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More Prizes!

30 Nov

On Tuesday, we announced our “Donate to Win” fundraiser to help Bully Project cover our medicals costs for our most recent rescue, Baci. Along with the thirteen great prizes we announced then, we have two more prizes to add to the list! The same rules apply, but as a reminder:

  • Donations can be made on Bully Project’s Firstgiving Fundraising page.
  • For every $10 donation, you get one entry. Donate $40 and you will get four entries; donate $100 and you will get ten!
  • All entries will be entered into an online randomizer, and winners will be chosen on the day after Christmas (aka Wednesday, December 26th). This gives you exactly one month to enter.
  • Prizes will be assigned to each winner in the following order. We’ve got lots of great stuff – so if you’re a household with pets, we know all of these prizes will appeal to you!

One winner will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to New York City pet boutique Beasty Feast. This shop has become a landmark in the West Village. Everyone knows Beasty Feast for the quality of service that it offers and for the widest selection in one location of natural foods, accessories and sundries for cats and dogs. Being a mom and pop business Beasty Feast knows its individual customers, their pets and their special needs and will go the extra mile to provide assistance and quality service.

Beasty Feast

Beasty Feast

One winner will receive a Crypton Pet Bed from their William Wegman Collection donated to us by New York City pet boutique The Barking Zoo. Crypton Pet Beds provide maximum comfort and peace of mind. Their beds are easy to spot clean, machine washable, and with a self-healing nylon zipper. Stain, moisture and odor resistant. This bed measures 36″ x 44″ and retails for $200!

Crypton William Wegman Pet Bed

Crypton William Wegman Pet Bed

So if you have donated yet, do so now through Christmas Day – you could win one of these amazing prizes!

2nd Annual Pittie Posse Secret Santa

29 Nov

Last year, as many of you will remember, we teamed up with several other pittie bloggers around the country and did a Secret Santa gift exchange. We had so much fun with it, that we not only decided to play again this year, but we expanded to include three more bloggers!

So this year, we are joining up with the following nine bloggers to bring you some fun holiday cheer:

Our Waldo Bungie

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Two Grad Students and a Pittie

Pittieful Love

Kate With A Camera

Two Pitties in the City

A Heartbeat at My Feet

Peace, Love, & Fostering

Two Kitties One Pittie

We will share the goodies given and received on December 21st, so stay tuned!


Wordless Wednesday

28 Nov


Donate to Win!

27 Nov

As we shared yesterday, Baci‘s recovery has been taking a little bit longer than expected. We’ve been back and forth with her to the vet approximately, well, 7 times. And that’s not even including her initial boarding there while she was being treated for kennel cough! So as you can imagine, we’ve racked up quite a bill on this little girl. It’s all worth it though, and when she finds her forever home, it will be even more so!

Baci doing down at the vet

But we now we need your help, friends. Baci’s care has taken quite a toll on our resources and her care is still ongoing. And with the holidays rapidly approaching, we figured what better time than now to do a “Donate to Win!” fundraiser. We’ve got lots of great prizes you could win and the only thing you have to do to enter is donate a minimum of $10! Here’s the deal:

  • Donations can be made on Bully Project’s Firstgiving Fundraising page.
  • For every $10 donation, you get one entry. Donate $40 and you will get four entries; donate $100 and you will get ten!
  • All entries will be entered into an online randomizer, and winners will be chosen on the day after Christmas (aka Wednesday, December 26th). This gives you exactly one month to enter.
  • Prizes will be assigned to each winner in the following order. We’ve got lots of great stuff – so if you’re a household with pets, we know all of these prizes will appeal to you!

One winner will receive a brand new martingale style collar in the fabric and size of their choice from Sirius Republic. Lucy has always worn collars from Sirius Republic, and we get compliments on the street about them all the time. Check out their website to view which fabrics are available and how to measure for sizing. What’s more is that Sirius Republic generously donates a portion of their proceeds to several rescue organizations, and even embroiders their collars with the words “ADOPT ME” for free foster parents.

Sirius Republic Collar

One winner will receive a customized sweater valued at $35 from Tiennot Knit Sweaters. These sweaters are all handmade by our great friends at Our Waldo Bungie to precisely fit your dog’s specific measurements, and you get to choose the colors, etc. Have a favorite sports team? Get a sweater in their colors. Want your dog’s ensemble to coordinate with yours? Go for it! The options are practically endless.

Tiennot Knit Sweaters

Three winners will each receive what we’ve dubbed “The Perfect Pittie Package.” This includes: a copy of Ken Foster’s new book I’m A Good Dog provided by Penguin USA Publishing, Acadia Antlers‘ Famous Pitbull Pacifiers, and a package of 100 Mutt Mitts.

