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Great Clip to Start the Weekend…

29 Jun

This clip of Channing Tatum and his dog Lulu “dirty dancing,” shown on The Ellen Show back in February, is a great way to start the weekend!  Channing and Lulu appear at :56. Enjoy!

The Other Secret’s Out!

28 Jun

So, while we were busy fostering Paige, who we just announced has officially been adopted, our other adoptable Doris Day was slowly recuperating and enjoying play groups at Paws and Play Pet Resort. We unfortunately didn’t get to share much of her story with you because she was so far away from where we live, and we didn’t get to see her on a daily basis.

As you know, when we rescued Doris Day, she had suffered a rectal prolapse and had had a procedure to put it back in place. Because of this, as well as some separation issues that she developed, we didn’t think she’d be available for adoption as quickly as she was. And we definitely never imagined that she would be adopted before our little Miss Paige. But that’s exactly what happened!

Doris Day is also…

A couple from Westchester County heard about Doris Day from one of the wonderful staff members of Paws and Play and went to meet her as soon as they could. They’re newlyweds who had decided that upon returning from their honeymoon that they would adopt a dog. All of the cards fell beautifully into place and they brought Doris Day, now named Angel, into their little family.

We have to thank the staff, management and owners of Paws and Play Pet Resort who so generously and graciously took care of Doris Day for us and helped her on her journey. We absolutely would have been able to make this possible for her without their help!

Wordless Wednesday

27 Jun

The Secret’s Out!

26 Jun

When we first rescued Paige from the public shelter, we didn’t think she’d hang around with us for longer than a week. At only 27 pounds and with one of the sweetest temperaments in the world, we just knew that someone was going to snatch her up, and quick!

And we were almost right – the first night she was here we got stopped on the street by a great couple! One worked from home, and owned his own business. He wanted to have a companion during the day while his partner was out at work everyday. They saw Paige from across the street and waved at me to wait for them. It seemed perfect until the next morning when I opened my email and saw that their landlord didn’t allow pit bulls.

Well, I was disappointed, but not overly so. It had only been 24 hours – how high could my expectations have been? But as time continued to go by, I grew more and more anxious. Maybe people didn’t really want a teentsy weentsy pittie? Maybe I wasn’t doing a good job marketing her online and in my community? Maybe my own secret desire to foster fail was permeating our intros and meet & greets? I don’t really know why, but what we thought was going to be only a week turned into a month.

Well, maybe some of you will remember this picture we posted on our Facebook page this past weekend:

Paige celebrated Gay Pride in New York City’s West Village in a new tie dye t-shirt! Cute, right?

What our caption didn’t mention is that Paige didn’t celebrate Gay Pride with us. She celebrated Gay Pride with her new mom! That’s right folks, Paige is…

An old acquaintance of ours named Rebecca sent us an email about a week and a half ago. According to previous conversations, we didn’t think she would be interested in Paige – she had always been interested in senior dogs. But when she emailed us, I knew it was the right choice. She understands the challenges and benefits that come along with owning a pittie mix, and she’s a dedicated owner with goals for her dog to become a Canine Good Citizen and a breed ambassador. She gets it.

But even though I know Paige is now in the most perfect home for her, I can’t help but think of how great it would have been to keep her forever. She was the perfect playmate for Lucy, and the best cuddler I could have ever hoped for. Keeping her would have meant a permanent hiatus from fostering, though, and that simply is not an option for me now that we have our own rescue organization.

So with loads of joy (and a bit of sorrow) in my heart, I say, “Goodbye, Paige! Thanks for one of the most fun months I have had in a long, long time!”

Adoptable Pitties of the Week: Pitties of Liberty Humane Society

25 Jun

Yesterday, we took a trip out to Jersey City, NJ to visit the Liberty Humane Society, a low-kill municipal shelter there that is currently overrun with homeless pets and simultaneously terribly understaffed. Sounds familiar to you all, doesn’t it? We met a few dogs there that, even though we can’t rescue them ourselves at the current time, are good dogs that deserve loving homes. Here are the pups we met.


Cassidy is a sweet, low riding pittie mix who’s soft looking face just screamed out to us. Once out of her crate, she wanted nothing more than to have her butt scratched. Upon scratching, we notice lots of undercoat shedding away – so this girl definitely has some sort of thicker coated dog in her heritage. She would make a wonderful pet for a family living in a suburban or rural environment.


Kanga is a gorgeous tan and white female with a strong affinity for people. When we saw her in her crate, she was calm and relaxed, and completely quiet. In fact, we never heard her bark the whole time we were there. She was excited to come out with us but settled down very nicely and just wanted attention.


Aren’t Mackenzie‘s ears just the best?! She’s a young little girl who hasn’t been at the shelter very long yet. Getting her into a foster or forever home will be key for her early development. She’s already had some basic obedience training, but continuing to work on these skills along with learning proper doggie manners, is crucial to any dog’s success in the human world.


Otto is truly a stunner! This big guy’s favorite activity is rolling around in the grass. He relishes in being outdoors in the warm sun, and rubbing himself all over the fresh, cool grass. He is not comfortable around other dogs, but that doesn’t mean this boy should be discounted. His handsome face and solid frame make him noticeable anywhere, and his playful nature will make him a great companion for any active person.


Valentino was one of the last dogs we met at LHS. He’s already a pro at many basic obedience commands and loves being around people who will toss a ball or play tug of war with him.

