Uptown Girl

2 Aug

How excited am I? I finally get to foster a pittie. Okay, not exactly foster BUT I am helping out my friend who is fostering Hunny! I am always so jealous when Josh has a foster. My ark is full and no fosters for me at this time…But, I get to see this smile everyday!

Hunny in Inwood

Hunny’s first foster momma, Rennie, had to leave on vacation. What started out with a one week first time fostering “assignment” ended up being longer because who doesn’t want to wake up to Hunny’s big smile? If it wasn’t for Rennie seeing Hunny’s picture on the Facebook page of Trixie and Peanut (thanks for sharing!), we never could have rescued Hunny. And, everyone knows how much Josh and I wanted to pull her. So when it was time for Rennie to go away, we needed a second leg for Hunny’s journey.

I was so grateful when Cindy, a local dog owner who recently sent her heart dog, Bear, to the Rainbow Bridge, called me asking if Bully Project needed fostering. Of course, we did! So that’s how Hunny became an Uptown Girl (or should I say an Upstate Manhattan girl?).

Best part is that I am giving Hunny some afternoon walks! We have learned a lot more about Hunny! She loves to be with dogs, but sometimes she she can get overexcited. She is learning how to control herself around four-legged friends! She desperately wants to be friends with my scruffy terriers!

Hunny wants to be Alice’s friend, so badly!

Hunny can walk and walk  but as soon as she is home? Asleep! Hunny seems to be fine with cats, too. She met the mayor of 207th street, Dino, the dog-savvy Siamese at Furry Fiends. She was very appropriate with him.

Hunny Loves Furry Fiends!

She also likes Bravo’s dehydrated Duck Feet.

Off to walk Hunny! I have special frozen treat for her!


2 Responses to “Uptown Girl”

  1. Rennie August 2, 2012 at 4:54 PM #

    I miss her very much but I’m thrilled to see her so happy!

  2. barbarajkennedy1014 August 2, 2012 at 4:56 PM #

    I look forward to meeting Hunny. Glad she’s spending time uptown.

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