I’m A Good Dog by Ken Foster

Acadia Antlers Famous Pitbull Pacifiers

Mutt Mitt 100 Pack

One winner will receive a prize package of gifts from Broadway & TV star and animal rescue advocate & pittie-lover, Bernadette Peters! Ms. Peters recently starred on Broadway as Sally Durant in the hit revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Follies. This prize package includes one copy of each of Ms. Peters’ books, Broadway Barks and Stella is a Star!, both signed by Ms. Peters herself, AND a holiday ornament based on Ms. Peters’ character Dot in the original Broadway production of another Stephen Sondheim musical, Sunday in the Park with George. Very special thanks to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for providing this great prize package.

Bernadette Peters Gift Package

One winner will receive a matching collar & leash set provided by New York City pet boutique Doggy Style. The shop’s owner, Andy, is a big rescue advocate and we’re very grateful to her for donating this beautiful red nylon collar with matching leash. The collar is a size L and the leash measures 6′ in length.

Doggy Style Leash & Collar Set

One winner will receive a $40 Gift Certificate from New York City pet boutique Canine StylesCanine Styles is New York’s oldest and finest dog emporium with world-class grooming and an exclusive line of products manufactured for and by Canine Styles to bring you the benefit of over fifty years serving dogs and their owners.

Canine Styles

One winner will receive a three-month subscription to BarkBox! You’ll know how awesome this is if you read our monthly feature, “What’s In My BarkBox?” We have loads of fun with the service and have come across many great products and companies, including one of our other contest sponsors, Acadia Antlers. They also have a special offer for anyone to use that takes $10 off the subscription price and donates $10 to Bully Project!

One winner will receive The Morgan style Haute Collar in size L from Couture by Sophie. Couture by Sophie is a haute couture fashion house designing and creating couture, custom-made and ready-to-wear collections for dogs. In the spirit of true couture houses, the finest luxury fabrics are used, there is great attention paid to detail and a new design is unveiled each season. This accessory has a medium denim wash with saddle faux leather stand and leopard cotton print lining and gold exotic design button/snap closure.

The Morgan Haute Collar by Couture by Sophie

One winner will receive Zoomies NYC‘s Orange/Reflective Sport Coat with Brown Fleece Lining in size 26. The NY Sport Coat is an essential All -Weather coat. It features a water repellent 100% nylon outer layer that is coated for extra strength and durability. It is lined with chocolate brown fleece for additional warmth and accented with contrasting piping.

Zoomies NYC Orange/Reflective Sport Coat

One winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Rescue Chocolate! Rescue Chocolate is “the sweetest way to save a life!” From each chocolate purchased, 100% of the net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations around the country.

Rescue Chocolate

And finally, one lucky grand prize winner will win one 45 minute pet photography session with Koren Reyes Photography. The winner will also receive all of the images from their session in low resolution on a CD, one high resolution digital image and one 4″x6″ print. This prize is valued at $585! Here are samples of Koren’s work, featuring our friend Sara’s dogs, Porter and Sadie:

Porter & Sadie by Koren Reyes Photography

Porter & Sadie by Koren Reyes Photography

So please consider helping us cover Baci’s medical care by entering our “Donate to Win” contest. You have one month from today to enter, and every $10 donation will count as one entry in the contest. There are loads of opportunities to win, and only you can control how many more opportunities you have to win. You can donate online here.

UPDATE 11/30/12: More prizes have been added to our fundraiser. You can view them here.

And remember, Baci is still available for adoption through Bully Project. If you or anyone you know might be interesting adopting her, please email

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Baci Update

26 Nov

Our little Baci has been busy recovering from her cherry eye correction surgeries, and it’s been taking a little bit longer than we’d hoped. We’ve had to make quite a few unplanned trips to the vet to make sure everything was going the way it should. This past weekend, we finally saw an ophthalmologist to get some concrete info about her eyes.

“I think my eyes look good, don’t you?”

Baci was so well behaved at the vet waiting for her appointment time to come. She sat patiently for treats and affection, and didn’t make a single sound. But she made it pretty clear she didn’t wait to be there:

Baci’s Stink Eye

So the good news is that her eyes are basically doing what they’re supposed to be doing, it’s just taking a bit longer than expected. Her left eye looks great, is behaving normally, and had a normal reaction to the surgery.

Baci’s Left Eye

Her right eye, however, had some minor complications. Apart from some general swelling and irritation, she has also developed small, treatable ulcer on that eye.

Baci’s Right Eye

See the difference? But despite the annoying eye issues, and the repeated trips to the vet, Baci is as happy and goofy as ever. She loves being with people, and is absolutely dying to play with other dogs. We’ve discovered she knows lots of different commands like, “sit,” “down,” “paw,” “down,” stay,” and more.

Baci doing down at the vet

But after her trip to the vet, she got a treat to the an impromptu visit to foster dad at work at the Majestic Theater on Broadway. She sat and waited so patiently until he was done working, and got lots of visits from actors and crew members from the different Broadway shows. What a lucky girl!

Baci at the Stage Door

Baci is still available for adoption through Bully Project. If you or anyone you know might be interesting adopting her, please email

What’s In My BarkBox?

