Catching Up….

10 Aug

We’ve been so busy lately (Jennifer obsessing about the dog she can’t adopt, Hunny, and Josh fostering sweet Daisy Mae), we haven’t been keeping up with some of our favorite blogs and sites. So, in between Bully Project classes and some meet and greets for Daisy Mae and Hunny, we managed to catch up, and we wanted to share some important and moving must-reads:

We love DINOS (Dogs in Need of Space) and especially love Notes from a Dog Walker who had dedicated a blog as a space to share, learn and vent! Always funny, always honest,  and always topical, the blog has become a favorite among many!  Sometimes sanctuaries sound like a fabulous solution for a dog or cat that cannot be a family pet. Thank goodness for DINOS for sharing their personal experience.
And, on the subject of sanctuaries, thought we should give some kitties a little bit of cyber ink…The ASPCA stepped in a while back to save hundreds of cats at the Caboodle Ranch Sanctuary. After months of medical and behavior attention, the cats are all available for adoption. If you live in Florida and are looking for a friend who purrs, check out the adoption event info.
We have written about judging and making assumptions regarding people and their dogs in the past. Well, check out one of our inspirations for blogging, Love and A Six Foot Leash and their confessions.
Just because you have a reactive dog doesn’t mean you can’t add another canine to your family, but it’s best to do it right and carefully. Many have learned from Emma Parsons ‘ Click to Calm. So now she shares her experience of adding a new Golden pup to her pack, and we’re loving Raising Creative Canine. Read as you see how a family blends together for a safe and happy future.
Thanks to our friend Julie from Dog Spies for sharing this blog on her Facebook feed. We always love finding new blogs, and Doggerel doesn’t disappoint and this post deals with why classes are important even if you have read 60 books!
So give those blogs a read this weekend while you’re relaxing with your furry friends!

One Response to “Catching Up….”

  1. Abby (Doggerel) August 10, 2012 at 10:41 AM #

    Thanks so much for the mention! I’m glad I found your blog as well and I’m looking forward to reading more. Great link round-up!

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