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Cone Conundrum Part 2

16 Oct

Last week, I posted about a friend who was having trouble with their dog who’d just been spayed. Well, folks, you may have guessed this, but: “my friend” was me and “their dog” was Ethel. Whatever I would do, she just wouldn’t cooperate and wear her cone calmly.

So I reached out for your help. I had to fib a little because Ethel wasn’t yet officially adoptable, so I couldn’t write about her yet. But I was just at a loss. How could I leave her home, while I was at work, and know that she was ok?

We got some great feedback and everyone was really helpful. But our good friend Megan wins the prize! (To refresh your memory, Megan is one of Bully Project’s greatest success stories!) She wrote:

“Does the dog worry at her stitches without the cone on? I never had a cone for Dayzee when she was spayed and I didn’t see her mess with her stitches once. Maybe the cone is not even necessary.”

This simple statement reaffirms the idea that every dog is an individual, and that includes whether or not they need to wear a cone post-surgery. So thank you Megan, for yet again opening our eyes and helping us help Ethel. It actually worked out in Ethel’s favor anyway, as she got to tag along to Josh’s office for the week and sneak into a little Wordless Wednesday action!


Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Ethel

15 Oct

Have we got a special one for you today! Meet Ethel!


So why is Ethel so special? Well, first and foremost, she’s Bully Project‘s newest adoptable, and secondly, she’s Josh’s new foster! And this girl is an absolute rockstar! Crate trained, house broken, obedient, dog friendly, people friendly, walks beautifully on leash, doesn’t bark or whine, comfortable when left home alone. I mean, this dog is as rock solid as a, well, a rock. She’s so special, that she was even featured on a jumbotron in Times Square!

American Eagle Outfitters

That’s real, folks – not photoshopped! We took her shopping for new jeans, and the staff in the store loved her so much, that they offered to put her picture up on their billboard! We are so proud!


Ethel was found as a stray at the end of July and surrendered to a public shelter in New Jersey. She lived in the shelter for just over two months, and despite all that time in such a stressful environment, she’s so incredibly calm and well behaved. While there, she became great friends with one of the regular volunteers who even began working on agility with her:

Doing Agility

And she just loves meeting new people on the street – so much so that she just rolls over onto her back for belly rubs.

Getting a Belly Rub!

She also loves meeting dogs of all shapes and sizes:

Meeting a King Charles Cavalier

Ethel is already spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. She’s 100% ready for her new home. Any home. She’d be great with kids, adults, dogs, and most likely cats as well. She’d be perfect for the new dog owner, and great with an experienced one. So we’re calling all adopters: please email us at to apply to adopt Ethel!


A Light at the End of the Tunnel

12 Oct

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how my street was under a crazy amount of construction. Because of the construction, I didn’t feel comfortable bringing a new foster dog into my home. With all the noise, banging, and yelling, my home could have very well been just as stressful for a dog from a shelter as the shelter was. Here’s what my street looks like now:

They’ve dug out the street and inserted those wooden planks to support the road, essentially. The goal of the job is to replace the underground water mains with larger ones to compensate for all the new luxury high-rises that have been built in the neighborhood, allowing for a great flow of water to all of the residents. It’s been quite the project, and the entire job, which is happening on several different streets in the area, wont be entirely complete until 2017!

But today, I was speaking with one of the workmen who I’ve gotten to know (wouldn’t you know it, he likes my pittie!), and got some wonderful news! The work on my street ends next week! The street gets resealed, the Caterpillar machines move out and the wood planks get repurposed for fire wood. Well, maybe not that last one, but the wood planks will be going somewhere, and it’s not here.


Stay tuned…

Foster Dogs Update

11 Oct

We consider ourselves very lucky to have a slew of wonderful foster dogs, and even luckier that we’ve been able to keep in touch with many of their adoptive families. All of our past foster dogs have been making random appearances in our online lives, so we thought we’d share the updates with you. Here goes:

Lola Bird is doing incredibly well with her Mom, Kate. She travels all over the country and loves long car rides. Here she is admiring herself in the mirror:

Lola Bird

My Boy Bill, who’s now known as Spencer, is loving life in New Jersey with his mom and dad, Beth and Chris, and his brother Linus. When Bill was living here, he was very mellow, considering he was recovering from losing a toe and all. But now, with his brother, he plays and plays. And he certainly looks VERY healthy!

Even though we don’t have any picture or video updates, we’re so happy to report that Pinky has a wonderful life with her new foster home in upstate New York. It may not be a forever home (yet!), but she has acres of land to run and play, and spends 24/7 with her foster mom. Nothing makes her happier.

Paige, who is now named Eleanor, participated in our last outdoor Bully Project training class. During that series of classes, she broke through her barrier of learning “down,” with the help of her wonderful new mom and some yummy turkey meatballs. Now, she’s a legal assistant of the best kind:


Daisy Mae is doing well uptown in Inwood with her new dads. They’ve taken to calling her “Crazy Mae,” though, which I think is perfectly fitting. My big, goofy girl has gone on many adventures, and has claimed many things for her own, including this rock:

Daisy Mae

And these sunglasses:

Daisy Mae

And hopefully we’ll have a new foster to share with you all very soon!