23 Nov

Here’s another thing my Lucy is grateful for: our monthly BarkBox! And we’ve got a new special deal from BarkBox for all of our readers, so make sure you read all the way through to the end of this post!

November’s BarkBox

We got a great new interactive toy called the Bionic Bone. It’s tough but chewy, can float, be frozen, hold treats, and is dishwasher safe. Basically, there’s nothing this toy can’t do – so we’re going to put it to the test! They say it’s “perfect for aggressive chewers,” and that’s certainly Lucy – we’ll let you know how it goes!

Bionic Bone

We got another toy that, as we learned yesterday in Lucy’s letter, is one of her favorite things: a moose antler from Acadia Antlers. This one is a little different though: it’s got a rope going through the middle for additional entertainment! Awesome!

Acadia Antlers Moose RAC

This month’s BarkBox also seems to have a Thanksgiving theme going on, with a couple of treats made with seasonal flavors and ingredients. The first treats we got are Fruitables‘ Pumpkin & Mango Flavored Treats. Lucy will certainly love these, and they’re the perfect size for training sessions.

Fruitables’ Pumpkin & Mango Flavored Treats

We also got a single serving of Mr. Barksmiths Pumpkin Patch smoothie, which seems to be a special flavor that I can’t even find on the company’s website – so that’s fun! But we have also had the Apple and Banana flavor in a past BarkBox, and Lucy loved that one, too!

Mr. Barksmiths’ Pumpkin Patch Smoothie

And we also got into the “gift-y” mood with the BarkBox this month and received three great discount vouchers. One from for $10 off any purchase, another from for another $10 off dog sitting, and one from a new online television channel called DOGTV for one free month! $10 Gift Card $10 coupon

DOGTV Free Month Subscription

And now, for our very special offer, direct from BarkBox themselves! With the following code, you will not only get $10 off your subscription with BarkBox, but they will also donate another $10 to Bully Project! Pretty awesome, right? So sign-up today!

Letters from Lucy

22 Nov

Hi Everyone! Lucy here!

Dad says today is a day called Thanksgiving. He told me that my friends would like to know what I am thankful for. Here’s a list:

  • Deer antlers
  • Squeaky toys
  • Strangers on the street who say, “Hello”
  • SWEET POTATOES (Dad says Thanksgiving should be my favorite day because of this)
  • Going to work with Dad (mostly because I get bones stuffed with peanut butter there)
  • Bones stuffed with peanut butter
  • Watching reality TV with Dad
  • Belly rubs & back massages

So now that you know what to get me for the holidays what I am grateful for, what are you grateful for?


Wordless Wednesday

21 Nov


When You Have Room, Must Consider Foster

20 Nov

When a good friend lost her older dog to a chronic condition, within a week or so, she approached me and suggested she might be interested in fostering a SMALL, OLDER DOG. She has almost always had two dogs. Barb knew that she had the room to open her home and heart to a dog in need. Since she is retired, she gets to spend lots of time with her pets. Her home would be a great place for a homeless, senior dog to rest his head while looking for his forever home. Barb also realized that this type of dog might not get adopted easily and might be a long-term foster and that was okay with her. She was open to whatever we found.

Barb knew Bully Project doesn’t rescue small dogs but trusted I would help her find the right dog, right group, etc. Well, Josh and I shook things up and went on down to the city shelter to scout dogs that Barb could indeed foster. Because of Hurricane Sandy, lots of dogs are on extended hold in case their families are still looking for them, so this made our options slim. Until some devoted volunteers shared this boy with us:

We immediately fell in love, even though we were not totally sure of his background. What we knew:

  • He was brought in as a stray (who knows if that is true).
  • He had trouble walking due to extremely long nails and very matted feet.
  • He has extreme dental issues, some of the worst we have seen.
  • Milo is super sweet.

We aren’t sure what lies ahead for Milo, as he is pretty weak. What we know for SURE is that Barb and Bully Project will provide Milo with love, warmth, and care as long as he needs it. If it wasn’t for Barb opening up her home for this senior pet, we aren’t sure what would have happened. We do know he is being doted on and loved in his twilight…

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Emerald

19 Nov

Emerald is one of the dogs waiting to be rescued at Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control facility. She’s a sweet dog looking for a great forever home. One of the shelter’s volunteers writes: “When a sweet girl like Emerald has hearts drawn all over her kennel card you have to know she is special. So special in fact, that she was chosen as one of three dogs to participate in a tennis ball donation event. Emerald was a star – playing with hundreds of tennis balls, catching them in mid air when thrown to her and having the best time! Her joy was contagious and we all laughed as we watched her play. Emerald’s wish is to catch a tennis ball in your backyard, or in a park near you. Please help make her wish come true and meet her today.”

There are lots of videos of this girl online, here are just a few:

As you can hear in that last video, Emerald is being used at the shelter as a “helper dog,” meaning that she’s so great around other dogs that she is the dog they use to evaluate other dogs’ temperaments around dogs. “Helper dogs” are top-of-the-line! So if you’re looking for a great dog, consider adopting Emerald today.

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