Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Nunu

20 Aug

Ok, let’s get back to the pitties this week, shall we? This week’s adoptable comes from New Rochelle Humane Society and reminds us quite a bit of a very good friend of ours

Meet Nunu!


“NuNu is a gorgeous chocolate brown American Pit Bull Terrier. She is a perfect ambassador for her breed. NuNu is very friendly to both people and other dogs.


We have discovered that she loves to fetch tennis balls and especially loves to fetch the ones her human friends throw into one of our kiddie pools. She rushes off after the ball, jumps in the water (big splash!) and brings the ball right back for another round.”

Check out this video New Rochelle Humane Society posted on their Facebook Page of Nunu playing.

If you would like to meet Nunu, please visit the shelter. They are open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm and Thursdays from 2pm to 8pm!


One Response to “Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Nunu”

  1. cafall August 20, 2012 at 10:11 AM #

    She looks like a sweetie – I hope she finds her forever home soon.


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