Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Doris Day

11 Jun

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Bully Project‘s second rescue dog: the beautiful Ms. Doris Day!

Doris Day

Yes, we have already decreed that she must always be photographed in front of an orange background. Doesn’t she look so beautiful? This sweetie was pulled from the same public shelter where we found Paige. The day after we rescued Paige, Doris suffered a prolapsed rectum (sounds fun, right?) and was rushed to the vet. A meeting of the minds decided that going back to the shelter would not be good for her, so we stepped in!

Doris Day

We’re estimating that Doris Day, who’s clearly been named after the classic film actress and animal welfare advocate, is 9 – 10 months old and currently weighs 40 lbs. Her medical issue has been completely resolved, and she is now also spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Doris Day

Doris Day is now living at Paws and Pet Pet Resort in Tuckahoe, NY – they’ve graciously agreed to board her in their beautiful facility for us at no charge. We also have to give a huge thank you to the folks of the Deja Foundation, who have agreed to cover Doris Day’s medical costs.

Doris Day

She is readily available for adoption, so if you would like to apply to be Doris Day’s new forever home, please email

Doris Day

Doris Day

Doris Day


2 Responses to “Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Doris Day”

  1. barbarajkennedy1014 June 11, 2012 at 6:07 PM #

    Doris is so pretty.I wish her the best. Thanks for sharing her day with us.

  2. Emily June 12, 2012 at 9:42 AM #

    What a beauty!

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