Special Week for Some Very Special Dogs

27 Apr

As many of you know, 5 years ago this week, dogfighting became a national headline.

We will never forget the headlines, photos and stories. But, we must say, over the past few years, when we think of the Vick dogs, we often smile and cry with happiness. All you have to do is look at Cherry Garcia with the latest addition to her family – a bouncing baby boy! From therapy dogs to family pets to good old goofballs, the dogs of BadNewz Kennels, are now bringing much joy to many people and changing perceptions.

Cherry Garcia

If you need a refresher or just want to see some of the Vicktory Dogs, PBS aired a great (cliffnotes) segment about the Vick dogs last year. The story includes interviews with Donna and Tim from BADRAP along with follow-ups on Audie, Jonny Justice and Hector!


Jonny Justice


Georgia, a Vick dog that has spent her time at Best Friends, has finally found a forever home.


Lastly, Handsome Dan’s rescue is organizing an ebay auction to raise funds for their rescue organization, including a copy of Jim Gorant’s The Lost Dogs that’s been pawtographed by four of the rescued Vick dogs.

Handsome Dan & His Family

These dogs surely paved the way for future victims of cruelty. Last year, while visiting Animal Farm Foundation, we had the opportunity to meet a boy who stole our hearts. His name was Yukon Cornelius and he was one of 200 dogs taken from a cruelty case which included reported dogfighting. This poor dog was tied to tire for his entire life and lived in swamp-like conditions. While meeting him, he never showed any grudge to the human race. He was all wiggles and kisses. You can check out his wags in this news story about pitbulls and the misconceptions society holds against them. Without the advocacy of groups like BAPRAP, Best Friends and the ASPCA, and the precedence of the Michael Vick cruelty case and rescue, Yukon might not have been saved.


2 Responses to “Special Week for Some Very Special Dogs”

  1. Christina {Chrissy} Berry April 27, 2012 at 2:17 PM #

    All week long, I’ve been brought to {happy} tears each time I read something about the amazing Vicktory Dogs and all they’ve done for Pit Bull-type dogs. Thanks for this sweet post, honoring them!


  2. Matt April 27, 2012 at 3:16 PM #

    A heartwarming story.

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