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There’s a First Time for Everything…

28 Feb

Earlier this week, you may have noticed something…odd. Look up on your computer screen – see the four names at the top of our website? John Archer Andrew Tristan. Wait, what was that?! John?!?!


Yes, it is true – Bully Project has experienced its first return. After a week of living in his new home, it was realized that John was not the right fit for his adoptive family. So John is back in foster care with us, and doing well. He settled right in as if he’d never left – and he’d do the exact same thing with his next new home.


The great thing is that he has had his dental work and his smile, albeit still a bit colorful, is much nicer and he’s definitely much more comfortable. So if you know anyone looking for a lazy, couch-potato of a dog who loves people (and FOOD!), please email us as

Wordless Wednesday

27 Feb


What’s In My BarkBox?

26 Feb

It’s felt like so long since our last BarkBox, we were starting to get worried that they’d forgotten about us we’d forgotten to renew our subscription! We would have been so devastated to go a month without a box full of doggy-related surprises arriving at our door! When it finally arrived, we stopped being so dramatic and got right down to the nitty-gritty. Here’s the goods:

February's BarkBox

February’s BarkBox

Clearly, BarkBox knows what our dogs really love – FOOD. First we got N-Bones’ Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks. These not only clean your dog’s teeth, but also provide them with nutrients their bodies need to stay healthy. Most other dental chews are just that – teeth cleaning tools that mask bad breath. We New Yorkers love multi-tasking, so these are great to have!

N-Bones' Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks

N-Bones’ Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks

Next up, a fun toy from Aussie Naturals called the Wagga Wool Knotty Bear Large! Once Lucy got her mouth on this guy, she wouldn’t put it down. Know when your dog really loves something and then start bouncing up down and lightly “popping” their body? Yeah – that’s what happened when Lucy got this new toy.

Wagga Wool Large Knotty Bear

Wagga Wool Large Knotty Bear

Now back to the food! We got two flavors (the Carob & Mint and Dogranola) of treats from Wet Noses! These are the perfect size to fit into the next toy that came in our BarkBox…

Wet Noses Dog Treats

Wet Noses Dog Treats

Jolly Pets’ Monster Ball! A new interactive food toy, and a great tool for entertaining and exhausting your pup, this toy got a bit more “curb appeal” than your standard, old-reliable Kong.

Jolly Pets' Monster Ball

Jolly Pets’ Monster Ball

And finally, a $10 off coupon to! Which we will obviously be using for FOOD! Coupon Coupon

Thanks BarkBox for a delivery that is sure to please my dog! If you want to join BarkBox, be sure to use our referral code to get $5 off your subscription. AND, for using our referral code before the end of February, Bully Project will receive $20!


Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Archer

25 Feb


We found Archer chilling out in his crate at the public shelter one night while we were doing some “window shopping.” We couldn’t resist his stunning green eyes and calm demeanor in the crate, so we asked to meet him. The next day, we were making arrangements to pick him up from the shelter and he is now already available for adoption through Bully Project.



Archer is approximately 8 months old, and definitely still has the puppy personality to match! He loves to hop around like a bunny, and give a big, “Hello,” to anyone he passes on the street. Any dog he sees on the street, he greets with a pleasant play bow. But the best part about this boy is that he’s already got some basic obedience under his belt collar.



He knows how to sit all on his own, without being asked or shown a treat. He is already housebroken, not have any accidents inside so far whatsoever. Archer is well behaved inside his crate, and comes in and out of it very easily. With all of this in mind, we’re under the impression that he was previously owned and cared for, too, especially since he was already neutered and microchipped upon intake at the shelter. (And before you ask: yes, the microchip was scanned and the owners contacted – no response.)



Despite his youth, and puppy playfulness, Archer is also great at settling down and relaxing – even when there are people around to play with. It’s like he knows exactly what we want from him. Regardless, we will still impress onto whoever adopts him that further training is going to be necessary to ensure that this boy develops into a well-adjusted adult. He may even be appropriate for Canine Good Citizen certification and therapy dog work later on down the line.



