What’s In My…Bugsy’s Box?!

2 May

About a month ago, we received a very nice email from one of the folks at Bugsy’s Box asking if we would like to write a review for them, a la our monthly feature, “What’s In My BarkBox?” They offered to send us one free box in exchange for an honest review, on our blog, of their service. So here it is, folks! When our box first arrived, I was sort of stunned by its size – it was BIG!

Bugsy's Box

Bugsy’s Box

Quite the offering, and we were excited to open this baby up to see what was inside. I don’t know if you can see, but there’s Lucy, off the left in the picture, sitting, waiting patiently. She was this close to photobombing this shot.

Interior of Bugsy's Box

Interior of Bugsy’s Box

When we opened up the box, we discovered how nicely packaged it was – it’s clear that Bugsy takes pride in his product! On top was a card describing the overall concept of Bugsy’s Box and then a short description of each individual product included in that month’s box.

Interior of Bugsy's Box

Interior of Bugsy’s Box

I wonder if Bugsy knew that orange is Lucy’s favorite color.

April 2013's Bugsy's Box

April 2013’s Bugsy’s Box

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of items in the box! Count ’em: 8! The first two items from the box are from Exclusively Pet, Inc. Two packages of treats that even Lucy can have as they’re made with zero common allergens! Natural (and kosher!), these treats are yummy for dogs, and safe for most of them!

Exclusively Pet's The Barking Bus

Exclusively Pet’s The Barking Bus

Exclusively Pet's Classic Cookies Carob Flavor

Exclusively Pet’s Classic Cookies Carob Flavor

Next up is a product we’ve already received once before: Pet Qwerks‘ Incredibubbles. We didn’t “get it” then and we don’t “get it” now. There’s no where really functional for us city dwellers to use a product like this, and though we can see it being fun for the pups, we can’t put it into practice very easily.

Pet Qwerks' Incredibubbles

Pet Qwerks’ Incredibubbles

Next up, another product we’ve already got in our inventory, if you will. YumZies by Nootie come in an array of flavors, and we’ve already gotten the BBQ Chicken (which is what came in our Bugsy’s Box) and the Peanut Butter flavors. Unfortunately, chicken is Lucy’s number one allergen, so these treats will have to go into storage with the others for one of Bully Project‘s dogs in need.

YumZies by Nootie

YumZies by Nootie

Item number four is one of the ultimate toys for Lucy: a toughie with a squeaker inside! Petlou‘s 9″ Animal Safari toy. Tough stitching in the nylon fabric makes this toy a bit more longer lasting than most, and the squeaker is crucial for Lucy’s enjoyment.

Petlou's 9" Animal Safari Toy

Petlou’s 9″ Animal Safari Toy

Next up is another squeaker toy, one that I don’t have as much hope of lasting nearly as long as Petlou’s. From Multipet, we got the Original Loofa Light! The benefit of these toys, however, is the lack of stuffing, so there’s minimal mess as the toy loses its insides. The downfall is that the destruction happens much more quickly.

Multipet's Original Loofa Light

Multipet’s Original Loofa Light

Here’s something every urban dog owner needs: doggie waste bags! These ones, though, from Eco Dog Planet are not only helpful for us humans, but good for the planet too!

Eco Dog Planet's Tapioca Doggie Waste Bag's

Eco Dog Planet’s Tapioca Doggie Waste Bag’s

And finally, from American Dog Toys, we got a Fetch & Glow Ball! This is a pretty cool toy, for the ball obsessed dog. Being in the city, we will have trouble using it, since the dog parks close at a certain time and we can’t just go out in the backyard and play a late night game of fetch. But hopefully one day we’ll be able to take advantage of this fun ball!

American Dog Toy's Fetch & Glow Ball

American Dog Toy’s Fetch & Glow Ball

So what are our thoughts, overall, on Bugsy’s Box? Well, it’s great! Lots of products, some fun stuff, but generally speaking: it’s about the same as the other subscription box services out there (yes, there are more than just BarkBox and Bugsy’s Box out there). With more products, of course, comes a slightly higher price point, but if you want more each month, it’s the way to go. The one thing I will say is that, from perusing their website, Bugsy’s Box does not have any easy way to support animal rescue so that’s one thing I would add to the program in order to remain competitive with other services.

One Response to “What’s In My…Bugsy’s Box?!”

  1. Amy A. at 10:41 AM #

    Please, I beg of everyone…stay far, far away from Bugsy’s Box. They love to string people along, give promises and awesome free products for reviews. But don’t be fooled!! Check the Better Business Bureau before giving them any of your money. You’d be better off throwing it out the window. I paid and never got a box. Company does NOT respond to emails, does NOT answer their 800 number and will delete all comments they find from you. Just an awful, awful experience.

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