Hunny Loves the iPad

14 Sep

Hunny loves the iPad.  Well, really its Petfinder app.  Without this app, Hunny wouldn’t be snuggling with her new family today!  That’s right, Hunny has been adopted!

Happy beginning!

While everyone has been asking why hasn’t Hunny been adopted yet?  We never worried and knew her forever family would find her.  And, they did. When V and P lost their beloved Maxine this summer they assumed they would wait until after the winter to open their home to a new four legged friend.  But the universe had other plans.

V downloaded the Petfinder app and immediately discovered  Ms. Hunny and inquired right away.  Their email gave lots of details that made us think that   Hunny would feel right at home- family of cats, retired moms and lots of trips to visit family and friends- including a dad in a nursing home.  Hunny is after all a social butterfly.

We’re happy to say the meet and greet went well – just like we all had hoped!  Hunny flirted, took treats, showed off how she can play with her four legged friends. And, most importantly, when an unknown dog came around, Hunny checked in with these “new handlers” saying, see that?  I looked at you and not the dog!  Cheese, please!


We think V and P knew Hunny was theirs right from the start especially since they had a named picked out before they even met her — introducing Kiki of Brooklyn:

Hunny’s First Afternoon in Brooklyn

Don’t be surprised if Kiki has her own Facebook soon.  Have a feeling there will be lots of photos of her dressed up since she inherited quite the wardrobe!

Bully Project would like to thank everyone who helped Hunny on her journey:

The ACC (especially staffer Jessica and volunteer Carol) who knew she was special and made sure she made it to Broadway Barks.

Trish Loehr who knew we would fall for Hunny and pointed her out to us.

Trixie and Peanut for sharing our plea for an emergency foster.

Rennie who saw that contagious smile on T+P’s facebook feed and signed up for a one week foster… That of course ended up being longer and only ended due to a planned vacation.

Deja Foundation who was kind enough to handle Hunny’s medical costs.

And Cindy who had cared for this lady for most of her time with us.  And, the extended Bully Project family in Inwood who made Hunny feel right at home (especially Danita who played back–up foster mom at times!)

Looking forward to sharing more of Kiki of Brooklyn soon!


2 Responses to “Hunny Loves the iPad”

  1. Becca September 14, 2012 at 2:55 PM #

    You guys are on a roll!!!

  2. Barbara J. Kennedy September 14, 2012 at 3:15 PM #

    Picture of Kiki and moms so beautiful. Looks like it was love at first sight for all. Hope they stay in touch and post followups. Sounds like she’s headed for many wonderful adventures.

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