What’s In My BarkBox?

26 Oct

It’s finally time to play this month’s “What’s In My BarkBox?” What with all the excitement of Ethel getting adopted and then Toasty getting adopted, everything else sort of got put on hold. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t happy with this month’s BarkBox. Au contraire! We were THRILLED! After seeing what we got this month, you may just want to join up yourselves, and you can do so here and get $5 off your first subscription.

First up, we got some great treats from Feelgood Treat Company. These Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz are great for almost all dogs as they’re all organic and natural, and are also wheat, gluten and preservative-free! Since Lucy is allergic to all things poultry, these are staying in my office for all the four legged critters that come in to visit.

Turkey Trail Blazin' Bitz

Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz

Next up, we got a beautiful, handmade toy from Lollycadoodle. I think these toys are so fun and dynamic and pretty darn cute. And Lucy seems to love it, too, as she hasn’t been able to stop twirling it around! And on top of that, it’s great for terrifying those ophidiophobic friends and colleagues!

Wool Snake

Wool Snake

Our next goodie is a necessity for dog owners everywhere, but especially here in NYC. Poopy packs from Metro Paws! But fancy poopy packs that match Lucy’s Sirius Republic orange argyle collar and leash!

Poopy Packs

Poopy Packs

To help care for Lucy’s pearly-whites, we got a product we’ve never seen before: Tropiclean‘s Clean Teeth Gel. We haven’t gotten the opportunity to use this yet, but we’re wondering if any of you have used something like this? Do you find it helpful? Lucy’s generally pretty tolerant of teeth brushing, but if this is even easier, we’ll certainly work it in!

Clean Teeth Gel

Clean Teeth Gel

Next to last, we got a discount card for canine prescription medications from Honest Discounts. I’m not quite sure how much use we’ll get out of this since our prescriptions come directly from our vet, but it’s good to have around just in case!

And last, but most definitely not least, we got something we’ve been yearning for for quite a long time! Moody Pet‘s Humunga Stache!

Humunga Stache

Humunga Stache

And I think this picture pretty much speaks for itself:


How can you resist? Sign up for BarkBox and join in on the fun!

2 Responses to “What’s In My BarkBox?”

  1. And Foster Makes 5 at 10:07 AM #

    Love this! A barkbox subscription is definitely on our Christmas list, thanks to you! We especially love that precious mustache ball :-{)

  2. Mimi & Cabana at 9:25 AM #

    That teeth cleaning gel looks intriguing, but how does it stay in the dog’s mouth for any length of time? Seems like it would just get swallowed and not get a chance to do its work. I’d love to get your feedback after you’ve used it. The mustache ball is HILARIOUS–the person who came up with that must have a crazy sense of humor!

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