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Wordless Wednesday

31 Oct


We’re Safe!

30 Oct

We got lots of messages over the past day or so from friends and fellow bloggers telling us to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy. We are all safe and sound, and have been cooped up in our homes for the past 24 hours. We’re some of the lucky ones who still have power and running water, and there’s not much destruction in our immediate vicinities, but the majority of the city wasn’t quite as fortunate. Here’s some of what’s happened:

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  • On top of that, the NYU Langone Medical Center is still being evacuated, nearly 11 hours after their evacuation began when they lost power and back up generators failed.
  • Lots of flooding on the southern tip of Manhattan and the East Side.
  • Trees down in many city parks.
  • Hundreds of thousands without power and water.

So thank you all for thinking of us, and wishing us well. We made it through unscathed and now we all should think about all those who weren’t as fortunate.


Almost Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Baci

29 Oct

This past weekend, we rallied the troops and took a somewhat impromptu trip to Animal Care & Control to meet a dog there at the behest of one of our rescue friends. She had spent some time with a dog there named Sarita, and just adored her. But her rescue didn’t have space accommodate her, so she needed someone else to help Sarita if they could. That’s where we come in. Meet Bully Project‘s new rescue, Baci!


Baci’s another one of those dogs with a great temperament. She loves people, loves to play with toys (and give them up when she’s asked), loves to play with other dogs and is unfazed by all of the distractions and craziness of the city. Baci is a “starter dog”: good for anyone from first time dog owners to experienced ones.


As you can see, Baci has double cherry eye, an inflammation of the glands just inside the eyes. On top of that, she also has kennel cough. So right now, she is living at a veterinary hospital in isolation so that she can recover from the kennel cough and not infect any other animals. Once she’s recovered from that, we will perform surgery to correct the cherry eyes and have her spayed at the same time. Once both conditions have subsided, Baci will officially be available for adoption.


Baci is about one and a half years old and weigh about 45 lbs. She’s fully grown and has the perfect energy level for any kind of home: she loves to play but when we ask her to settle down, she obeys and calms down very easily. She already knows several commands including sit, shake with both paws, and down and seems to be house broken and crate trained. She is also already fully vaccinated and microchipped. So literally the moment she comes out of surgery, she will be ready to go to a new forever home.


But we do need your help: the surgery to correct Baci’s cherry eyes will not be cheap. Neither will the costs for the isolation boarding at the vet’s office. If you can, please consider making a donation online at to help us cover some of Baci’s medical costs so that she can get into a home as quickly as possible.

Baci & Josh

And of course, if you or anyone you know might be interested in having a wonderful new dog like Baci, please email us at

What’s In My BarkBox?

26 Oct

It’s finally time to play this month’s “What’s In My BarkBox?” What with all the excitement of Ethel getting adopted and then Toasty getting adopted, everything else sort of got put on hold. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t happy with this month’s BarkBox. Au contraire! We were THRILLED! After seeing what we got this month, you may just want to join up yourselves, and you can do so here and get $5 off your first subscription.

First up, we got some great treats from Feelgood Treat Company. These Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz are great for almost all dogs as they’re all organic and natural, and are also wheat, gluten and preservative-free! Since Lucy is allergic to all things poultry, these are staying in my office for all the four legged critters that come in to visit.

Turkey Trail Blazin' Bitz

Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz

Next up, we got a beautiful, handmade toy from Lollycadoodle. I think these toys are so fun and dynamic and pretty darn cute. And Lucy seems to love it, too, as she hasn’t been able to stop twirling it around! And on top of that, it’s great for terrifying those ophidiophobic friends and colleagues!

Wool Snake

Wool Snake

Our next goodie is a necessity for dog owners everywhere, but especially here in NYC. Poopy packs from Metro Paws! But fancy poopy packs that match Lucy’s Sirius Republic orange argyle collar and leash!

Poopy Packs

Poopy Packs

To help care for Lucy’s pearly-whites, we got a product we’ve never seen before: Tropiclean‘s Clean Teeth Gel. We haven’t gotten the opportunity to use this yet, but we’re wondering if any of you have used something like this? Do you find it helpful? Lucy’s generally pretty tolerant of teeth brushing, but if this is even easier, we’ll certainly work it in!

Clean Teeth Gel

Clean Teeth Gel

Next to last, we got a discount card for canine prescription medications from Honest Discounts. I’m not quite sure how much use we’ll get out of this since our prescriptions come directly from our vet, but it’s good to have around just in case!

And last, but most definitely not least, we got something we’ve been yearning for for quite a long time! Moody Pet‘s Humunga Stache!

Humunga Stache

Humunga Stache

And I think this picture pretty much speaks for itself:


How can you resist? Sign up for BarkBox and join in on the fun!

And Just As We Always Knew…

25 Oct

It truly does take a village to rescue a dog! We learned this early this year when Our Waldo Bungie helped to save a beautiful pittie girl named Kimba. But we learned it again first hand as Bully Project‘s Toasty went from shelter dog to beloved family pet in just under three weeks. That’s right, folks: Toasty is adopted!

