Adoptable Non-Pittie of the Week: Lucky

13 Aug


Every once in a while, we meet a non-pitbull dog in need that tugs at our heart-strings (okay, all dogs in need do, but we try to concentrate on the pitties). Yesterday, we got the chance to meet Lucky, who indeed is very lucky. He was living with someone who loved him very much but unfortunately was an “apartment dog” and was completely under-socialized for the three years she had him. When Lucky’s owner fell ill and was hospitalized, a local good samaritan took him for neutering and vaccinations; a start of a new life!

We are calling him a Toy Saluki! Well, he may be a miniature pinscher/chihuahua/papillon? He is under 15 lbs, about 6 years old and leggy – like a supermodel! Something along those lines for sure!

Lucky is currently in a temporary foster home and has been spending time with children. For a boy who lived his last 3 years in an apartment, he sure is making up for lost time! He loves treats and will be easy to train.

Lucky is located in the Inwood section of Manhattan. Lately, the ‘hood on the top of the island is host to many of  our favorite doggies! If interested, please contact us for more information.


One Response to “Adoptable Non-Pittie of the Week: Lucky”

  1. lunasol villanueva-nagy August 13, 2012 at 1:40 PM #

    He might be a chihuahua poodle b/c he is almost identical to my dog. I have shared this info in hopes that someone will take him! I have 2 or else I would take him myself.

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