There’s a First Time for Everything…

28 Feb

Earlier this week, you may have noticed something…odd. Look up on your computer screen – see the four names at the top of our website? John Archer Andrew Tristan. Wait, what was that?! John?!?!


Yes, it is true – Bully Project has experienced its first return. After a week of living in his new home, it was realized that John was not the right fit for his adoptive family. So John is back in foster care with us, and doing well. He settled right in as if he’d never left – and he’d do the exact same thing with his next new home.


The great thing is that he has had his dental work and his smile, albeit still a bit colorful, is much nicer and he’s definitely much more comfortable. So if you know anyone looking for a lazy, couch-potato of a dog who loves people (and FOOD!), please email us as

4 Responses to “There’s a First Time for Everything…”

  1. I hate returns, but I appreciate when the family realizes early on that it’s not working instead of waiting months and months until the foster is no longer available to take the dog back. Luckily John is AWESOME and the right family is just around the corner for him!

  2. Couches for Breakfast at 11:55 AM #

    It’s a shame it didn’t work out, but props to them for realizing so quickly that it wasn’t the right fit. I’m glad Eddie’s return happened sooner rather than later, because like Emily said, otherwise we would have had another foster and had to give up the new foster or be unable to take Eddie back since 3 dogs are too much for us. Eddie settled right back in, too, which is also probably harder after a lengthier failed adoption!

  3. Barbara J. Kennedy at 2:07 PM #

    I’m sorry that things didn’t work out as planned. It’s so appreciatated that you share outcomes with those of BP fans. The great thing about you guys is the attention you give to all of your rescues. The same can’t be said of all rescue groups. Hopefully, he will find the right fit very soon.

  4. Susan Smith at 11:38 AM #

    My OE Bully Isabella was returned a few times, lucky for me! She’s the sweetest dog. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t keep her forever but in the end she found her person. Surely John will too.

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