But they still didn’t fill out an application! They left again!

Only to return five minutes later – and you know what they say, “Third time’s the charm!” And it was! They had gone home, and checked out our blog, and Daisy’s intro video on YouTube, and knew that she was the dog for them! We handed them an application, chatted a bit more, and stayed in touch over the week while we processed and approved their application. And we can now happily say that Daisy Mae is in her forever home and loving life with her new dads!

Jorge & Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae Has A BBQ

7 Aug

Ok, so Daisy Mae really doesn’t have a BBQ, but there is a great local BBQ restaurant called Daisy May’s – so we took a little trip over there with our friend Stephen to snap some fun photos! Here are the results:

“Yep, that’s mine.”


“Dad, where’s my rack of ribs?”

Sitting on the corner

“Table for two?”

We also took some bonus shots while we were stoopin’:

Mugging for the camera.

Happy dog!

“I’m sexy and I know it.”

By the way, Stephen is in an awesome documentary which is having its world premiere this weekend at the Rhode Island Film Festival called Married and Counting. Show them some love on their Facebook page!

Thank You StubbyDog!

26 Jul

“For what?” you might be thinking. Well, for so many things that we can’t even possibly list them all here. But most specifically, we have to thank StubbyDog for being hugely supportive of the work we’ve been doing here on That Touch of Pit and with Bully Project.

You see, today they just posted our big, loving Daisy Mae as one of their “Rescue Dogs of the Week,” and we can’t be more grateful for that. In the past, they have also selected That Touch of Pit foster dog My Boy Bill, and Bully Project adoptable Paige as “Rescue Dogs” as well. And, in fact, the wonderful family who adopted My Boy Bill initially saw him on StubbyDog!

But overall, StubbyDog represents everything that we all believe in – and that’s what really counts here. Their mission of helping “people rediscover pit bulls as lifelong friends,” is central to the work that we are all doing. So for that, StubbyDog, we thank you.

In appreciation, we ask that you all swing over to Stubby’s Store and check out their amazing t-shirts, including this new one:

Adoptable Pitties of the Week: Daisy Mae & Eli

16 Jul

Bully Project has two new adoptable pitties!

Meet Daisy Mae! Her namesake is the beautiful Daisy Mae Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard, but this girl is anything but a hazard.

We rescued Daisy Mae from a municipal shelter in southern Westchester county where she had been dumped after being bred. She lived there for a month and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite there. She was friendly with everyone who wanted to pay her some attention, and everyone else too.

Daisy Mae

If you’re looking for a first dog for your family, Daisy Mae might just be the dog for you. Despite her size, weighing in at just about 60 lbs, she’s a total sweetheart. She’s calm and relaxed at home, crate trained, house broken, and totally quiet. We haven’t heard her bark once. On leash, she’s a total delight, walking calmly at my side, happily greeting anyone who offers.

Daisy Mae

We estimate that Daisy Mae is approximately 2-3 years old, and she is already fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. She’s got a clean bill of health, and her wiggly butt wiggles just enough to show it.

Daisy Mae

And isn’t her smile simply irresistible? If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting this total sweetheart, please send us an email. This girl is way overdue for a family of her very own who will love her forever – could that family be yours?

But are you looking for a puppy? Well, do we have a puppy for you! Meet Eli!


Eli is an 11-week old pittie puppy whose original owners weren’t able to give proper attention to. At only 8 lbs, he’s pretty small at the moment, but that’s not to say that when he’s full grown, he wont be a big strong boy. This sweet boy has got the good looks to steal the hearts of everyone you know and then some. And as you can see in this video, he’s already working hard on being a well behaved young pup:

We won’t fool you, though: puppies are a lot of work! Eli will need help learning house training, crate training, being calm at home when the family is just relaxing, and more. He’s at a point in his life where his mind is a sponge – and he picks up quickly – but he can’t do it alone.


LOOK AT THAT FACE! And he’s got a cute little dark brown dot right on the top of his head – it’s just the sweetest little marking. He’s going to make a great pet for a dedicated family who can help point him down the right path during his puppy and adolescent years.


Now don’t everyone e-mail us all at once for this puppy!

Video Post!

13 Jul

Guess what?!

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