Letters from Lucy

19 Apr

Hi Everyone! Lucy Here!

Today is my dad’s birthday! I made him a cake, but then I ate it. So then I thought I could give him a nice, big bully stick, but he’d know that I’d regifted it to him, and that would be tacky! So, what did I end up getting my dad for his birthday?

Well, I got him the hottest new spa treatment: a Canine Saliva Facial! It’s supposed to be great for your pores, whatever those are! I think he liked it a lot. Dad did say that his wish for his birthday is that my foster brother John gets adopted – so everyone cross your fingers for that!

What do all you other doggies get your people for their birthdays?!

2 Responses to “Letters from Lucy”

  1. Queen of Zoom at 10:36 AM #

    Doggie kisses and pibble snuggles! They usually try for a day of great behavior too but that doesn’t always happen 😉

  2. mytwopitties at 12:13 AM #

    What a lucky guy, sounds like a great birthday to me!

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