What’s In My BarkBox?

20 Jul

It’s that time of the month, friends! Let’s play…What’s in my BarkBox?!

What’s In My BarkBox!

The first thing in our BarkBox this month is sort of perplexing to us – Pet Qwerks’ IncrediBubbles.


Long lasting bubbles for your dog. The positives: they’re safe, they’re engaging for the dog, comes in its own handy container. The not-so-positives-but-not-negatives-either: will we really use them? Sadly for us city folk, there aren’t many places for us to play solo, off leash with our dogs. This toy would be a disaster in a dog run, that’s for sure. But if we can find some private space, I see a lot of potential enjoyment!

Next up are YumZies treats by Nootie!


We’ve mentioned in the past that Lucy is a very sensitive girl. Lots of treats make her tummy feel icky, and many others make her break out in giant hives. These treats would probably do the latter, since Lucy is allergic to chicken. So, no YumZies for Lucy. But you can be sure that we’re taking these treats to this weekend’s Bully Project training class. They’re the perfect size for reward based training, and I’m sure most doggies would find them delicious!

Next, we have the Large Dogmeat T-Bone Steak Squeaky Toy from Petprojekt.

T-Bone Steak Squeaky Toy

I haven’t even given this toy to the dogs yet and I can already tell it’s going to be a huge hit! I was unwrapping it, and while doing so, it squeaked. Pretty loudly, I might add. And both dogs (Lucy & current foster Daisy Mae) shot right to attention. I’ll definitely be keeping this out of their reach until only one dog is residing in the Blye household.

Next, a necessity every dog owner in the city needs: Poopy Packs by Metro Paws.

Poopy Packs

And not just any poopy packs – fashionable, argyle poopy packs! These ones even sort of match Lucy’s beautiful Sirius Republic collar!

Then we got Precision Pet’s Spinz Bone!

Spinz Bone

We are HUGE fans of interactive treats and toys for dogs. It keeps them busy, safe, and helps them use up some of their excess energy. Some of the toy/treats combos we’ve found in the past haven’t been great – either the material of the toy is low quality or the treat isn’t very high value. But this peanut butter toy is 100% edible and tastes like peanut butter – so we’re giving this one two thumbs up! However, I think they should rethink their packaging: “Dogs love the action!” Sounds dirty to me.

And finally, we got a $10 off coupon with free shipping from PetFlow.com!

PetFlow Coupon

Thanks PetFlow! You should see our order very soon!

And thanks BarkBox for the fun goodies! If you want to join BarkBox, click here to get $5 off your first subscription!

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