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Must Love Dogs

31 Jul

So, obviously dogs are a big part of my life. Not only do I live with two (one of which is always a temporary resident, but a resident nonetheless), but I see at least 10 others are a regular basis in training classes, several others on a daily basis in the neighborhood, and manage the lives of one or two others who are living in other Bully Project foster homes. So when I meet new people, I feel it’s only appropriate to start off with the fact that they “must love dogs.”

Lucy, Me & Lola

My dogs are a huge part of my life – I never imagined that the bonds I would form with all of them would transcend everything else I knew. So when new people (friends or otherwise) get added to the mix, I automatically think, “Will they like Lucy? How could they not? I love Lucy!”


I don’t think I am the only dog owner who feels this way – and that’s not really my concern. The real question I think my mind is asking is: “Will they like my pit bull?” With all the sensationalism of pit bulls that happens, and the misconceptions and ignorance, and judgment, I start to get defensive about my pups. I feel the need to protect them from people who wont give them the respect and love that I know they so deserve.

Me & Paige

Of course, not everyone is a dog person – it’s not about my dogs, just dogs in general. And I understand that. But my life has dogs in it. I can’t help but think that I can’t have it both ways. So how do I maintain the human connections that we all depend on as social beings, avoid alienating new people in my life who might be uncomfortable with my dogs and remain as loyal to my dogs as I know they would be to me?

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Otis Redding

30 Jul

We met this week’s adoptable when he was living at Yonkers Animal Shelter and was known by the name of Buddy. Now called Otis Redding, he happily resides at Animal Farm Foundation, where he is looking for his forever home!

Here’s what they have to say about him: “Meet Otis Redding! Do you enjoy sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away? Otis does! This 4 year old is a laid back guy.”

“He’ll hang with 2-legged friends of all shapes and sizes and is an easy stroller on leash. When out and about, Otis stays focused on his human and could care less about any distractions walking by. Otis recently met our resident feline, Elfie, and thought he was one cool cat.”

Fill out an application to adopt this easy-going guy.


And Then There Were Two…

27 Jul

Earlier this week, we announced the little Eli is no longer available for adoption through Bully Project, and that he was now an Animal Farm Foundation dog, by the name of Rhinestone Cowboy.

Well, we have some more big news: Liberty is adopted! Our initially shy little girl from Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control is now the best kind of dog out there: a beloved family pet!

About two weeks ago, we got an email inquiry from Philip who had seen Liberty on Adopt NY – a great new website database of animals available through New York City rescues and shelters. He and his family were very interested in meeting Liberty, but they had a vacation coming up – would they be able to meet her if she was still available when they returned?

“Uh, duh!” was essentially what we wrote back. And that’s exactly what happened. Once they returned, we received a follow up email from Philip and we arranged a meeting, where we learned a lot about Liberty’s wonderful new family. Philip and his wife, and their two kids, had previously owned two pitties – the last one passed away at only four years old from a sudden onset of cancer. It was heartbreaking for the family, but life without a dog simply wasn’t an option.

Liberty and her new Dad, Philip

So when they saw Liberty, the urge to meet her was simply too great. And once they met her, the urge to adopt her was even greater. The first comment they made was that she looked very similar to their last dog, and as we were departing from that initial meet & greet, we noticed their daughter seemed emotional. When asking if she was alright, the answer we got was that she wanted to take Liberty home that day.

Well, two days later, she was allowed to do just that!

Liberty with her new sister and brother

Congratulations Liberty! We’re so thrilled to have been a part of your journey to your forever home. We love you little one! Now on to getting our other two girls homes…

Our Adoptables

Thank You StubbyDog!

26 Jul

“For what?” you might be thinking. Well, for so many things that we can’t even possibly list them all here. But most specifically, we have to thank StubbyDog for being hugely supportive of the work we’ve been doing here on That Touch of Pit and with Bully Project.

