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Happy Pride!

28 Jun

It’s been an historic week here in the US. With DOMA and Proposition 8 both being repealed, there’s lots for the LGBT community, and society in general, to celebrate.

LNewucyPride2BSo get out there and have a great celebration this weekend, whether you’re in New York City, or elsewhere. Show each other that, regardless of any differences, we are and should be all equal under the law!

Remember: discrimination is the pits!

Happy Pride!

Not So Wordless Wednesday

26 Jun

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Georgia

24 Jun

georgia kissing

Georgia is our special adoptable this week. She’s a dog that’s been dealt a hard hand. We first met Georgia (then named Sandy) when she was abandoned in front of a restaurant on Thanksgiving, 2011.  The poor, scrape-ridden girl was cold and scared. A local rescuer placed her in the ‘hood. Her new mom named her Georgia and quickly showed her the world isn’t so bad, if you meet the right people!

georgia loves
Georgia’s mom loved this little low-rider so much! The shy, scared pittie came out of her shell and became the biggest wigglebutt! Even now, with losing her mom and so many changes, Miss Georgia always has a smile!
georgia sitting2
Once again, Georgia needs to help of a village…her mom recently died unexpectedly. Bully Project is hoping to find a foster, or better yet, a forever home for Georgia.
georgia needs home
She adores people, treats, walks and snuggles on the couch. She would do best as a single pet.
georgia belly rubs
Please contact us at if you would like to meet this special girl! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

3 Years!

20 Jun

Today marks 3 years since I adopted Lucy.

Lucy on the day she became Josh's One

Lucy on the day she became Josh’s One

I always tell people that adopting a dog is the second best decision I have ever made. They ask: “What’s the first?” And I explain that it is getting my own apartment so that I could adopt a dog! Lucy has made my day-to-day life better in so many ways, but most importantly, that through the redundancy and stress of it all, I can come home to her everyday and just have fun tossing a ball around. Life becomes simple because all it is really is “a boy and his dog.”

Lucy Kisses

Lucy Kisses

Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy!

Wordless Wednesday

19 Jun


Chunk is still looking for a foster or an adopter. If interested, please email us at

Happy Gotcha Day, Ellie!

18 Jun

It was one year ago, today, that Bully Project‘s first adoptable was officially adopted. We called her Paige, but her mom calls her Ellie. The day she was adopted will always be one of the days that make us the most proud, but it’s also the day we made a wonderful new friend in Ellie’s mom, Rebecca.

Rebecca & Ellie

Rebecca & Ellie

So Happy Gotcha Day, ladies! You two make the most perfect pair!

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Chunk

17 Jun

66 lbs of love! That’s Chunk!



This boy is as easy-going as you could ever imagine a dog being. He simply wants to be around people, and he’s totally content. Though he may look like a big, athletic dog (which he is, of course), he enjoys spending most of his time getting head scratches, but scratches, eating grass, and getting as close to people as possible.



He is approximately four years old, which means he’s already fully developed. So, what you see is what you get. You don’t have to worry about this boy’s personality changing radically, and he’s as big as he’s going to get.



Chunk is currently recovering from a bad case of kennel cough, and as soon as he’s healthy, he will be neutered. He is already fully vaccinated and microchipped, and ready for love.



He seems to be friendly with dogs, but considering his illness is contagious, we are limiting his interactions greatly. It seems like he wants to play, but he is getting frustrated with not being able to actually do so. Hopefully, we can start to let him interact more soon!



We’re still looking for a foster home for Chunk, or better yet, an adopter. If you’re interested in being either of those for this sweet Chunk of love, please email us at

Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days Success

14 Jun

Two weeks ago, we participated in the Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days, the biggest free pet adoption event in America. The goal was to place hundreds of dogs and cats in qualified forever homes on June 1 & 2. We were very successful, having seven dogs adopted within those two days.

Join us in wishing well to these pups as they continue their lives in wonderful forever homes!








Chunk Update

13 Jun

Yesterday, we shared a picture of a dog that we wanted to try to rescue from NYC’s public shelter. Well, we did it!



We’ve renamed him Chunk! We will be picking him up from the shelter in about an hour, and bringing him to our vet for quarantine since he is very sick.

However, we are still looking for a foster home, or better yet, an adopter for this handsome guy! He’s also very ill, and will need considerable medical care. If you can, please consider making a donation online towards his care.

Please email us at for more information about fostering or adopting Chunk!

Not Wordless Wednesday

12 Jun


Here’s another boy for whom we’re looking for a foster home. Chukie is currently at the public shelter in NYC, and we’d love to get him out of there ASAP. Please email us at if you can help!

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