Important Programming Interruption…

7 Feb

For a special cat.

We are going to let a special kitty take over That Touch of Pit for a day! This special, tiny, Persian cat is newly part of our extended That Touch of Pit and Bully Project families.

Let’s start at the very beginning: Barb is a very special supporter of Bully Project. Have you seen her with some our favorite big headed pups?

487841_10150958491256650_1340326637_n OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can always catch her telling people about the our free training classes, wearing a pro-pittie tee-shirts and more.

Lately, Barb has been thinking of adding an animal to her family and when we saw this picture, we knew they would be a perfect pair:


Poor Mickey (funny: he shared the same name as Barb’s scruffy terrier), was abandoned at vet’s office. Badly matted, but worse – a terrible growth preventing his jaw from opening.

Thank goodness for Bekah, Christie and For Animals in Brooklyn for taking on this cat and his huge medical issue. After their great team of vets and surgeons and a fabulous foster home, Mickey was well enough to make Barb’s house his new home!

Barb decided early on to call this new feline friend Freddy, inspired by Bully Project’s own Fred. She says it’s to honor him because he made such an impact on all of us.

After one week, little (barely 8lbs!) Freddy is loving life and hasn’t left Barb’s side. His new favorite activities: watching the Super Bowl, lots of TV, hanging with his canine brother and showing Annie, his feline sister, that he isn’t a threat…



2 Responses to “Important Programming Interruption…”

  1. barbarajkennedy1014 February 7, 2013 at 10:32 AM #

    We’re flattered and humbled to be mentioned in a post. I am in awe of the bully project folks, and responsible rescuers in general. Mickey, Annie and Freddy are all in my life because of people who saw the real beauty and potential behind their initial situations and worked hard to rehab them and find them homes. I am so lucky!!

  2. peaceabull February 8, 2013 at 10:15 AM #

    What an awesome face Freddie has. Sounds like he’ll be living the good life now and we love reading about pitties and kitties.

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