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A Plea for Help from Philadelphia

15 Nov

Our friend Kiara Edmee Colon from Philadelphia, PA lost her two dogs last night, and is urgently looking for help in recovering them. Please help us help find her dogs by sharing this post on your social media accounts, blogs, websites…anywhere.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, or know anyone who is, please alert them to this and ask that they keep their eyes open for these two sweet girls.
UPDATE: They’ve been found!


Wordless Wednesday

14 Nov


The Call for Love

13 Nov

Below is a poem written by Toasty’s, now Bella’s, 11 year old human sister Kaylah. We’re so proud that we’ve found such a wonderful family for Bella, and that they’ve all become such wonderful advocates for pitties everywhere!

Adopt a Pit.
Love a Pit.
Don’t despise a Pit.
Love the breed.

Care for the breed.
Don’t despise the breed.

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Tucky

12 Nov

This week’s adoptable pittie comes from just across the river in Jersey City, NJ. Everyone, please meet Liberty Humane Society‘s Tucky.


Tucky’s foster mom writes: “Hi all! It’s Tucky here. Thanks to Sandy, I’ve been living in a foster home for the past ten days. I was so happy to be out of my cage at LHS. I am living happily with an older female dog and like to let her be in charge. Sometimes foster mommy tells me to leave my foster sister alone and I listen…after a few minutes :-).


I love everyone and can’t understand why I can’t meet everyone that passes by on our walks. I am young, so I love to play. I am the best snuggler in the world. I make little piggy sounds as I sleep and I am devoted already to my foster mommy. I follow her everywhere! If you’d like to meet me, please email my foster mom at”


For more information about Tucky, check his profile on Petfinder,contact Liberty Humane Society by calling 201-547-4147, or contact his foster mom at the link above.

Post-Op Baci

9 Nov

This past Tuesday, Baci underwent surgery. You guessed it: she got spayed! But along with that, she also had both of her cherry eyes corrected. You know, these beauties:


And she really does look fantastic! Her beautiful honey eyes are shining straight through the…whining, and crying, and sulking and cone-wearing. Our poor, sweet girl is just miserable, and quite frankly, we don’t blame her. She’s dealing with three recoveries at once, and gets zero time out of the cone of shame. She has to wear absolutely all the time, to prevent damage and infection to her gorgeous eyes. Here are some pictures of her the day after her surgeries:

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Baci is still available for adoption through Bully Project. For more information, please email us at

What Every Pet Owner Needs!

8 Nov

Every pet owner should be lucky enough to have a friend that lives near the emergency vet. When I was director at an animal shelter here in NYC, my friend Jenn lived right around the corner from Blue Pearl Vet, our shelter’s go-to specialty and ER vet. Any time of night, I’d call Jenn, and she’d come right over! Sometimes with Andy, her therapy dog.  Often, I would come back into the lobby, and Andy was sitting on a the lap of a waiting owner. The waiting room is never easy!

It’s always great to have a second set of ears when going to any vet appointment, but that’s not always possible with emergencies! So many people I know would ring Jenn when they were there. Who wants to wait alone? Sadly, my friend Jenn moved and she is no longer my go-to person!

Thankfully, Josh is my new ER friend! He lives a bit farther than Jenn did but he is always there for me (and my pets)! When my Sphynx, Salamander, had his eye removed at the hospital, Josh offered a late night visit that included pics! How reassuring to know my little one-eyed alien was getting some extra love and attention! Definitely made me sleep a little better that night.

This weekend, Josh immediately stepped up to the plate when my friend and I arrived with her dog needing emergency services. I was there for my friend, yet I also needed that “person” because I was just as distraught. Not only was Josh a familiar face when we arrived, he made sure we got caffeinated!

And, I cannot forget my dear, dear friend Barb, who will always accompany me to the vet with my animals. I’m a big sissy when it comes to my pets. I cry at the mention of a problem. (When it’s an adoptable, I go into practical and calm mode).  Barbara, a retired nurse, is always reassuring and calm. It’s hard being a single parent to pets in times like this and it’s nice to know you (and your) pets have an extended family.

Do you have a vet-friend? What makes them good at being your go-to person?


Wordless Wednesday

7 Nov


Get Out And Vote!

6 Nov

Stop reading this blog and go vote!

If you don’t vote, Lucy, Rosie, Goose, Bird and Sal will be very upset with you. Have you ever angered a sphynx cat? If you haven’t, don’t let this be your first time. Go vote!

Chester: That Lucky Dog!

2 Nov

Well, his story didn’t start out quite so lucky, really. He ended up at, as we know, a public shelter in Westchester County and was stuck in a corral next to a dog who didn’t seem to like him, or any dog for that matter, very much. Bully Project decided it would be best for him to get out of that situation as soon as possible, so when rescued him and sent him immediately to a foster home in upstate New York.

Even though it seemed like his luck had changed, he wasn’t quite out of the woods yet. After he was neutered, he developed a pretty serious infection that forced him to be on 24 hour crate rest for quite a while. And for such a social, friendly dog, being stuck in a crate all day long was simply driving him nuts. On top of that, we had to move him to a new foster family in New York City since his first foster mom’s commitment had been met.

Now, if you seen any of Chester’s videos on our YouTube Channel, you can tell this guy loves the outdoors and loves to play, especially with other dogs. So we moved him back to Westchester to live with our trainer Ann and her two chihuahuas. It seemed like the perfect situation for him: suburban life with doggie playmates and a trainer to work with him whenever she felt like it. But alas, one of the chihuahuas just never liked Chester.

But his luck has finally changed! And we are so happy to announce that Chester is no longer a Bully Project adoptable. Instead, Chester is now adoptable through the amazing Animal Farm Foundation, where he is now living, playing, training and being loved non-stop.

Many thanks to the four foster families who took in Chester while he was in Bully Project’s care, to the Deja Foundation for helping us cover the costs for his initial medical care, and to Animal Farm Foundation for helping to make Chester’s life before a forever home the best it could possibly be. We will continue to keep Chester on our website, Bully Project’s website and listed with Bully Project’s profiles on Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet and AdoptNY as a courtesy listing. See how lucky Chester is? He’s got two organizations working to find him a forever home!

Letters from Lucy

1 Nov

Hi everyone! Lucy here!

Yesterday, Dad posted this picture of me for “Wordless Wednesday”:

This is what I did to keep myself happy when Dad and I were stuck inside for almost two whole days. He said there was something called a “stupor-storm” outside, and we couldn’t go out there (even though we actually went out for more walks than normal!) So while we were cooped up, I got this awesomely, hugely, wonderful antler from Acadia Antlers! This is the biggest antler I’ve ever seen and I LOVE IT!

But my hopefully new best friend, Baci, wasn’t so lucky. First of all, she’s living at a vet’s office right now (yikes!), and that place doesn’t have any fun things. Even worse, they don’t have any lights, so it’s very, very dark. I hope Baci doesn’t have to live at the vet for very much longer!


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