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Cole is Adopted!

10 Jul

Well, folks, that’s it! After two years living at a public shelter, and less than one week with Bully Project, our first boy has found his forever home!

A good friend of ours had been looking for a new dog to adopt after her first dog passed away two months ago. She decided the dog was going to be a pittie because of all the pittie advocates around her. However, she did have some reservations. Everyday, she spent time with her neighbors and their dogs, walking together and relaxing at home. The neighbors were uncomfortable with the idea of having a pit bull in the pack because of their perceptions. One of them even felt that “those dogs are dangerous.”

When she met Cole last week, she thought he might be the one. She took him home for a “sleep over,” and after two days, the deal was done! Cole, now named Colby, had a crash course in home life with meeting the neighbors and the neighbors’ dogs. Colby won them over immediately, too. After their first meeting with him, the neighbors conceded: “He is a really great dog!”

He’s learned about having guests over for dinner, and about just hanging out with his new mom. When food was put on the coffee table, Colby went over to see what was going on. Someone quickly said, simply, “Ah ah!” and off he went to relax at his new mom’s feet.

Colby relaxing with his mom

Everything was perfect – he behaved in the utmost gentlemanly way and wiggled his way into his new home with impressive speed! And helped change minds of even more people in the process!

Colby is staying with Ann, our trainer, for the week since his mom had to go out of town. His stellar behavior is continuing. Here you can see him relaxing with one of Ann’s chihuahua’s, Eliot:

Eliot & Colby

So congratulations Colby! Even though we hardly got to know you ourselves, we’re thrilled that you’ve found your family, and that they found you.

Adoptable Pittie of the Week # 2: Cole

5 Jul

Cole is, coincidentally, the first male dog rescued by Bully Project!


Cole is a three year old pittie mix. Two of those three years he spent living at a municipal shelter is southern Westchester county. Despite this fact, he is super social and very friendly with people and dogs. He loves to hang out outside on a cool day, relax inside with his human, or go romp around with some toys.



While living at the shelter, he had one volunteer just doting on him, taking great care to make sure he was happy, healthy and comfortable. He clearly did a good job because Cole’s shiny light merle coat makes him very regal looking and distinct. Cole is just a big, handsome boy who wants some lovin’!



So please email us if you know of a great forever home that this guy so deserves!

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