Check out the pictures we took of them during our visit:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This shelter is working so hard to be able to accommodate as many animals as possible, but with steady intake and not very many adoptions, space has really grown very tight. So, please, if you or anyone you know might be able to even foster one of these dogs for a short while, contact Liberty Humane Society by calling (201) 547-4147. You wont regret it.

Happy Pride!

22 Jun

This weekend is the LGBT Pride March in New York City! So whether you are LGBT or not, we want to wish you a very Happy Pride!


What’s In My BarkBox?

21 Jun

It’s that time again folks – we get the chance to learn about awesome new products for our pups! So, let’s play…What’s In My BarkBox?!


So one thing I didn’t notice about my BarkBox last month, but did this time around, are the super cute little comic drawings on both the outside and inside of the box. Is this new – does anyone know? The outer comic was something even I could relate to. Have you ever gotten up to go somewhere and when you’ve gotten there, you’ve completely forgotten why you went in the first place?

“I HATE when I forget why I’m barking.”

Isn’t that frustrating? The other cute comic is something I think any dog could relate to:

In fact, I think that is what Lucy was dreaming about last night. On to our goodies! This month’s theme for our BarkBox is summer-time products. First up in that vein is Farfetched‘s Soggy Paws Dog Towel.

Soggy Paws Dog Towel

When I first saw this product, I kind of giggles a little bit because it’s basically the same exact thing we all see Rachael Ray handle hot pots and pans with. It’s a towel sheet with a pocket at either end for your hands, so you can have more control over drying off your dog after a swim in the pool or lake, or just after bath time. Very clever – this will certainly be put to good use this summer as I try to teach Lucy how to swim.

Next up, some delicious doggy treats from Tumbleweed & Eddie’s:

Double Nut Super Boost Treats

These treats are completely, 100% all-natural! This is huge for dog owners whose pup has several food intolerances, like mine. It’s so great to look at a list of ingredients and know what every single one of them actually is, and that they’re all a-okay for your dog. These cookies have oat flour, ground peanuts, coconut oil, quinoa and flax. Heck – even I could eat them! And with Tumbleweed & Eddie’s, you never pay for shipping.

Third, we’ve got a toy that is similar to one that all of us doggie parents scramble for – Safemade‘s Gimme Gummy.

Gimme Gummy

It’s a hollow, rubbery toy that you can stuff with treats or food, just like the old reliable Kong. The coolest thing about this gummy bear, though, is that along with being freezer safe, it is also oven and dishwasher safe! Does anyone know if Kongs can do that?

I think this may be Lucy’s favorite BarkBox ever because, guess what, there’s another treat inside. This one comes from Mr. Barksmiths:

Cool Treat

And it’s all-natural, too! Yes! This prepackaged cup is ready to go right into the freezer and then into your dog’s belly. Delicious and cooling, great for hot days like today, when New York City is supposed to reach 97 degrees!

And lastly, MORE TREATS! These from our favorite dog treat company, Stella and Chewys!

Freeze Dried Food & Coupon

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – you get the food and then you can go buy more food for less than retail! Thanks BarkBox, for our starting our summer off right!

Wordless Wednesday

20 Jun

Tales From A Terrier (The Scruffy Kind)

19 Jun

A couple of weeks ago I got to pretend to be a big old pittie. That’s right! Mom took me as a demo dog pittie for the first session of Bully Project‘s Nosework class. Mom told me I was going to practice smelling. I told her I already know how smell and find stuff — fresh turkey in the fridge, treat crumbs in a stranger’s bag at the dog run. I find LOTS of stuff with my nose!

She has been telling lots of folks that Nosework is great “sport” for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and shape. Apparently, you don’t have to worry about blowing an ACL or spending lots of money on equipment. Mom says you can practice at home. I told Mom I was up for anything that involved some treats.

Bully Project is lucky enough to know a great neighbor and friend who teaches dogs to “find” things with their noses. Her name is Jessica Schulte and she is a Certified Nose Work Instructor and trainer. And, our local pet store, Furry Fiends, has offered the space they have. It’s not huge but mom says it will do! She has been kind enough to offer a mini-session with some of the regular class goers at Bully Project. Sounds cool. I was excited. I was a demo dog and and my mom and I showed the participants (who didn’t bring their own dogs so they can watch) how to start. Jessica showed me a treat and put in a box. Easy, right? Nope! She played Three Card Monty with me…I had to work to find the treat. But I did. And, after I tried it, Lucy tried it, too. So much fun.

Smell, then eat! Easy! Mom tells me there is more to the plan like finding something called birch or anise. And, the pitties taking the class – Cofi, Hailie, Lucy and Sonja will get to try it. I am sure that Lucy will keep us all posted. Until then, I will keep breaking into the fridge for cold cuts and fresh mozzarella until Mom wises up and gets another lock!

King Scout

18 Jun


Our friend Ann, from Canine King, lost her dear friend Scout at the end of last week. Scout was truly the King of the King household – the leader of the pack, the man in charge, the top dog. He was kind, gentle, and most significantly, a faithful companion.


He was a great big brother to his bestie, Elliot – a sweet Chihuahua who was certified as a therapy dog. We think Scout and Elliot were therapy for each other – true friends til the end.

Scout & Elliot as young tykes

Scout & Elliot as older gentlemen

Scout & Elliot

You will be very sorely missed brave man. You were not only an exemplary ambassador for pitties everywhere, but you were a cherished member of an amazing family. RIP.


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