Good News Part 2

13 Dec

You guessed it, I’m sure. Baci is also…

Baci Adopted

At the very same event hosted by Adopt NY and John Bartlett where Dug got adopted, we met a lovely, young couple who’d just gotten married. Suzanne & Mike were looking to adopt their first dog together and didn’t have many requirements – we like open minded people! We sat down to chat with them, and Baci showed off, and we talked about her history with her eyes, her high energy level, and her tendency to just relax while at home. So after taking her out for a short walk, we were so thrilled to hear the question, “How do we apply to adopt her?”

Well, we whipped out an application on the spot, and they were approved the next day! They live in one of the most pet friendly buildings in all of Manhattan, just around the corner from Josh. In fact, Suzanne even said that they felt it was “meant to be” that they adopt Baci since her foster home was around the corner, and they’d just returned from their honeymoon in Italy. We think it was meant to be, also!

We don’t have a picture of the happy family yet, as Baci doesn’t move in with them for a few more days. But once we have one, you’ll be the first to see it!

Again, we have to thank Adopt NY and John Bartlett for including us in last weekend’s adoption event. But a HUGE, ENORMOUS, NEVER-ENDING thank you goes out to the Deja Foundation on this one. They covered the cost of both of Baci’s cherry eye surgeries AND her spay. We are so immensely grateful, because as you all know, the expenses did not end there with this little girl.

Our fundraiser to help cover the remainder of her expenses is still ongoing through Christmas. We’re well on our way there, but we’ve still got some more money to raise, and we need your help, so please, please donate.



6 Responses to “Good News Part 2”

  1. kate with a camera December 13, 2012 at 10:24 AM #

    awesome! congrats Baci!

  2. twokittiesonepittie December 13, 2012 at 2:07 PM #

    YAY! Great news!!!!!!


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