Wordless Wednesday

10 Oct


Cone Conundrum

9 Oct

What do you do if your just-recently-operated-on dog absolutely refuses to wear a cone or other such device?

A friend of ours has very recently stumbled across this problem, and well, I’ve never had to tackle something like this, so I really just don’t know what to advise. Their dog was just spayed, and despite her grogginess, will do whatever it takes to remove her Elizabethan Collar, aka “cone of shame.” She went so far as to completely destroy it, leaving it in several different pieces.

I suggested they try Kong’s Cloud Collar. No go – the dog had it ripped off in a matter of seconds, and it was simply not reusable. The vet even gave them a flimsy, but sufficient, fabric cone to try. After some compliance, the dog ripped that to shreds, too.

So readers: any advice? What tips, tricks and products have you used on your cone-resistant dogs?

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Toasty

8 Oct


Last week, we got an email from a close friend of ours. She had met a dog, named Nena, at an Animal Care & Control adoption event outside of her apartment building. She became so enamored with her, but she knew she couldn’t take her. So that’s where Bully Project came in.

While at ACC, Toasty had developed kennel cough, along with cutting one of her feet somehow. So we had to send her to a vet with an isolation room so that she could recover without infecting any other dogs. She is currently living at the vet’s office and getting non-stop care, attention and love. In fact, the vet staff can’t stop raving about her to us.

Out on a walk

Our friend who brought Toasty to our attention lives and works nearby, so she gets to visit Toasty on a regular basis and take her out for strolls in the West Village where she’s met all kinds of people. She would very much like to play with the dogs she sees, but because of her kennel cough, we haven’t been able to do any dog introductions yet. But soon!

As you can see, Toasty is a pretty petite little pittie girl. She’s just over one year old, and weighs around 40 bs. Her ears are always cutely perked up, and she loves to be with people. She also LOVES to play with toys!

She is already spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Once the vet tells us she’s clear of kennel cough, she will be ready to go. Oh, and we’re also pretty sure she’s great with kids:

Email us at if you or anyone you know might be interested in meeting our cute, little Toasty.

What Would Stephanie Tanner Say? Part 2

5 Oct

Following my post on Tuesday about online behavior, I stumbled across this thread on my Facebook wall (pictures have been removed and names blurred out of respect for privacy):

And I was just sort of…stunned. Do I agree that what Michael Vick did deserves justice being served? Do I think karma is a bitch? Well, sure! I think he should be behind bars for the crimes he committed. He should be made to be an example of what the consequences of animal abuse are.

But to see someone publicly posting, “PTS PTS PTS PTS PTS,” about another human being is astounding to me. Even after knowing that the article was a complete hoax, it doesn’t change the fact that people want to see another person severely injured, maimed or even worse.

More importantly, as animal welfare and pit bull advocates, does it serve our cause to be saying things like this? Are statements like this effective in showing that we, as pit bull owners, don’t have our dogs as symbols of machismo, aggression and violence? Don’t expressions of outward hatred like this only lower us closer to the level of the initial crimes committed?

The original poster is a personal friend of mine – one who I know has tons of compassion and love in their heart, and a level head on their shoulders. Was their intent, in my opinion, based in anger like this? No, I don’t think so – I think they just meant to share a piece of ironic news to show that karma will come around a get the bad guys in the end. But the way this online discussion degenerated disturbs me, and I strongly feel that despite all of our anger towards Michael Vick, we need to be sure to maintain our focus on showing how amazing our dogs can truly be – for that’s the only way to change perspectives.

Letters from Lucy

4 Oct

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

-William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Hi Everyone! Lucy here! And I admit, I didn’t know that quote, I had to ask Dad to look it up for me. But I think it’s about time I address one of my most frequently asked questions: “Why are you named Lucy?” Lucy is a very popular doggie name, you know. I have lots of friends named Lucy. Well, there are two reasons that’s my name, really.

So, you all know Dad likes loves theater, right? I think I know it better than anyone, I mean, he walks around singing all day long. (He’s pretty good, I gotta admit). But one of Dad’s favorite theater people is this guy named Sondheim. It’s always, “Sondheim, this. And Sondheim, that.” So, because of Dad’s super nerd-dom fan-dom, he wanted to name me after one of the characters in one of Mr. Sondheim’s musicals. But there are so many, how do you choose? It couldn’t be something too obvious, but still something that could tie in. But how did he come up with Lucy?

At first, Dad thought the name Dot would be nice. Dot is one of the main characters from Mr. Sondheim’s work of genius, Sunday in the Park with George. He thought it would fit because of the white dot on the back of my neck.

That’s The One

But someone then suggested that people would start calling me Dottie. And Dad didn’t like that very much, so he nixed Dot. One of Dad’s friends, knowing his adoration for the thriller musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, suggested that my namesake be a character from that particular Sondheim musical. “Well, what?” Dad asked, “Not Mrs. Lovett!” And Dad’s friend said, “Well, how about Lucy?” Also known as “The Beggar Woman,” Lucy is a small, but pivotal, character in the show – and the perfect name for me!

But I also have a much more obvious namesake, one that leaves me with “not much ‘splainin’ to do!”

Wordless Wednesday

3 Oct

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