If you’re interested in learning more about Archer, or would like to apply to adopt him, please email us at

Goodbye To An Old Friend

22 Feb

When I was 12 years old, my family finally got a dog: a toy poodle named Tilly. When she arrived, she wasn’t even 4 lbs of bright apricot colored hair, and we were so thrilled. Considering my sister is allergic to fur, we never thought we would have a dog – but there she was! She immediately became attached to everyone in the family, but especially my parents, who, at the time, were the responsible ones in the home and able to teach us the kind of care that Tilly needed.

Tilly slept in their bed every night, with occasional trips throughout the house to check in on everyone else. I always knew when she was peeking into my room to make sure I was there, and alive. It was a rare, but very special, moment when she would come all the way and hop into bed with me for half an hour or so, only to move on to my brother and sister.

One of the best memories with her any of us will ever recount is teaching her to sit. Tilly wasn’t even 1 year old yet, and we put her on the dining room table (children: do NOT try this at home), and we all took seats around the table. Tilly was so ecstatic: everyone was focused on her. She ran back and forth among everyone like a ping pong ball. We let her calm down a bit, and everyone would take turns saying, “Tilly, sit.” I think it was a bit much for her, because she didn’t really get it that day, even though she did get it eventually. But I also think it was a bit much for my brother, who when taking his final turn at trying to teach her screamed, “Tilly, shit!” Thankfully, she didn’t obey that command either, and the rest of us fell to the floor laughing.

As we three kids moved on to college, and our own lives and dogs, Tilly remained with my parents, living the high life. They spoiled her rotten, feeding almost exclusively human food, letting have total run of the house at all times, bringing her on road trips and with them pretty much everywhere.

Last week, just a few months before her 17th birthday, Tilly passed away. Heartbreak cannot quite suffice to describe the emotions we feel about losing Tilly. She was my first dog, my brother’s first dog, probably my sister’s only dog, and to my parents, she was truly another child. We will miss her terribly, and simultaneously cherish the memories we made with her. And we will hold our current dogs so much more tightly, recognizing their worth in our lives and honoring Tilly by loving them.

We love you, Tilly.

Tilly 1996-2013

Tilly 1996-2013

Wordless Wednesday

20 Feb

And The Great News Continues…

19 Feb

After nearly two months since we rescued him, Bully Project‘s older gentleman John is finally home!

John Adopted

And what a home it is! His new mom is a very experienced dog owner, and pit bull owner. In fact, John is now a member of a small pack that includes an older, petite female pittie named Violet! When they met, it was like they’d known each other all their lives. It was beautiful to see them both get some pep in the steps and play with each other, but also just relax together.

We were so worried that no one would want an older pittie like John, and after only one application which ended up not panning out, we got really concerned. Despite being an absolutely amazing dog, his age was definitely working against him. But through a sheer stroke of luck, John’s information and pictures got into the hands of the right person who could see him for what he is: the absolute cream of the crop. Congratulations John, and Violet and your new family! We wish you a wonderful life together!

John & Violet

John & Violet

John & Violet

John & Violet

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Tristan

18 Feb


Tristan is a sweet loving pit mix found in the park after being left there overnight. He has lovely green eyes and brown fur with patches of white on his feet and chest. Tristan loves people; everyone is his new best friend! He does well with other dogs, eager to approach and say hello, he’s quite a hit with the ladies.


His temperament is very even, his energy level is not overwhelming but he loves to go on walks. He is a fast learner, quickly picking up sit, his name, walking with a loose leash, having four legs on the ground for attention and his new potty training routine.


He is being crate trained and is comfortable being left home alone for a few hours. He is great with food, giving his bowl up easily for any hand that reaches over. He is also a great to cuddle! Loving any attention he can get.


For more information, or to apply to adopt Tristan, please email us at

Who Says Pitties Can’t Be Disc Dogs?

15 Feb

I’m sure you all know about Wallace, and if you don’t, there’s a great book about him – check it out! But first, check out these guys!

Enjoy your long weekend, everybody!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Show your pups (and kitties and all your other animals, too!) some love today!

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