Tristan’s Adopted!

19 Mar

Tristan Adopted

We met Tristan just over a month ago when a close friend of ours, Lydia, asked us to help in finding him a new home. One of her staff, the wonderfully helpful Rachel, found Tristan abandoned in her local dog run. He was left there overnight, and she discovered that other dog owners from the neighborhood had been bringing him food, but no one was able to take him in out of the cold. Well, she did just that and then called on us to help.

Rachel & Tristan

Rachel & Tristan

Well, it’s been just one month, and throughout that time, Rachel has been responsible for Tristan: taking him on his daily walks, helping with his training and more. Lydia & Rachel both felt, that although we couldn’t see it, Tristan was actually not yet neutered. After some tests, that were covered by another friend of ours, we discovered that Tristan was indeed cryptorchid; his testicles hadn’t descended outside his body.

So after being neutered (his testicles were up near his bladder, poor guy!), and a couple of meet & greets with a potential adopter, the deal was signed. Tristan’s award-winning personality landed him in a wonderful home with great parents and feline siblings. Thank you to the whole team for making this adoption possible. This was truly one of those, “It takes a village…” stories, and Trsitan definitely had a great village behind him!

Tristan and his village

Tristan and his village

3 Responses to “Tristan’s Adopted!”

  1. Mimi & Cabana at 6:06 PM #

    What a great story! Amazing that someone could just abandon Tristan in a dog run, but more amazing still that Rachel took the initiative to do something about it and contacted you. That’s the thing with rescue–you see the worst and the best in humans. Fortunately for Tristan and all the other dogs you help, the good well outweighs the bad. Wishing Tristan a happy new life!

  2. Yay for Tristan! What a great story!

  3. Shannon at 4:49 PM #

    you can also keep up with Tristan, aka “Gator” at his facebook page:
    where he shares his trials and his triumphs!

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