Pittie Pack Walk Pals

17 Apr

Even though our pack walking group is called the Big Apple Pittie Pack, we strive to include dogs of any other breed in our outings. Why would we do this, you ask, if we’re pittie advocates? Well – you’ve answered your own question!

As pittie advocates, our goal is to make an impression on the people around us, who may have misconceptions about the dogs we love so much. In adding dogs of any breed to our pack walks, we’re forcing the public around us to see all of our dogs as just that – dogs. Not just judge them based on their breed.

On this past weekend’s pack walk, we had two new walkers join us: Jax and Stella. Some of you may know Jax as the best friend of Havi, the Pittie from Two Grad Students and a Pittie. He finally got to join us on one of our walks, and we hope he continues to come along! Havi loved having him around, and everyone else did too!


Stella is a middle-aged Bichon-y/Poodle-y girl with lots of pep! She’s one of the locals in Josh’s neighborhood and he and Lucy have become very friendly with her and her parents. Stella can sometimes be a little shy around other dogs, but her parents discovered that she’s great around larger dogs like pitties. It gives her confidence a big boost to feel like she’s one of the big boys and girls – and she was the star of our walk. Because of her age, she does have a bit of trouble walking for long distances, so she compensates for it by skipping along.


When people in Central Park saw a group of 12 pitties with these 2 fluffy pups in the mix, it brought huge smiles to their faces – exactly the reaction we’re looking for! They didn’t see the images their minds would normally see, but they saw a group of 14 dogs and their families having a great morning walk in the park!

3 Responses to “Pittie Pack Walk Pals”

  1. Two Grads at 10:07 AM #

    LOVE IT! On our way home someone stopped us to ask about the walk! Another little fluffy one!

  2. Tucker's Mom at 12:42 PM #

    Awesome! Sounds like a success on all counts!

  3. barbarajkennedy1014 at 7:34 AM #

    Looked like fun. Loved the pictures, and little bios on new dogs in the pack.

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