Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Emerald

19 Nov

Emerald is one of the dogs waiting to be rescued at Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control facility. She’s a sweet dog looking for a great forever home. One of the shelter’s volunteers writes: “When a sweet girl like Emerald has hearts drawn all over her kennel card you have to know she is special. So special in fact, that she was chosen as one of three dogs to participate in a tennis ball donation event. Emerald was a star – playing with hundreds of tennis balls, catching them in mid air when thrown to her and having the best time! Her joy was contagious and we all laughed as we watched her play. Emerald’s wish is to catch a tennis ball in your backyard, or in a park near you. Please help make her wish come true and meet her today.”

There are lots of videos of this girl online, here are just a few:

As you can hear in that last video, Emerald is being used at the shelter as a “helper dog,” meaning that she’s so great around other dogs that she is the dog they use to evaluate other dogs’ temperaments around dogs. “Helper dogs” are top-of-the-line! So if you’re looking for a great dog, consider adopting Emerald today.

One Response to “Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Emerald”

  1. Love her uber expressive face and eyes!!!!

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