The Time Has Come…

30 Apr

It’s been over a week since our handsome boy went “home,” and we’re now confident and ready to announce that Andrew, after nearly four months in his foster home, HAS BEEN ADOPTED!

Andrew Adopted

While in foster care, Andrew learned a lot of amazing things with his foster family, Melissa & Kenny. They fattened him up, they cared for him through his medical issues including persistent worms and an injured back leg, and helped him work through his slight separation anxiety and dog selectiveness. They were a wonderful foster home for him, and though they could not commit to keeping him permanently (though we’re sure they would have if they could), they were the perfect home for Andrew while we searched for his forever home!

Andrew Now

Andrew Now

Also helping Andrew while in foster care was Jenny Chun of Give Paw Dog Training. She worked with Andrew in two private sessions to help with his anxiety and selectiveness, and even assisted with his meet & greet with his new mom! She was an integral part of his success story, and we couldn’t thank her enough!

Andrew in his new home

Andrew in his new home

But who’s the lucky lady who gets to live with this now well-trained and well-behaved boy? Well, make that two lucky ladies: Susan and her mom, Betty! Susan first emailed us about Andrew a month ago, convinced he was right dog for her. We took the meetings slowly, making sure that Susan knew what Andrew had worked on, how to continue working on those things, and how to do all of that in a positive, rewarding way so that Andrew’s confidence would continue to build throughout his transition into his new home.

Drew and his new mom, Susan

Drew and his new mom, Susan

Now named just Drew, our boy gets to go out with mom on his daily walks, he enjoys meals outside in dog friendly outdoor restaurants, he hangs out in the car during opposite-side parking days, and maybe best of all, he sleeps at night on grandma’s feet. They’re the idyllic happy family, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Drew and his new grandma, Betty

Drew and his new grandma, Betty

There are two other people we need to thank for helping Drew on his journey to his forever home. Thanks Matt Varelas for joining up with Drew’s foster family to take some amazing portraits of him. Swapping on the photos on Drew’s online listings certainly helped garner him more attention. Finally, we have to thank John Bartlett and The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund. Without them, we would have struggled to cover the cost of Drew’s vetting when he accidentally injured himself. So thanks to you all: foster, trainer, photographer, philanthropist and adopter! Drew would not be where he is today without all of you.

Andrew, Melissa, Susan & Kenny

Andrew, Melissa, Susan & Kenny

2 Responses to “The Time Has Come…”

  1. peaceabull at 10:36 AM #

    Here’s to happy beginnings!

  2. Queen of Zoom at 11:16 AM #

    This is great news, looks like a fantastic home for Drew!

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