You see, today they just posted our big, loving Daisy Mae as one of their “Rescue Dogs of the Week,” and we can’t be more grateful for that. In the past, they have also selected That Touch of Pit foster dog My Boy Bill, and Bully Project adoptable Paige as “Rescue Dogs” as well. And, in fact, the wonderful family who adopted My Boy Bill initially saw him on StubbyDog!

But overall, StubbyDog represents everything that we all believe in – and that’s what really counts here. Their mission of helping “people rediscover pit bulls as lifelong friends,” is central to the work that we are all doing. So for that, StubbyDog, we thank you.

In appreciation, we ask that you all swing over to Stubby’s Store and check out their amazing t-shirts, including this new one:

Wordless Wednesday

25 Jul

Right Place. Right Time.

24 Jul

Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies?  And if you’re a rescue, pups are easy, right?


The internet is a big tease! When Josh happened upon a Facebook post for a puppy being rehomed in New Jersey, he took the bait. After seeing this pic, how couldn’t he?

Sometimes things fall into place, and after many conversations (and in these instances, they are all the same, aren’t they?), it was decided the puppy’s family was overwhelmed and had no idea how much work a now ten week old puppy was! So, our friend and Bully Project volunteer, Dan offered agreed to foster this pup since he lived in the same neighborhood. Bingo! Easy peasy! Not so easy. We already had three adult dogs in our care, despite the fact that Bully Project started out with a “one dog at a time,” rule.

Dan named this adorable pup Eli and he picked him up. And he was an awesome foster parent. Check out Eli practicing sit and high-five on his first night at Dan’s.

When Dan had to go on a work trip, our lead trainer, Ann, took the young lad. It was the perfect situation since behaviors we were suspecting due to Eli being removed from his litter at only six weeks old rang true. He was a very pushy puppy. Even Dan’s super social playing machine, Revis, had no interest in the young tyke. Ann’s dogs felt the same way. We agreed this pup needed a committed owner who would agree to join playgroups and puppy classes (maybe multiple ones).

And then, divine intervention! Ann was making a trip to one of our favorite places. She was bringing Eli along for the ride. Who knew? Maybe they would take him into their program! It would be a win-win for everyone. Puppies there get lots of socialization with dogs of all temperaments and personalities. And, rumor has it, most staff foster dogs at night.

I can’t believe I was wishing a shelter would take a pup from our rescue, but I was. Animal Farm Foundation is the absolute perfect place for this pup. Staff, enrichment and lots of expertise. Could we have fostered, adopted out, and followed up on Eli? Absolutely!  But taking Eli (now Rhinestone Cowboy) out of our new foursome allowed us to concentrate on fostering, marketing and adopting out Liberty, Hunny and Daisy Mae. I think you’ll agree we made the right decision later this week!

Eli and Daisy Mae

So long Eli! We know you’re going to have an amazing time at Animal Farm Foundation and they’re going to help get you into one of the best homes a pittie could ever ask for!

Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Hunny

23 Jul

Our newest adoptable was discovered at Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control by one of the top behaviorists at the ASPCA. We’re fortunate to count her as one of our friends, because she called us immediately and said we “have to get this dog!” And boy, are we grateful!


Hunny is one of the most even tempered, calm and sweet dogs we have ever met. At just 2 years old, she settles easily at your feet in any situation. She’s about 55 lbs, and very short and stocky. She’s already been fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped, too!


She also loves people! Like, LOVES people. Especially Broadway & TV legend, Bernadette Peters, who she got the opportunity to meet at this year’s Broadway Barks!

Hunny loves Bernadette Peters!

Hunny is an absolute breeze and a joy to have around. She’d be a wonderful pet for a first time owner, and a family of any size. Not only is she friendly with dogs, she doesn’t mind cats, and she certainly adores kids, as you can see in this picture:

Hunny loves kids!

And that pittie smile is simply infectious! Wont you help Hunny find the forever home she is so incredibly worthy of? Email us today to adopt her!


What’s In My BarkBox?

20 Jul

It’s that time of the month, friends! Let’s play…What’s in my BarkBox?!

What’s In My BarkBox!

The first thing in our BarkBox this month is sort of perplexing to us – Pet Qwerks’ IncrediBubbles.


