What’s In My BarkBox?

18 Apr
April 2013 BarkBox

April 2013 BarkBox

This is our biggest BarkBox yet, literally! When the package arrived, we were shocked at the size and weight of it. I was certain there was an Acadia Antler inside, but that was not the case. We weren’t disappointed though, because what we did find inside made us very happy!

Multipet Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

Multipet Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

Well, the packaging on this toy says it all, doesn’t it? “Pets just wanna have fun!” And that’s exactly what Lucy is doing with this Multipet Nuts for Knots Rope Toy.

Lucy with Multipet's Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

Lucy with Multipet’s Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

When Lucy first came into my life, we got some rope toys at our local shop, thinking they would be great for tug, and general tossing around, which they certainly were. But Lucy shredded them within a day, and I felt that they were just a waste of money. Well, this giant version, combined with a more mature, less destructive Lucy, is a great match!

Etta Says Duck Jerky Treats

Etta Says Duck Jerky Treats

Etta Says Crunchy Duck Chew

Etta Says Cunchy Duck Chew

Every BarkBox, as we’ve learned, comes with some sort of “noms,” inside. This month, we got great duck treats from Etta Says, including their jerky and crunchy chew. These duck treats are the perfect thing for my little Lucy: they wont incite an allergic reaction, and they’re high value and yummy enough to make her work for them!

Barkworthies' Stuffed Shin Bone

Barkworthies’ Stuffed Shin Bone

In the “noms” category, we also got a stuffed shin bone from Barkworthies! What’s it stuffed with, you ask? Ground up bully sticks! A favorite treat of many a dog, this bone chew will keep any dog busy for quite a while! And once the stuffing is gone, the bone can be restuffed with anything you like.

ABO Gear's GroomMitts

ABO Gear’s GroomMitts

In the grooming realm, we got ABO Gear’s GroomMitts! So, if I haven’t shared this tidbit about Lucy before, here it is now: she hates baths. She turns into a cowering, screaming, frightened maniac. Sometimes she screams so loudly it sounds like my apartment has been inhabited by a banshee. As a result of this, we avoid baths like the plague. Of course, she needs them every once in a while, and we deal with it. But these GroomMitts are a great solution to keeping her cleanish and smelling nice in between our not-so-frequent baths.

Licks for Dogs Joint & Heart Formula

Licks for Dogs Joint & Heart Formula

Licks for Dogs are vitamin supplements that integrate seamlessly with your dog’s food or water. We got two packets of their joint & heart formula, which are great for larger breed dogs like Lucy. The combination of omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and vitamin E are great to help support healthy development so that they can stave off arthritis for just a little bit longer, as it’s so common for the big pups. At $36 for a 30 day supply (1 packet every two days for dogs between 25 and 50 lbs), it’s pretty pricey, so I don’t think we’ll be able to continue with it at the moment, but it’s certainly something to think about is Lucy continues to age.


And don’t forget, if you like this concept and want to sign up for BarkBox, be sure to use our special discount code above. Not only will you get $10 off your first subscription, but Bully Project will also get $10!

2 Responses to “What’s In My BarkBox?”

  1. Queen of Zoom at 11:44 AM #

    I posted today about the April BarkBox too!

    I gave the puppies the rope toy, we’ll see how long it lasts before I have to start picking up pieces. I gave Mr B the vitamins but that’s not something I’d buy again. With his age and arthritis he’s already on a number of supplements (glucosamine, fish oil, vitamin E, etc). I definitely think the human equivalents that he takes end up being cheaper. Really love the stuffed shin bone though!

  2. peaceabull at 7:21 PM #

    I loved how big and glorious this month’s box was.

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