My Local Hero

3 Aug

This past year I got to meet my local hero. Although I have many rescuers in my neighborhood who are responsible for facilitating lots of adoptions, my hero is dedicated to one dog. I’ve know Theresa and her foster dog, Sonja, for just about a year.

I met this team during one of our first uptown Bully Project classes. Theresa had been fostering Sonja for over 6 months! We have even featured not once, but twice, as our Adoptable Pittie of the Week.

I couldn’t believe it. Sonja is my type of pittie – she is flashy and has cropped ears. Sonja started as a sweet, strong, pulling machine on a prong collar. Fast forward to today: Sonja wears a flat collars for walks, passed her Canine Good Citizen test and was a guinea pig for Bully Project’s Nosework class. I meet many dog owners that would not have spent the time or energy to pursue these classes with their own dogs. Theresa and her boyfriend, Jack, knew Sonja was going to be a challenge to adopt, she’s a pitbull after all. And a big one at that, with cropped ears.

They spent their Sundays at class working as a team to help Sonja learn her basics, some urban agility and even some sniff work! And even after all these months, Sonja still hasn’t found that forever home. Partly, because pits are a dime a dozen in NYC. Some people feel they need to save one from death row (not realizing if they adopt from a small rescue, that allows the group to pull another from a shelter).
And, Sonja is an adoptable from a very small group: no blog, probably no professional photographs, no adoption events, no website, just a Petfinder listing that may or may not have been updated in a while. So of course it’s a challenge! How many people go on Petfinder or Adopt-A-Pet to find a pittie? When I pop in my zip code and pitbull into Petfinder, I get over 20,000 dogs!
So, I’m asking our readers, take a moment today and spread the word about amazing Sonja! Theresa has now created a Facebook page and just one click can help save a dog! And if we can get Sonja adopted, I am sure Theresa and her boyfriend will open their home to another dog – maybe it will be a Bully Project adoptable?! And, if you live in Manhattan, you can meet Sonja this Saturday, August 4th, 10am – 1pm at Furry Fiends in Inwood. She will be hanging out with our Bully Project team, including Daisy Mae and Hunny!

One Response to “My Local Hero”

  1. crystalwayward August 3, 2012 at 11:09 AM #

    I understand the struggle! Good luck Sonja and Theresa!

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