Nearly a month ago, we got an email from our good friend Mazzie’s mom from Mazzie Takes Manhattan. She had seen a pocket pittie named Nena at an Animal Care & Control adoption event hosted by Fenwick Keats, a real estate agency in her neighborhood. She just couldn’t get Nena out of her head, and the thought of Nena languishing in the shelter was too much for her. “Would Bully Project be willing to rescue her?” she asked.

We couldn’t say yes without meeting Nena first, so off we went to ACC. And after just a few minutes of hanging out with Nena, we knew she deserved much more than spending her remaining days (however many there were) at the public shelter. So we made all the arrangements, and went out to celebrate our newest rescue at nearby restaurant called Toast – which became our new girl’s namsake, as we renamed her Toasty.

The next day, Mazzie’s mom went to collect Toasty from the shelter and transport her to her new digs at West Village Veterinary Hospital, where Toasty would be put in isolation to recover from her kennel cough. While there, Toasty got the royal treatment: attention from the vet techs, daily walks from Mazzie’s mom, her assistant and close friends, close medical care and tons of love. She won over the entire staff very quickly, with one of the vet techs even making a personal call to a friend of hers who she knew was looking to adopt a new dog. This friend lived in Massachusetts though. Would they want to come all the way to New York just to meet a dog that they may not even like upon meeting her?

Well, thanks to videos and photos taken by the staff of the vet hospital, the family was convinced that Toasty was worth the effort. We made arrangements for the potential adopters to come down to New York as soon as they could while we also made arrangements for Toasty’s new temporary home now that she was back to full health. Mazzie’s mom to the rescue again: she transported our girl to a beautiful, state-of-the-art daycare facility called Hounds on the Hudson. And yet again, Toasty won the hearts of everyone there and got the ultimate in doggy vacation experiences.

And then the big day came. Mazzie’s mom came with us to meet the family and introduce them to Toasty. And you can guess what happened next!

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We’re so grateful to everyone who helped made this story happen, as the outcome would not have been possible without everyone’s full participation. To the staffs of Fenwick Keats, West Village Veterinary Hospital and Hounds on the Hudson: thank you for supporting animal rescue. And most importantly, to Mazzie’s mom (who not only helped with every bit of this rescue but also fundraised enough money to cover Toasty’s expenses and then some): you are a beacon of hope and a true hero in this rescue community. We are eternally grateful to you.

And to Bella: enjoy your beautiful new life!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

24 Oct
Lola Bird in the ASPCA 2013 Calendar

Past That Touch of Pit foster Lola Bird in the ASPCA 2013 Calendar

And Just Like That…

23 Oct

Ethel is adopted!

After less than two weeks, and really almost no work on our part, our very special Ethel has found her forever home. Sometimes, we just get lucky and rescue wonderful dogs, and then we get even luckier and perfect adopters appear out of thin air. Well, this was one of those times.

We posted Ethel as our Adoptable Pittie of the Week last week, and almost immediately after publishing that post, we listed her on all the standard online pet databases. And in less than 10 minutes, we had our first inquiry – a young, self-employed photographer living in Brooklyn who was looking for a new dog after his last one passed away from cancer. His email really didn’t show us anything very specific, but after checking with his vet, and references, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Peter seemed like an ideal candidate.

So we arranged a meet & greet for later in the week, as Josh had to go out of town for two days for work. During that time, Ethel got some very special attention at a temporary foster home. She got individualized attention, lots of cuddles, great food and toys and a lifelong friend from her temporary foster mom, Rennie.

But her vacation there quickly came to an end, and the day after Josh returned, we had our meeting with Peter who, like everyone else who’d met Ethel, fell in love with her immediately. The papers were signed, hands (and paws) shook, and off Ethel went off to become the newest resident of Brooklyn!

We have to give a very special thank you to Deja Foundation, who helped cover Ethel’s medical costs to make sure she was as healthy as she looked. And the biggest thanks go to Rennie, who stepped up in our time of need to take care of Ethel for two days. To make room in your life for a homeless pet for even just two days is more helpful than anyone can ever imagine – and we are immensely grateful!

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Texas Ranger

22 Oct

We’ve got a super handsome senior boy for you today! Meet Texas Ranger from Animal Farm Foundation:


“At 10 years old Ranger has handed-in his badge and retired to more age appropriate activities such as lounging in the sun, strolling around the farm, playing checkers on the porch and sharing stories of the old Wild West with his friends.  His wisdom makes him popular among the young and old, and the ladies and gents.  Don’t let him be a lone ranger – apply to adopt him today!”

If you are interested in meeting any of the dogs at Animal Farm Foundation, please take a moment to fill out their adoption application.



Let the Training Begin!

18 Oct

We are so excited about our current Bully Project INDOOR classes at Doggedly Devoted in East Harlem. What a great group of dedicated owners! We love the pitties, too! From pups to seniors, check it out:

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More to come soon!


Wordless Wednesday

17 Oct

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