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Wordless Wednesday

13 Feb



Apple’s Been Adopted!

12 Feb

Apple AdoptedAfter only one week in foster care, Apple was snatched up by a family who was looking to adopt a smaller, younger female pittie to add to their family. They already had a large, male pittie and wanted to perfect counterpart for him. When they saw her, they knew they had to have her!

But they wanted to make sure that the two dogs could live together peacefully before making the big leap – so after just over two weeks as their foster dog, they have officially adopted her. She is now called Bindy and lives with her beautiful, big brother, Murphy.

Congratulations Bindy and your new family!

Bindy and her new parents

Bindy and her new parents

Bindy and Murphy

Bindy and Murphy

Bindy and Murphy

Bindy and Murphy

Bindy and Murphy

Bindy and Murphy

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Stitch

11 Feb

Another great dog from Animal Farm Foundation, here’s Stitch!

Aptly named, this playful pup will have you in stitches.  Stitch is a spunky and fun-loving young man who seeks a family that enjoys the outdoors and going on adventures.

He’s always looking to have a good time whether it be playing ball, visiting with his cat friends or romping around the doggie play yard.

When the day is done, Stitch settles nicely and enjoys relaxing with his people.  Be they big or small, Stitch loves them all!

Looking for a playmate to romp around with during the day and snuggle with at night?  Apply to adopt Stitch today!

Frankie Meets Her New Best Friend!

8 Feb

Bully Project‘s adopted Frankie meets her long lost relative, and new best friend, Franklin!

Important Programming Interruption…

7 Feb

For a special cat.

We are going to let a special kitty take over That Touch of Pit for a day! This special, tiny, Persian cat is newly part of our extended That Touch of Pit and Bully Project families.

Let’s start at the very beginning: Barb is a very special supporter of Bully Project. Have you seen her with some our favorite big headed pups?

487841_10150958491256650_1340326637_n OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can always catch her telling people about the our free training classes, wearing a pro-pittie tee-shirts and more.

Lately, Barb has been thinking of adding an animal to her family and when we saw this picture, we knew they would be a perfect pair:


Poor Mickey (funny: he shared the same name as Barb’s scruffy terrier), was abandoned at vet’s office. Badly matted, but worse – a terrible growth preventing his jaw from opening.

Thank goodness for Bekah, Christie and For Animals in Brooklyn for taking on this cat and his huge medical issue. After their great team of vets and surgeons and a fabulous foster home, Mickey was well enough to make Barb’s house his new home!

Barb decided early on to call this new feline friend Freddy, inspired by Bully Project’s own Fred. She says it’s to honor him because he made such an impact on all of us.

After one week, little (barely 8lbs!) Freddy is loving life and hasn’t left Barb’s side. His new favorite activities: watching the Super Bowl, lots of TV, hanging with his canine brother and showing Annie, his feline sister, that he isn’t a threat…


Wordless Wednesday

6 Feb

Introducing Francis May!

5 Feb

The dog we have come to know as Frankie has a new “official” name – but she will mostly be still be called Frankie. “Why’s that?” you ask? Well, Frankie has been adopted!

Frankie Adopted

Frankie’s journey started out pretty tumultuously, as you’ll recall. Found by a firefighter while out on a run and shuffled about among three different homes. But thankfully, close friends shared her pictures on Facebook and we ended up finding her the most perfect forever home. This just goes to show you that something as small as tagging a friend on Facebook can make the world change for a dog!

Frankie in the snow

Frankie in the snow

Frankie and her mom on the day they met

Frankie and her mom on the day they met

A Perfect Pair

A Perfect Pair

Making Monkey Bread for guests on Super Bowl Sunday

Making Monkey Bread for guests on Super Bowl Sunday

Watching the Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl

Dog Pile!

Dog Pile!

Congratulations Frankie on your new, fabulous home! Special thanks go out to John Bartlett and The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund for covering Frankie’s medical care for us!

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Wanda

4 Feb

Meet a dog called Wanda.

The only loot to be stolen in this feature film is your heart.  Meet the star, Wanda, a 2 ½ year old girl-next-door.

Before coming to Animal Farm Foundation, Wanda lived in a foster home with a 4-year old boy and a 4-legged brother.  She made frequent visits to the dog park to play and to the shelter so that she could say hi to her kitty friends.

Now at AFF, Wanda plays nicely with all dogs, and has even received a special seal of approval from our resident Pug, Creature.


Wanda knows all her manners and is a quick learner.  Interested in adopting this leading lady?  Fill out an application today!

Fetching Friday!

1 Feb

We thought it would be fun to start the weekend with Bully Project‘s own Baci, learning fetch in her new home. Thanks to her trainer, Kate from School for the Dogs.

Why not find some creative treats or rewards and teach your dog a trick or two this weekend!

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