Letters from Lucy

9 Aug

Hey everyone! Lucy here!

I’m a pittie and I like other pitties! But pitties aren’t the only kind of doggie out there, you know! I have lots of doggie friends, and they’re all kinds, shapes, colors and sizes! Here they are (in no particular order, of course!):

Beagle Bartlet is my newest friend – he was just adopted on Sunday!

Elliot’s a Therapy Chihuahua

Finlay is Elliot’s tongue-sticky-outty brother Chihuahua.

Jake is Uncle Matt’s (not to be confused with Crazy Uncle Matt) and Aunt Nicole’s Tergle (that’s a terrier/beagle mix for those not in the know)

Rhoda is a pin up Brussels Griffon! (Lindsey ain’t so bad to look at either!)

Roxie’s the goofiest French Bulldog!

Another Roxy! This one’s a fashionable Jack Russell mix.

“Stella is a star!” as Bernadette Peters would say. This Bichon loves to hang with the big dogs!

Tally is super smart, considering she’s got some Border Collie in her.

Tilly is Dad’s only other doggie love – he grew up with the Toy Poodle and she’s 16 years old now, and just as spry as ever.

Zoey the Puggle also lives with Uncle Matt & Aunt Nicole – she likes to climb up on the back of the couch and smush her body up against Dad’s face so he can’t breathe. It’s funny!

Do you have any non-pittie friends? Share them with us on our Facebook Timeline!


2 Responses to “Letters from Lucy”

  1. crystalwayward August 9, 2012 at 1:52 PM #

    Ha! We both have beagles on our blogs today!

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