Long lasting bubbles for your dog. The positives: they’re safe, they’re engaging for the dog, comes in its own handy container. The not-so-positives-but-not-negatives-either: will we really use them? Sadly for us city folk, there aren’t many places for us to play solo, off leash with our dogs. This toy would be a disaster in a dog run, that’s for sure. But if we can find some private space, I see a lot of potential enjoyment!

Next up are YumZies treats by Nootie!


We’ve mentioned in the past that Lucy is a very sensitive girl. Lots of treats make her tummy feel icky, and many others make her break out in giant hives. These treats would probably do the latter, since Lucy is allergic to chicken. So, no YumZies for Lucy. But you can be sure that we’re taking these treats to this weekend’s Bully Project training class. They’re the perfect size for reward based training, and I’m sure most doggies would find them delicious!

Next, we have the Large Dogmeat T-Bone Steak Squeaky Toy from Petprojekt.

T-Bone Steak Squeaky Toy

I haven’t even given this toy to the dogs yet and I can already tell it’s going to be a huge hit! I was unwrapping it, and while doing so, it squeaked. Pretty loudly, I might add. And both dogs (Lucy & current foster Daisy Mae) shot right to attention. I’ll definitely be keeping this out of their reach until only one dog is residing in the Blye household.

Next, a necessity every dog owner in the city needs: Poopy Packs by Metro Paws.

Poopy Packs

And not just any poopy packs – fashionable, argyle poopy packs! These ones even sort of match Lucy’s beautiful Sirius Republic collar!

Then we got Precision Pet’s Spinz Bone!

Spinz Bone

We are HUGE fans of interactive treats and toys for dogs. It keeps them busy, safe, and helps them use up some of their excess energy. Some of the toy/treats combos we’ve found in the past haven’t been great – either the material of the toy is low quality or the treat isn’t very high value. But this peanut butter toy is 100% edible and tastes like peanut butter – so we’re giving this one two thumbs up! However, I think they should rethink their packaging: “Dogs love the action!” Sounds dirty to me.

And finally, we got a $10 off coupon with free shipping from!

PetFlow Coupon

Thanks PetFlow! You should see our order very soon!

And thanks BarkBox for the fun goodies! If you want to join BarkBox, click here to get $5 off your first subscription!

Letters from Lucy: Help Us Win $1500!!

19 Jul

Hey everyone! Lucy here! Dad enlisted me to tell you about a little contest he submitted his little bloggie in. It’s called Bloggers for GOOD.

The competition calls for bloggers to use their platforms to create positive social impact. People then vote on which blog they like best feel does this most effectively. Well, I like to think my little letters here do a pretty darn good job! Don’t they help you see how we pitties can be wonderful pets like every other doggie out there?

Over the almost one year that Dad has been bringing in friends for me to play, we’ve been recording our experiences on here, from the fun:

To the hard work:

And to the very, very sad.

And what has all of it boiled down to? Well, we hope that we’ve had an effect on your lives; that hopefully we’ve made you think about things a little bit differently, or inspired you, or made some kind of emotional impact.

When all of the voting is done (you have until Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 12pm Pacific time/3pm Eastern time), the blog with the most votes will win $1000 for the cause of their choice, and $500 for the author! In our case, our personal $500 prize will also go to our cause, which is of course, Bully Project. (Personally, I’d rather it go to getting me a lifetime supply of deer antlers, but whatever!) As most of you know, Bully Project helps to provide much needed resources to pit bull-type dogs and their owners as well as rescuing, fostering, and rehoming dogs. You can check out a list of our current adoptables on Petfinder.

So vote for us! Just click on this link, and then click on the button that says, “VOTE FOR THIS IDEA”. It’s that easy. And once you’ve voted, share the link with all of your friends, family, coworkers and social networks and tell THEM to vote and share, too.

But wouldn’t you know it? My best pen pals Turkey & Rufus (& Polly Pocket) entered the competition, too. But beware! You only get one vote – so choose wisely!

Wordless Wednesday

18 Jul

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